Kevins P.O.V

My car pulled into the front steps of PCA just before 8 in the morning. I knew I was a day ahead of time but Dana sounded like she really missed me. I parked my viper into one of the parking spots in the front of the school. I walked up and looked around, I saw the hall she said she was rooming in. What room was it? I think she said 102. I went over to the hall and went through the lounge. I saw room number 88 up the stairs, must be pretty close. I saw the door, I thought about knocking but it was pretty early and I wanted to suprise Dana. I slowly turned the knob and opened the door. My eye's shot open. I saw my soon-to-be wife with just her underwear on with another person watching her only in his boxers. Im pretty sure that she was looking for the rest of her fucking close.

"What the fuck is this!?" I yelled. Dana's head shot up and looked at me with wide eyes. I glared at her. "I asked you a question!"

"Kevin I..."

"Dont even give me that its not what it looks like shit, I want the truth now!" I demanded.

"Look man you dont have to yell." The guy in his boxers said standing up off the bed.

"This would be an excellent time for you not to talk." I said glaring at him. I looked back over at Dana who had her jeans on but no shirt. She had her arms folded across her chest and looking down. "Well?"

"I dont know." She whispered.

"What?" I asked with venom in my voice.

"I dont know, ok!?" She yelled. Her eye's filled with tears. If I havent just found out that she was cheating on me, I would have been the one preventing this. "I dont fucking know why I did this."

"Whats that supposed to mean, you obviously know something or you wouldnt have fucked this random guy!" I yelled at her. I felt people behind us, watching this whole situation unfold.

"Im not a random guy, she loves me." My eyes were wide. Dana looked over at him with a shocked expression on her face. That was it, I couldnt take it any more. I lunged forward, tackling the boxer clad boy onto the bed. We were throwing punches and fighting like animals. Everything was a blur when I got pulled off the guy. I started to calm down after a while. I looked over at Dana, she had her shirt on and was letting a few tears slip down her cheeks. I broke the grasp that had me locked there and stormed out of the room. I made it out of the dorm building as I heard Dana yelling at me to stop. I got out to the parking lot and out to my car. Dana ran in front of me and stood infront of the door handle.

"Kevin will you just listen to me?" She yelled at me. I tried not to lose it on her, I was raised better then to put a hand on a girl.

"Dana move, now." I ordered not looking at her.

"No." She said.

"Dana, I dont have anything to say to you other then you need to get your stuff out of the house by next week, or its all going to the dump." I said moving her away from the handle. I got a good grip and opened the door and got in. I instantly locked the door and turned up the radio as loud as it would go. I pulled out of the parking lot space and spead down the street untill PCA was bout of site...

Dana's P.O.V

Fuck, that wasnt supposed to happen. I stood in the parking lot for a good ten minutes, trying to process what just happened. Eventually I just walked away with tears in my eyes. Make up running down my face, not that it wasnt already messed up from last night. I walked all the way to the beach this early, no shoes and I know I probley looked like crap. I just staired out at the ocean. I know im in love with Logan, I just feel horrible about this. Logan came up behind me and wrapped his arms hesitantly around my waist. I leaned against him and sighed. My hands were on his.

"I didnt want this to happen, like this." I whispered.

"How did you want it to happen?" Logan asked taking affence instantly.

"I didnt want him to catch us, I was going to tell him but I didnt want him to find out like this." I said.

"Dana, do you really love me?" Logan asked me. I turned my head to him with out moving my body.

"Yeah." I said.

"Then why are you so upset about this, shouldnt you be happy?" He asked me.

"Yeah I am happy, but I feel horrible, he loved me and I just took it for granted. He gave me a great home and everything except for the one thing I truely wanted." I said.

"What was that?" Logan asked me. I looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

"You." I told him when he didnt get it. He smiled at me and kissed my cheek.

"Everything he gave you, I can replace or get you another one, a better one if you want it." Logan said. I smiled and kissed him.

"I dont need any of that stuff now that I have you." I said looking back out to the ocean, I wiped my tears and sighed. This was romantic and all but it really didnt seem like it was supposed to be. I knew what I did was wrong and I probley shouldnt have done it, but being with Logan like that, made me realize how much I really love and need him...

Winter days make me say
What the hey
Let's say what we needed to say
Since way back when we sailed our inhibitions
Hold on tight cause this is so the truth (this is so the truth)

I love the way that we laugh until we cry
Dance until we die (dance until we die)
I love the smile with which you look at me and say
Get ready for this
And we get ready for this

I hope this gets you harder
I hope you act so much stronger
And I imagined honestly
It gets you every time
That I want it to honestly
Think you're strong

I love the way that we laugh until we cry
Dance until we die (dance until we die)
I love the smile with which you look at me and say
Get ready for this
And we get ready for this

I want you to remember me
When they tell you this is so insane
So insane

I love the way that we laugh until we cry
Dance until we die (dance until we die)
I love the smile with which you look at me and say
Get ready for this
And we get ready for this

The End...

Arent you guys proud of me? I dont think I used Fall Out Boy in this ENTIRE story! wowzerz!