He was in the middle of trying to tame what was left of his hair when his face started to hurt again.

Wincing, Bullets sucked air between gritted teeth as he set his brush down and lightly rubbed the right side of his face.

He mentally cursed as his face felt like it was on fire and he fumbled out half of a pain killing pill and swallowed it dry.

"Not tonight." He whispered; shutting his eyes tightly. "Please…"

It was only an hour before the reunion concert was to go on and if he allowed his face and arthritic hands to gain the upper hand he would ruin the concert and hurt his friends and their dreams of Snakes N' Barrels making a successful comeback.

Glancing over at the vial of sparkling blue liquid; he frowned.

It had been Candynose's idea to take the drug and he was still not sure if it was a good idea to go back to bad habits right before the concert.

His face was a constant reminder of what drugs could do to a human's body.

Once the pain killer took effect, he picked up his brush and started to brush again.

The door was slammed open a minute later and before he could fully understand what was happening; he found himself facing a very drunk and very upset Toki.

"Yous can has him!" he huffed, taking another swig from his bottle as he stumbled into the room.

"Excuse me?"

"Pickle! Yous can has him! I not wants him no mores!" the young man explained with a pout.

Bullets was silent for a moment; looking at Toki with pity.


"I don'ts…"

He pushed over a chair and Toki sat down heavily.

"Now…what's wrong?" Bullets asked.

Toki was staring at the ground, his lower lip trembling as he tried not to cry.

"Pickle love yous." He said finally.

Bullets stared.

"What?" he asked lamely.

"He dos! I thought he love me but he don'ts! He love yous!"

He was silent as the young man drank from his bottle and allowed silent tears to fall down his narrow cheeks; making his fu manchu wet and cling to his face more.

His heart was glad at the news that his former lover still had feelings for him; but he felt sorry for Toki and he got up with a great sigh.

Toki flinched and looked up as a hand was placed on his shoulder.

"He may still have feelings for me, but he loves you more." Bullets said.


"Look at me." He said, spreading his arms out wide. "I'm balding and have a fucked up face. Why would he want me when he has you?"


"None of that! You're young and attractive." Bullets pointed out. "Pickles loves you; he told me so himself."


"He told me all about you." He nodded. "He really cares for you…more than he ever cared for me." He added a bit sadly.

"He love me…" Toki whispered, slowly getting up and smiling at the thought.

"You better take care of him." Bullets warned playfully. "I might take him back."

Toki nodded and giggled, handing Bullets the bottle before running out of the dressing room.

"Take care of him, Red." Bullets chuckled, tossing the half-full bottle into the trashcan.