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I hope I don't disappoint with the ending and that I kept you guessing all the way along.

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"I'm going to ask you one more time, that's it! Who the fuck is he Carl!?" Elliot shouted.

"I told you, I don't know." Master whimpered.

"Yeah, well I suggest you rack your little brain quick and figure it out!"

Just then there was a knock on the door as Don came to pull his detectives out of the interrogation.

"What the hell Don! You know as well as I do he knows who's calling him!" Elliot yelled.

"That very well may be, but don't make me regret making my decisions to keep you both on the case and to not go to IAB about your relationship." He told his detectives.

"Sorry." Elliot said in apology.

"Now we need to come up with a plan for how to catch this guy. Unfortunately I'm afraid it's going to include relying on Masters a bit." Don said. "I want the two of you to find out how this guy finds out his missions have been accomplished, how exactly he gets the money to our guys, and work something out to catch him." He dismissed them then.

"Nothing like planning your own death," Olivia joked.

"Livvie, how can you possibly be joking around right now? Someone wants you dead." Elliot told her as they walked to their desks.

"And he's not going to get me. We're going to get this guy El. I just know it."

"If you say so, do you want to go get this over with now or grab some lunch first?" He asked.

"What's on the menu?" She smirked.

"Not the same thing you're thinking of." He chuckled. "I was thinking pizza."

"Alright, I could handle some pizza. We'll have to do delivery though; I don't think we're allowed out again today."

"I'll call." He said, picking up the phone. "Is extra cheese, mushrooms, and pepperoni good?"

"It's my favourite, you know that." She told him.

Elliot dialed the pizza parlor down the block and ordered a large pizza for them. While the waited for the pizza to arrive, the pair sat at their desks and got caught up some on their paperwork from the past week or so. Once their food had arrived, they each ate a few slices before deciding they should go talk to Carl Masters again.

"So Carl, what I want to know is how you get word back to this guy that his missions have been accomplished." Olivia said as she walked back in the interrogation room.

"If I help you, you help me." Masters sneered.

On the other side of the mirror Don called Munch over.

"Get Alex or Casey over here and see what we can do. We need this guy's help and he knows it." Don said.

John went off to try and get a hold of one of the ADAs while Elliot and Olivia continued trying to get information.

"I'll help make sure you live long enough to give us some answers asshole!" Elliot growled.

Olivia knew she needed to do something about Elliot's current attitude before she lost her partner.

She walked up behind him and whispered to him. "Tone it down Stabler. You're giving Don every reason to separate us."

He really hadn't though about that, but what she had been saying was true. He couldn't lose his partner.

"So, let's say I can get you a deal Carl. Tell me how he knows." Olivia asked again.

"One of us would call him back and tell him." Masters said.

"Where would you call him at? What number?" Olivia asked.

"Not until you tell me how you're going to help me first." He replied.

Knowing they were pretty much at a stand still Olivia slipped out of the room.

"Where do we stand on helping this creep out?" She asked the captain.

"John's trying to get either Casey or Alex. I've got one of the other guys headed over to see Morales in TARU about getting the LUDs on Masters' cell phone. Chances are though we're dealing with a pre-paid." He updated her.

"So I'm thinking we have Masters call this mystery man and tell him the job's been done and catch him in the act of paying up. I think that'll be out best bet. Like you said, I'm sure that he's using a pre-paid cell phone." Olivia told her boss.

"Sounds good, we'll need to find out when and where he's delivering the money. Also, I'll need you to lay low for a couple of days at most after we 'kill' you off just to be safe. At least until the money's delivered."

"How long are you talking Don? I want to be the one to collar this asshole." She said.

"Honestly, he doesn't seem that intelligent. I think if you stay clear of the precinct and your apartment we'll be good. Maybe stay at Elliot's for a couple of days. I've got a call to make to the Times about publishing a fake story if need be, but I don't think we'll need it. I think he'll deliver soon after the job's done. Why don't you go see how Munch is doing? I think Masters needs a little 'UnStabler' time." He chuckled.

Olivia laughed before walking across the squad room to where Munch was sitting at his desk. She pulled out the chair across from him and sat down.

"One of the girls coming down?" She asked.

"Yeah, Casey will be down soon. So, you and Elliot?"

"Elliot and I what?"

"Do I need to be watching my mail for the wedding invitation?" He asked jokingly.

"I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you. After all I think I learned from the best that marriage is majorly overrated." She chuckled.

"Don't I know it! So the rumors aren't true then?"

"John, I never said that." She told him getting up to go meet Casey who was coming in the door.

"Why am I making a deal for this asshole?!" Casey yelled storming in.

"Munch didn't tell you? I'm the reason." Olivia told her.

"Liv, I love you like a sister but I swear if you and your boyfriend went making promises you can't keep I'll disown you both." Casey told her.

"We were in interrogation and Master got a call, there's a hit out on me now. The only way he'll help us catch the guy is if we help him out." Olivia explained.

"Oh God Liv! Let's go make a deal!"

The two women walked over to the interrogation room and went inside to find Elliot staring down Carl Masters and his lawyer. If looks could kill they'd both have been dead over and over by now.

"Alright, your client cooperates with the squad and we'll pull the death penalty off the table." Casey told the other lawyer.

The two whispered amongst themselves before Masters' lawyer shook his head.

"We both know my client's help is worth more than that." Masters' lawyer said.

"Fine no death penalty and a reduced sentence on the rape charges." Casey countered.

Again the pair began whispering, this time a nod in the affirmative was given in response.

"What do you want to know?" Masters asked.

"How does he get the money to you?" Olivia asked.

"I told you already. I don't know. It's just there the next day after we call him." Masters told them.

"Where's there?" Olivia asked again.

"At my house, it's in an envelope that's in our mailbox." He said.

Elliot immediately turned to Olivia, beginning one of their famous silent conversations.

'Okay, have him call and say the job's been done and then we'll get the guy at the house.'

'Already ahead of you there El.'

"Looks like we have someone sleeping over in the tombs tonight," Elliot said. "Tomorrow morning you've got a call to make."

Elliot un-cuffed Masters from the table, re-cuffed him, and took him out to the squad room before handing him off the one of the uniformed officers sitting out front.

"Get him booked and processed but make sure he doesn't leave the premises." He told the guy.

"Sure Detective Stabler." Random uniformed cop said.

While Masters was escorted out Elliot went in to talk to Captain Cragen.

"I don't know how much you heard," he said walking in Cragen's office, "but I sent him to be booked. He'll call his guy tomorrow and tell him Liv's been taken care of and we should be able to get the guy when he goes to deliver the money hopefully tomorrow night."

"Alright, sounds good. Why don't you and Liv head home? Tell Munch I said he can head out too." Don told him.

"Sir, I was wondering…umm…about Liv going home…umm…" Elliot tried to get out.

Don interrupted him sensing the detective's extreme nervousness preventing from asking what he really wanted to. "Yes El, I want you to take her home with you, at the very least until this is over."

"Thank you sir! I'll make sure you don't regret not going to IAB from here on out." He assured his captain before leaving the office.

Elliot walked over to where Olivia was sitting at her desk.

"Ready to head home," he whispered.

"Mmm…I like the sound of that, heading home with you." She whispered back.

"John, Don says to go home for the day." Elliot called across the room.

"I sure won't argue there! El, Liv, keep it safe tonight!" He said, laughing as he got up from his chair.

"Very funny Munchy!" Elliot retorted.

Elliot walked out with Olivia and headed for the elevator.

"So I take it today's my last night in the land of the living until this if over?" She asked.

"It sure looks that way. Are you okay with that?" He asked her as they walked to his SUV.

"Sure, I mean I get to hang out at your place for a couple of days. The only thing better would be you hanging out with me."

"That could possibly be arranged. I am after all the grieving partner, how would it look if I didn't take a day or two off to mourn?" He smirked.

"Two days is all you'd mourn my passing for?" She asked with mock outrage.

"Well it is after all your fake death. I think two days is the standard grieving period with that."

"In that case I suppose it's alright." She chuckled.

The two arrived at Elliot's apartment building and made their way to his apartment.

"Fuck!" Olivia yelled suddenly after they walked in.


"I don't have any clean clothes." She answered.

"Hey I'm all for you running around naked or in my shirts. Damn you looked good the other morning. But if you want I can do some laundry and wash the clothes you have in your suitcase still." He told her.

"Nah, I'm good. Come lay with me though." She said, dragging him back to his bedroom.

The two walked back to Elliot's bed and after stripping down, Elliot just to his boxer briefs and Olivia to just panties and a t-shirt of his, crawled under the covers together. Olivia laid her head down on his chest and was playing with the sparse hairs on his chest while Elliot ran his fingers through her long locks.

"Livvie, I don't know what I'd do if I lost you." He confessed.

"Good thing you won't get a chance to find out." She mumbled.

The pair lay in silence, each just taking in the moment together until they drifted off to sleep. The next morning they were woken up by Elliot's alarm clock, neither fully remembering it ever being set.

"Will you be okay here alone for a while?" Elliot asked.

"Yeah, I'm good you just go work on getting this guy." She replied.

"I promise I'll be back this afternoon, we'll grieve together." He said waggling his eyebrows.

"Stabler, you're terrible!" She laughed.

"Seriously, I'll be back before you know it. Shower?" He asked.

"Nah, I'll get one later, I'm going back to sleep." She replied, yawning.

Elliot got up out of bed and went in to take a shower. By the time he got out Olivia was already fast asleep again. He quickly got dressed then gave her a kiss on the lips.

"I love you baby." He whispered to her before leaving the bedroom.

Out in the living room Elliot quickly jotted Olivia off a note and headed out to his SUV to drive in to work. As soon as he got to work he had the random uniformed officer bring Masters up to him.

"So this is how this is going down." Elliot began as Masters was brought into interrogation and cuffed to the table. "You're going to call your man, tell him you did your job last night, and don't even think of telling the truth." He growled.

"Then what?" Masters asked.

"Then you're on your way back down to the tombs until I say so. Got it?"

"He'll know it's a hoax if I use your phone." Masters stated.

"Oh don't worry we have yours, and we're listening in."

Elliot took Carl Masters' phone out of his pocket from where he'd stashed it earlier and handed it to him un-cuffing him so he could call.

Masters dialed the number before putting the phone up to his ear. In the next room over the wire tap receiver his whole phone call could be heard.


"Yeah Boss, it's Carl."

"Carl my boy, am I correct to assume you've done what I asked of you?" The man asked.

"Yes sir I have. You should have seen her as she went down, begging me to let her live." Masters sneered.

"You acted alone this time?"

"Yes sir."

"Then you shall be handsomely rewarded for doing so. We'll be in touch." The man then ended the conversation.

Elliot saw Masters close the phone and took it back from him before leading the man back to the uni to escort him away.

"Good job Carl." He quietly told him.

Once Masters was being escorted away Elliot went into the room where Don sat listening to the phone call again.

"Do you think we'll need any insurance with this one?" Elliot asked.

"He isn't entirely stupid, I'll give him that, but I think we'll be okay on Masters' word alone. He seems to be ready to deliver tonight." Don told him.

"Well that's good."

"Are you planning on sticking around all day today?" Don asked.

"If it's alright I thought I'd head out around lunch, you know once the news of my partner's 'passing' gets to me."

"That's fine. You and Liv should get rested up for tonight anyway. ESU will be heading out to Masters' house around 8pm. I'm assuming the two of you want to be there to collar this guy."

"I know Liv wants to be." Elliot told him. "Thank you."

Elliot walked back over to his desk and sat down to work on some more paperwork that he needed to finish. Halfway through his seventh DD5 Alex came running in frantic.

"Elliot! What happened to her?!" She yelled at him, noticeably on the verge of tears.

He knew it was very wrong of him, but he smiled inside a little that word had gotten out, that would almost guarantee they'd catch their man.

"What happened to whom?" He asked, playing along to make sure that was what Alex was talking about.

"There's a umm…rumor I hope…going around that Liv's dead."

"Sweetie, go talk to Don okay?" He told her, trying to act not so calm.

He felt bad passing her off on his captain but at the same time Elliot also knew it wasn't his place to decide who knew the truth just yet. He also knew this was his cue to leave for the day, after all he had just 'lost' his partner. After watching to see that Alex made it over to Don's office okay he made his way out to the parking garage and drove home.

As he walked in the front door he was met by Olivia lounging on his couch in a pair of his sweats and another of his t-shirts.

"Fuck!" He muttered under his breath. "You look so good in my clothes." He told her.

"I take it you're home to grieve." She said as she glanced up from the TV.

"Yes m'am I am."

He slipped off his shoes and situated himself behind Olivia on the couch taking her in his arms.

"ESU is going to start staking out Masters' house tonight they're leaving at 8pm. Don said we can both go along." He told her as he massaged her neck and shoulders.

"Mmm…" She moaned at his ministrations. "Yeah that sounds good."

"Come here." Elliot said flipping Olivia over so she was on her back.

As he hovered over her he looked deep in her eyes.

"I love you, so much."

"I love you too El."

He bent his head down to hers and began kissing her passionately. Their kisses grew deeper and deeper and eventually he slid his hand down past the waistband of the sweats she was wearing.

"Sweetheart, we need to stop." She suddenly said.

"What's wrong?" He asked, concerned.

"It just doesn't feel right. Not right now at least with what's going on." She explained. "Lay with me though?"

"Of course I will." He said giving her one more kiss.

They lounged around watching movies and eating junk food together the rest of the day. Olivia finally realizing that maybe just maybe even with the sex they could have a good relationship.

Six o'clock came around and they both got up to get ready to head out with ESU for the night. Within an hour they were on their way to the station. They managed to sneak Olivia in and were soon putting their Kevlar vests on.

"Have I ever told you how sexy you look in your vest?" Olivia seductively whispered to Elliot.

"No, and once this case is over you and I are in need of some more time alone so you can show me." He told her.

She laughed before they both went over things with the ESU squad on how things were going to go down. With everyone having been given their orders they all went out to the cars to head for Masters' house on Long Island. When they arrived, the squad members all got situated and in place as Elliot and Olivia remained in the car.

"We haven't done this in a while." Elliot said.

"What? Sit in a squad car?"

"No, go on a stake out. We've haven't done that in a while." He told her.

"You're right. I forgot just how boring they can be." She sighed.

The two say in silence until just after midnight when a voice came across Elliot's earpiece.

"We've got a 20 on a suspicious person walking towards the mailbox detectives." The ESU guy told him.

"We're on our way." Elliot responded.

The pair stealthily walked up and hid behind two trees, each within about four feet of the mailbox. As soon as the person opened the mailbox to put the envelope in Benson and Stabler came up behind him, Elliot grabbing the man's left arm that was at his side while Olivia took his right arm that was poised to drop the envelope in. Both put the man's arms behind his back and Olivia cuffed him. She flipped him around and was shocked by who was now staring at her.

"Lon Miller, you're under arrest for conspiracy to commit murder…" She read the elderly man his rights before escorting him to one of the waiting squad cars.

She walked over to another of the cars with Elliot and they got inside to make the drive back to Manhattan.

"Did you ever watch Scooby Doo?" Elliot asked out of the blue as they were about five minutes away from returning to the station.

"What?!" She laughed. "Yes, I've seen Scooby Doo."

"That's what this feels like finding out it was Old Man Miller behind everything and all." He laughed.

"You're crazy."

Soon the police cars were all pulling up to the station and Elliot and Olivia got out and escorted Mr. Miller inside to interrogation.

The detectives sat at the table just staring the man down until finally he said something.

"You want to know why I did it don't you," he said.

"Actually, I don't know about my partner she might be interested in other things like slamming you for trying to kill her off, but I sure want to know." Elliot glared at him.

"I'll tell you but first what do I need to sign to waive my right to counsel?" Miller asked.

Olivia handed him a pad of paper to write his statement giving up his right to an attorney then hit the record button on the tape recorder to take his response.

"It's quite simple really. Martin was like a son to me at first. Megan and Michelle hurt my boy so I took care of them. Then he started defying me. Well, you know what happened next." Lon Miller told the pair.

"And Cassidy, what about her?" Olivia asked.

"Somehow she had found out and was threatening to go to the police." He said.

"I see. Well, we'll still need your statement in your own words signed and in writing." Olivia told him.

"You'd better own up to trying to off my partner too!" Elliot yelled.

Elliot and Olivia sat there and waited while Miller wrote his statement then they took him out to another random uniformed officer to have him booked.

"What do you say we head home Benson?" Elliot asked leading her to the door. "We can do the paperwork in the morning."

"Whose home?" She asked.

"What would you say if I told you ours?"

"I would say let's go!"

The pair left the precinct and headed to Elliot's SUV to drive home. When they arrived at the apartment Elliot all but dragged Olivia in the door and back to his bedroom.

"Anxious much?" She asked, chuckling.

"You promised me a demonstration of what those Kevlar vests do to you." He explained as he pulled her shirt over her head.

"Well, for starters…." She took one of his hands in one of her own while undoing her jeans with the other. Next she guided his hand down past the waistband of her panties so he could feel her. "…feel that?"

"Oh yeah." He mumbled.

Hesitantly Elliot pulled his hand out of her panties, only to fully remove the remainder of her clothes. Once she was naked standing before him she went to work divesting him of all his clothing. Finally the two stood together naked as the days they were born.


"Yeah baby?" He asked.

"I need you in me, now." She commanded.

Not being one to argue he led her over to the bed and laid her down before crawling over top of her. At her insistence he slid his cock inside her and began thrusting in and out slowly.

"Mmm…faster El!" She moaned.

He picked up the pace and continued following her cues and her body's responses to guide him to make the night special for her. After what had seemed like a lifetime he felt himself approaching the edge.

"Baby, I'm not sure I can hold out much longer." He groaned.

"I'm right with you Sweetheart." She answered back.

It was as if that was all his body needed, confirmation that they were in sync. Within moments he was spilling his seed in her as her inner walls clamped down around him with her own release.

"Remind me to thank Don for sending us Upstate." He said once they were settled in for the night spooning.

"I definitely have a new appreciation for small towns." She told him, chuckling.

The two lay there together making small talk and declaring their love for each other until they both fell asleep. Both happy to start putting this mess behind them.