Disclaimer-I do not own anything of Star Wars no books or anything I write purely for fun that is all

Disclaimer-I do not own anything of Star Wars no books or anything I write purely for fun that is all.                                            

                                                  Love that is discovered



Tahiri Veila sat looking at the stars in her window but she was not concentrating on the stars she was thinking about her best friend Anakin Solo. He was all she could think about lately and see wherever she was her thoughts would always go to Anakin some had noticed that she had been preoccupied lately but said nothing about it Tionne even asked one time if she was all right. Anakin had gone out to fight the Yuzzahn Vong again and left her behind she still remembers what had been said the day he told her he was leaving.

"Tahiri I have to go I can't stay here anymore. I need to go and fight and help my friends the Yuzzahn Vong have become much harder to fight and they need everyone they can get out there too fight I have to go" "Why?" Tahiri said "Why do you have to go??? I don't' want you to leave me Anakin! I know what they do to Jedi if you get captured you'll go thru the same thing I went thru and all you'll care about is dying I don't want that to happen to you please stay" "I can't. I'm sorry but I'm not going to stay here anymore" Anakin said with frustration in his voice! "Anakin" Tahiri said tears breaming in her eyes she tried to blink them back but with no effect they feel "I don't want you to die! You mean so much to me Anakin!! When I came to the academy you were the first friend I ever had! You became my best friend" Tahiri was crying by this time and Anakin who didn't know what to do just watched her and listened to what she had to say "And we did everything together fought together trained together you were are the only family I really ever had apart from Slivin but when I left you were there always there! You even said yourself when we were coming back to the academy that night we first met Master Ikrit and found the Golden Globe I was going to take the blame fro all of it so you wouldn't get in trouble since no one would care if I went back it was more important if you stayed then me and you told me that you were not going to let me do that that I do matter and that you were my family you told me that remember?" Anakin could only nod this hurt him just as much that it hurt her to leave "Over the past years I have come to love you so much Anakin! And when you  left the academy with Mara without even saying good-bye you might as well had stabbed me in the heart it wouldn't hurt as much! When you came back I was Happy , sad and mad at the same time but then I got over it and I realized how much I really love you Anakin" Tahiri couldn't say no more she just cried her heart out Anakin shocked at what he had heard "she loves me" he thought. He took her into his arms and said in her hair Tahiri I love you too I just didn't know if you felt the same way that's why I didn't say anything I never meant to hurt you I'll come back I promise!" Tahiri looked up and said "you do?" "Yeah I do" Anakin said with a smile then he kissed her with no words telling her he would be back. That was 3 months ago and she still hadn't heard anything from him all she heard was how bad the battle was and with each time they fought she would always pray that he was all right she knew in her heart that one day he would come back to her and for the first time since he left she smiled he would be back!  

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