Chapter 7: Well I'll be damned…seriously Part 2

Last time: Kagome turned redder and then looked down at the ground and mumbled, "Nothing."

"Indeed?" he replied.

"Stop embarrassing Kagome like that you egotistical bastard!" Inuyasha yelled over everyone.


Yes. Something was quite off. Miroku thought.

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-With Kagome-

Damn her mate for making her feel like 'this' at a time like this! They were on a mission which was to get shards.Of course the Shikon wasn't broken! She was sure of it. She'd sent it away after it had been completed. She couldn't feel its presence anywhere now what was Inuyasha going on about? Surely he couldn't be LYING right? Just for her attention? He seemed to never agree with the fact that Kagome had mated Sesshomaru. There had been no attacks on them so what was ailing Inuyasha? Then suddenly she stopped and a thought occurred to her and she said, "Hey Anata?" Sesshomaru nodded saying he was listening to her. "Don't you think it's strange that Inu...GAHH!!!!!" and she jumped back, colliding into Sesshomaru's chest.

-With Inuyasha-

He was walking ahead of the group with Kikyo, his bangs covering his eyes as he took a deep breath. Then he heard an, 'Anata?' and he gritted his teeth. Anata indeed. He was being selfish but he was too damn proud to admit it even to himself. He turned to see Kagome stop and she was about to ask his half-blasted brother something. Had she realized it by now? Surely…


'Inuyasha the shard is in its right arm! Get it!' Kagome yelled atop all the yelling and loud noises and Inuyasha's common profanity. Of course Inuyasha, on normal circumstances, would've gotten the shard, no sweat but his brother, (half) had been there and it was grating on his nerves…he had a lot to live up for. Hey maybe he'd get lucky and the demon would finish off Sesshomaru for him and then he could be with Kagome.

Of course he knew that the jewel wasn't whole yet and this was the last shard! Everyone needed to pitch in and kill this demon, heck it wasn't even a powerful one. They'd gotten Kouga's shards, courtesy of Kagome's persuasion and Sesshomaru's poison and his, 'I'll kill you' threats. Huh? Then someone 'bonked' him on the head.

'OWW!!! You bastard!' Inuyasha yelled rubbing his head.

'Hanyou stop your useless daydreaming.' Sesshomaru said coldly as he slashed another one of the arms of the demon.

'Stop doing my job you Bastard!' Inuyasha yelled running after Sesshomaru, waving his katana.

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Sesshomaru just glared at him coldly. Baka. Then he saw a purification arrow whizzing past him right at the demon. It hit dead center and the demon howled in pain. Kagome turned and she angrily said, "Stop arguing both of you!" and then jumped back as the demon tried to swipe at her. She didn't have time to discipline the two brother's right now. She'd do that later. Sitting Inuyasha to hell and purifying Sesshomaru for neglecting their duties did sound tempting. Sango flung her boomerang at the demon and Miroku opened his wind tunnel.

'I don't have time for this.' Sesshomaru said and punched Inuyasha into a tree effectively knocking him out. After hearing his mate's voice, her angry voice, he knew he was in for an earful and maybe more later. Bantering and arguing with his mate was always entertaining and fun 'which of course leads to other things later' and he smirked inwardly as he hit his poison whip at the demon.

-End Flashback-

'Sesshomaru had knocked me into a tree and had gotten the last shard with Kagome.' Inuyasha thought bitterly. Kagome had asked him what he wanted as a last wish when the jewel was completed and he'd said nothing. She'd assumed he'd either want Kikyo alive or him as being a full demon.

-End with Inuyasha-

"Anata don't you think it's strange that Inu...GAHH!!!!!" and she jumped back, colliding into Sesshomaru's chest. Inuyasha had jumped from the front of the group, landing right in front of Kagome. "You…You…" Kagome started and put a hand on her heart as she glared at him.

"How dare you scare this Sesshomaru's mate like that you imbecile!?" Sesshomaru said and then picked up Inuyasha by the collar, his poison beginning to seep. Sango and Miroku just looked on with mild amusement. He would never learn.

"Wait...Don't kill him…yet." Kagome said. Sesshomaru let Inuyasha fall and Inuyasha stood back up, brushed himself off and then Kagome said,



Only to have Inuyasha fall back down to the ground, this time spread out like an eagle. "Well, looks like we'll be camping here, at least for a while." Miroku said with a sigh. But then out of no where Inuyasha popped up and then glared at the Houshi.

"I'm fine!" Okay….well then…

"Inuyasha…tell me why you lied about the Shikon when you knew and you also knew that I would undoubtedly find out that it was indeed gone." Kagome said softly. She had known all along but she wanted to hear it from him. Sesshomaru just looked downright irritated. What a waste of his time. He should've killed his brother and been on his way by now.

Inuyasha looked at the ground and shifted his foot saying, "I didn't want you to be with him. How could you! Do you really love him over a game!? I don't know why…I thought that you'd be happy that I didn't wish Kikyo back and that she's no longer with me." Inuyasha started.

"How can you not understand it! That now that I don't love her but you!!" Inuyasha said a bit angry this time. Kagome's temper flared too and then she stamped it down sighing. It wouldn't do to purify a sad heart of one of her friends.

'So he finally realized that he loves Lady Kagome but it's too late and she's gotten tired of waiting for him.' Miroku thought.

Then as simply as she could put it Kagome said, "Inuyasha…'re a little too late but I'm glad you know that now." She turned to leave with Sesshomaru and then over her shoulder she said, "I'm sorry but…."

"SIT BOY!!!!"



Yes some things would never change in life…..

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