I saw the way he looked at me in the dress. I was very proud of myself, Alice didn't even pick it out, I did! I wanted make Edward happy; find something that would make him happy to be with me later that night.

When we went downstairs, everyone that we had invited to the wedding was still there. Dancing, drinking, Emmett and Rosalie were even making out. We had a few more people come and congratulate us, and Angela commented on my dress. Edward's eyes sparkled in agreement.

Carlisle got up on a makeshift stage in the elaborately decorated room to announce the couple's first dance. I panicked momentarily when he said this, remembering the height of stilettos Rosalie had insisted that I wear. Then I remembered that it's with Edward.

I walked up to him and stepped lightly onto his feet, only stumbling a little bit. He took my hands and whispered, "I love you." I looked back at him and said "I love you too."

And I really did. I had reservations against getting married at first, everyone knew that. But I had gradually adjusted to the idea, especially since in the long run it just came down to being with Edward forever, which I had planned on anyway. It was actually kind of nice to make it official. If there is going to be a ring on my finger, I am glad it was Edward's.

And that means I would be changed. Then I could really be with Edward. I would have the ability to always be with him. While we are hunting, spending time with the family, when it is just us, when making love, we would never have to not be together.

And that thought right there is worth more than Renee's opinion of marriage. Who, by the way, took the news surprisingly well.

I'm just so happy. I looked up hard into his eyes. "Thank you for making me your wife. I am proud to be Mrs. Edward Masen Cullen." I said to him. The dance ended, and we walked off the floor to let our thoughts come together as one.

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