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Summary : Troy and Gabriella are back and have graduated from UNI and now have travelled back to Albuquerque to start their new lives with each other with But nothing ever goes smoothly!!!!! Includes the bolton family.

The main people are: Emilee Bolton, Troyella

With Minor: chaylor, zekepay

Here is some details about the Characters:

Troy Bolton is 21, he was born on the 2nd November. He's a trained accountant \ but owns are restaurant/ bar with Chad. He is in a long term relationship with his girl firend Gabriella Montez of 3 years. He still plays basket ball with the guys but as a hobby. He has 1 older brother called Aaron who is 25. Aaron is married to his wife Erin and have a 2 year old son called Alfie. Also he has a younger sister called Emiliee who is 17 years and attends eat high. ( she will be in it quite a bit). His best friend is Chad.

Gabriella Montez is 20 nearly 21. She is the baby of the gang. Born on the 6th July. The gang are like her family, due so the \par death of her mother a year a go, as for her day he hasnt been on the seen since she was 11. She has no brothers and sisters. Emilee Bolton is looks up to Gabi as an older sister. she has been dating Troy for 3 years.her best friend is Taylor. She is a trainned Physiotherpist

Emilee Bolton is 17 year teenager girl ( say no more). She is big into Basketball like her father and brothers. She is one of the most \par popular girls in East high, which attract un wanted attention from certain people and certain boys. She is the youngest of the\par bolton family and her family are quite protective of her. She has many ups and downs during this story!. She is extremely close to the \par gang ( chad, sharpay, taylor, zeke, gabi). She has 2 brothers Troy, 21 and Aaron, 25.

Chad Danforth is a crazy lunk head basket ball boy as taylor would say. He is 21 and was born on 21st of February ( corbin bleu bday hehe)He has just gto married to Taylor, 2 months ago. He owns the restaurant bar with his best friend Troy ad works part time as east high gym teacher.

Taylor Danforth is 21 years old , and was born on 14th may . She is a trained Doctor. She has married her high school sweet heart.\par She is extremely close to the girls ( Gabi, Sharpay).

Zeke Baylor is 21 years old and wa born on 25th January. He is a professional chef. He has a daughter called Brianna with sharpay. Brianna is 2 years old.\par He married sharpay at the age of 19, after Brianna was born.

Sharpay Baylor is 20 nearly 21 was born on 5th june. She is married to Zeke and had a daughter at the tender age of 18. She loves to act. And Loves her daughter Brianna. Sharpay changed alot since high school and is no longer an self centred ice queen, however can still be very dramatic.\par She works at East High as a drama teacher.

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