Dana's POV

"Promise me you wont fall in love with anyone else." He said to me right when we we're about to leave for this year. It was likely to be my last time seeing him for a while.

"I wont, your the only person I love and we'll ever love." I told him looking into his eyes. He leaned in and kissed me hard on the lips and I kissed back. I heard someone call my name and I turned around with a dreamy look on my face only so that it turned into horror.

"How could you do this to me Dana!" Kevin yelled.

"Kevin its not what it looks like, I promise." I tried to say.

"Then what was it?" Logan asked me. I looked from one to the other and back again with a paniced expression on my face.

"Thats it Dana we're through!" Kevin yelled and ran away from me. I droped to my knees and...

I jumped up in bed with a cold sweat. I looked next to me and saw my fiancé Kevin right next to me sleeping peacefully. I let out a deep breath and closed my eyes for a second. I leaned over and kissed Kevin which woke him up instantly. He kissed back and when I pulled away he looked at me confused.

"Are you ok? What's wrong?" He asked with a sleepy look on his face.

"Just another dream." I said laying my head on his chest. He stroked my hair and kissed my head.

"Do you want to talk about it?" He asked. This was the only part of this relationship I didnt like, he's a shrink and is an expert at analysing dreams. Well you cant really pick the person you love can you? I shook my head no and he went back to stroking my hair. "Changing the subject, Are you excited about going to the PCA reunion?"

"I guess, but I really dont understand why we get a reunion. The only part was it being the first year of the 'Mixed Sex' as it said in the letter." I said doing the Dean Rivers voice. Yep he was still there doing...whatever the Dean does.

"Well it was a pretty big moment, for the school." He said. He was already half asleep.

"I guess." I said with a sigh. I had to leave tomorrow to go to the stupid reunion. A couple minutes later I heard him lightly snooring, I giggled and got up. I went out onto our balcony and sat in the swing chair we had out there and looked out at the Californian mountains. I breathed in the cool fresh air and closed my eyes...

"Logan, I swear if you do that again, you are so not going to have kids!" I warned after he fake pushed her when they we're on the class trip to the Rocky Mountains. I was looking over the edge of one of the gard rails when Logan, my boyfriend at the time, came up behind me pushed me and then pulled me back.

"I swear I wont." He smirked as he put his arms around my waist and rested his head on my shoulder as we looked out at the snow covered peeks.

"This is so awsome." I commented.

"Whould you want to live here one day?" He asked me. I looked at him funny and shrugged.

"I think so." I said. He smiled and kissed my cheek.

"Ok so its settled." Logan said.

"What is?" I asked.

"Where we're going to live when we get married." He said.

"Yeah, we just started dating and you already expect me to marry you?" I asked him with a smirk playing on my lips.

"Everyone knows that we are totally going to get married." Logan said like it was a well known fact. I rolled my eyes. Sure I loved Logan but, that was just way to much to think about when your only 15 years old. I did sort of want to do that with him though...

I looked up into the night sky and wondered how this all could be diffrent, or how it could have worked out if I would have told my parents that I didnt want to leave PCA. I guess its just another 'What if?' questions. What am I supposed to do when Kevin isnt there? He has a stupid buissness trip the first 4 days of the reunion and im bringing my best friend Erica with me.

Logan's POV

"Chase can we go home now?" I begged. Yep, Chase, Michale and I are still as tight as ever. We all live literally nextdoor. I have the house in the middle. Right now Chase is going over how he is going to propose to Zoey at the reunion. I dont understand why Mike and me had to go. Its not like it was our first year or whatever. Chase said it another time all the way through before Zoey got back from her 'Girls Night' and paraded in with Lola and Nicole trailing her.

"Hey baby." Zoey said kissing Chase on the cheek. She still had that effect on him, he was blushing like crazy. As for Mike and Lola they were basically making out on the couch. I waved to Nicole and she waved back. She looked like she just remembered something.

"Hey you guys! Guess what I just remembered?" Wow, im good at this.

"What?" Everyone (except Mike and Lola) asked.

"Dana's coming to the reunion!" She said. My mouth dropped. Even though I was zoned out at the moment I could tell everyone was looking at me. I snapped out of it.

"What are you guys looking at?" I asked cooly.

"Um, if you decided to not go after all that would be totally ok with us." The voice of reason said.

"So what, its just a chick, its not like she ment anything to me." I played off. In all honesty she ment the world to me, After 8 years of not seeing her I still feel the same about her. That's also why im the states biggest bachelor, I tried to move on but it never worked.

"Logan you are one of the best liars I know but, you cant lie about this one. We know she was your first love and that person means something." Chase said looking at Zoey. Some how he always finds some way to put Zoey into every other sentence. I rolled my eyes.

"It was just a fling, it dosent matter now." I said with a shrug. I stood up and walked out of the house. I had a lot of things to think about anyway. What if this is some kind of sign? If god is giving me another chance to get her back. She did promise that she would love me forever, and that no one could take my place. I hope she remembers too. I should really go get ready for the trip tomorrow. I have to make sure my laptop and my ipod are charged, 5 hours in a car with Zoey, Chase and Nicole, some one kill me now.

I need help with a name any ideas? oh yeah keep or delete. and i just found something out that i though was pretty funny, the fact that i love the DracoxLuna parring in HP and the fact i love DanaxLogan's and there both DL. that probley wasnt as funny as i thought. oh well.