Ask Me Anything: Bleach Style

Chapter: 1

Crystal: Hi un! I'm Crystal-chan and I'm your host person un!

Ichigo: Why are you talking wierd?

Crystal: Cuz I can un!

Everyone: -sweatdrop-

Crystal: Anyways, un, this is a show/story thing where you can ask any of the Bleach characters...ANYTHING! DUN DUN DUN!

Tatsuki: HEY! We never agreed to this!

Crystal: Well too bad un! I'm holding all of you hostage! DUN DUN DUN!

Ichigo: Why do you keep saying that!?

Crystal: For the fun of it...un.

Karin: Great. We were abducted by a moron.

Crystal: Really? Who?

Kon: WTF! You ARE a moron!

Crystal: Hey! Are you talking about me?

Everyone: YES!

Crystal: Oh...un.

Renji: Great. She's started that again.

Crystal: -looks confused- I like kittens too Renji, but nows NOT the time to talk about them un! I'm TRYING to host a show here!

Chad: Could we end this now?

Crystal: Hehehehheheheheheheheheheheheheheh...CHAD!

Everyone: O.O

Crystal: Chads a funky name. No offense peoples, its just there's Ichigo and Rukia and Tatsuki, you know, like all these Japanese names. Then outta no where theres Chad. I know its not his real name, but still. It's like on Naruto theres a Dan.

Everyone: O.O

Crystal: Ok, well my peeps, you need to send questions in reviews! Or else...I can't make more chapters! DUN DUN DUN!...Anyways, you can ask the Bleach characters anything! ANYTHING! Come on, you know you want to un! DUN DUN DUN!

Uryuu: Was that really needed?