Of course happens in the showers. Hiruma doesn't even get in until everyone else has left. Sena knows that because… well, because Sena does.

So, Sena waits, and maybe it's too late, he waits too long to be above suspicion, but he wants to really see Hiruma's face after the day. He wants to know if there's any hint of a human smile. He needs to know if there is any pleasure in his captain's eyes.

So, Sena waits, shivering cold despite the hot water. He doesn't know how long it's been when he finally feels Hiruma's eyes on his back. Sena has surprised him. Everyone else is supposed to be gone while the boss burns the midnight oil.

"Yo, Sena," Hiruma voices after a moment, not sounding so terribly surprised at all. "You're not usually here so late." He sounds somewhat bored with the proceedings.

"I was…" What has Sena been doing for nearly the last hour? For the past season? Waiting for Hiruma in the showers? What is he doing? "throwing a few passes, you know I suck."

Hiruma seems impressed he would lie so blatantly. "That's the spirit, shrimpy."

He's taking off his clothes. Sena had forgotten this part, had been so focused on trying to read his face that he hadn't thought about the implications of waiting in the showers. He's naked, he's vulnerable. Sena turns and tries to pretend he hasn't already washed his fears off a thousand times before, but their stink keeps coming back.

Sena really can't help but look back though. He has to know: is this Hiruma unguarded? No, the demon turns and meets his eye. Hiruma's gaze glitters dangerously like embers and amber. He turns away again without a word, rinsing his hair.

Sena faces forward, flushing up his neck.

A hand on his lower back, the other crossing to his shoulder, turning him around, all are insignificant to Hiruma's mouth all over his. Sena tongue skims over the fragrant piece of bubble gum in his mouth, the entire world becomes syrup-sticky and sweet.

Sena pulls back gasping, feeling violated. Hiruma's expression says that is rather the point.

"Wh…" Sena trails off breathily. "What?"

"You were staring, fucking shorty." Hiruma smiles, purring smug.

Sena feels filthy, the way Hiruma's words make him squirm. He leans back towards the wall, through the spray of water and Hiruma comes with him, turning the tap to off. He comes with a new wicked smile, as if they've finally taken their gloves off, and it is do or die now. Sena maybe understands—too well now—how much of a thrill that moment is.

"I've just never seen you, like this," Sena mumbles inanely. "You're really not a blonde."

Hiruma laughs, running his long graceful fingers along Sena's neck, nails a tickle across his jawbone. "I like having you on my field, Sena," he purrs, Mephistopheles proposing the contract. "You're cute, like a good luck charm. I could shrink your head and put it on a keychain," Hiruma croons.

Sena is shivering again, he's naked and hard against Hiruma's thigh and… he's not really sure what he's going to do. Hiruma's face sways before him like a cobra. Sena really isn't sure what he's going to do. Hiruma's mouth is everywhere, glistening and sensual, his hands snaking down Sena's body.

It's a peculiar sensation. Sena hadn't stayed here for this, but now that it's happening he thinks… he thinks he may have wanted it, the attention, the affection, the approval.

Hiruma's calloused fist barely has to wrap around him before he comes. Sena shakes with it, a fountain of white. Hiruma's fingers are immediately at his lips, slimy with his semen. Sena hesitates, but opens his mouth and does his service. Hiruma himself licks the last of it from between his fingers.

Sena stares at him low-lidded and bleary with lust.

"There is nothing quite like innocence tossed aside." Hiruma grins at him, popping his gum. He lowers his eyes coquettishly and says, "Go on, indulge my Napoleon complex."

Sena follows his gaze and… surrenders. Hiruma's pleasure and displeasure is everything to him. He lets Hiruma take him by the head, opens his throat and waits.


Hiruma gives him a piece of bubblegum as they're dressing. It's an odd gesture, and Sena doesn't know what to say. His captain is perfectly calm, as if this happens to him all the time.

As Sena is still fumbling after his clothes, he hears Hiruma dial his cell phone and say, "Missus Kobayakawa," he greets. His voice is frighteningly benign and simpering. "I'm the captain of your son's football club, we're going to be going over team rosters for a while tonight, he's coming to stay at my place."

Sena hears his mother's loud chirruping assent before she hangs up.

Sena's brow furrows, it is a ridiculous story. He can't believe his mother bought it. "We don't have enough people to really work on the roster, and Mamori would be in charge of that besides."

Hiruma laughs and finishes packing up his sports bag. "That's why it's called a lie, shorty." His voice is flirtatious.

Hiruma beckons and Sena follows him out into the night.


Sena trails Hiruma through the streets. He's never felt the city quite this intensely before: his hair is wet and the wind is chill. He's attentive to every detail, wound tight by Hiruma's presence and electric silence.

Hiruma keeps his gun slung over his shoulder with his gym bag. At a quiet corner he pulls it up and shoots out the tires of a car on the next street over. He puts his gun back on his shoulder and walks on casually.

Hiruma's hotel is nondescript, unmarked, almost unnoticeable. There's nothing flashy on the facade, Hiruma has paid them to take it all down. Inside, the elevator is in perfect condition, Hiruma pays them to make sure it doesn't squeak.

Hiruma has a key to lock his entire floor if he wants to. His door is open, however, when he turns its handle.

"Old Man," Hiruma calls. "we have company."

As they enter, Musashi becomes apparent on the couch, he is in loose clothes and wet hair. He gives Sena a somewhat strained smile.

Hiruma puts his bags down and glances at the television. "He's staying here tonight," he continues and Musashi actually meets Sena's eye for a second. He seems… distressed, as if he's warning Sena to run.

"You eaten yet?" Musashi replies after a moment.

They both shake their heads and Musashi gets up to help Hiruma in the kitchen. It all seems very familiar to them. Musashi boils water, Hiruma washes vegetables. At the timer, someone gets the noodles while the other sets the table. One of them pour drinks while the other serves, and there's plenty for Sena.

"So… ah," Musashi tries awkwardly as they're all seated together. "Do you have any plans for the weekend, Sena?"

As Gen tries to make small-talk, Sena suddenly notices that it isn't just about the way they look; Musashi and Hiruma really are a lot older than him in some ways.

Sena flushes, suddenly feeling childish for being here. "Maybe a movie with Monta. What about you?"

Hiruma is distractedly checking his phone as he eats. Musashi does not seem at all surprised that he's not paying attention to this social nicety.

"Visiting my father, hanging around here, I suppose," he answers politely and then starts to eat.

Sena follows suit and they don't talk again.


It's late, but after dinner Gen sits down to watch something on the sports channel. Hiruma makes several phone calls, each ending in different variations of threat and terrorism.

Sena sits in silent shock, yawning occasionally.

After the fifth yawn, Hiruma says absentmindedly, "Gen, show Sena where he can lie down."

The other man gets up without hesitation and motions Sena down a hall. It's obvious the flat has been remodeled from the original hotel layout to Hiruma's specifications.

Muashi leads Sena to a little guest room and follows him inside. Sena sits down on the bed and looks at his host. He doesn't really know what to say. Hiruma's made it obvious enough to Musashi what they've done, but Musashi doesn't seem that angry.

"I'm confused," Sena confesses.

Musashi's expression softens with exasperation. "You really don't know what a mess you've gotten yourself into." He kneels down at Sena's height and says, "But dealing with him is like that."

"What are you here for?" Sena wonders curiously.

"Maybe I owe him because my dad isn't dead," Musashi proposes quietly, but even he doesn't seem to think that's the reason. He'd like to think there's a debt between them, but maybe Sena has seen the devotion in their eyes.

Sena is staring at his hands, wondering where things like Hiruma come from. People so good at ignoring the rules of society's games. People so intelligent and so dangerous.

"Should I…" he begins nervously. "Should I do anything for you?"

A little color rises to his companion's face, he looks away in discomfort. "Fuck, Sena. Don't treat him like he's so impressive."

"But he is," Sena confesses truthfully.

"But don't tell him that," Musashi sighs. He looks back at Sena and puts a hand on his shoulder. "Just… know who you're dealing with. Don't sign a check your ass can't cash."

Sena's response is to hesitantly presses their mouths together and Musashi unwinds, He seems resigned, almost as if he wishes Sena had made a different choice, but for reasons all his own won't deny what Sena offers.

He's gotten Sena halfway out of his clothes before he quietly invites him back to the master bedroom. He lifts Sena up and the boy wraps his powerful legs around Musashi's waist. He rubs his erection slowly against Musashi's abdomen as they move.

Musashi hesitates at the bed, almost reluctant to do this with Sena for Hiruma.

But he looks at Sena who is fresh faced with hints of a handsome maturity. His lips are moist and a bit bruised; his expression is confused and delighted in one. He is not so unpleasant.


Hiruma walks in on them while Sena is moving himself desperately on three of Musashi's fingers.

The blond smiles like a serpent as he takes notice of them. He strips off his shirt casually and joins them on the bed. He strokes Sena's erection lazily, sometimes sliding his hand down across his sac and slipping back to caress Musashi's hand, to slip another of his slim fingers in amongst the other.

The scene is embarrassing, but unbearably arousing: that Hiruma is using them both like toys. Though both of the men toy with Sena mercilessly, making him gasp and shudder and beg.

Hiruma and Musashi begin to kiss as Sena orgasms across their sheets. He moans and writhes as Musashi's fingers continue to move inside him.

They pause to lavish attention on him and clean him up. He scoots to one side of the bed to accommodate them and watches from beneath sleep-heavy lids as they move against one another.

Bewitched, perhaps, and sated, Sena drifts off to sleep.


Sena wakes up cradled with his back against Musashi's warm chest. With the rising sun, his mortification burgeons and he scrambles from the bed. He needs a shower, he needs his clothes. He is overwhelmed with what he's done. He'll forgo the shower in favor of his clothes. He'll go straight to the bath when he gets home.

He almost makes it out the front door before Hiruma immerges from the kitchen. Sena holds still like a frightened deer.

"Running off so soon, shorty?" he wonders around a cup of coffee. He looks calm, pale, collected. Sena doubts he's slept.

"Yeah, I… better get home," Sena replies, trying to push down the surge of concern he feels.

Hiruma smiles at him and then licks his lips. "Yeah, I guess you better. I'll be sure to have you back some time."

"Hiruma…" Sena begins, as if the words triggered a forgotten thought. "Why do you play football when you have all this?"

All this power and all the luxury he can desire.

"Because it's fun," Hiruma replies. At least it doesn't look like he's lying.

Sena swallows nervously before approaching the other man. He curves his hand to Hiruma's around the coffee cup without meeting his eye. He can feel the heat through his skin, but Hiruma's hand is cold.

"I'll see you," he mumbles before quickly pushing forward and kissing Hiruma on the mouth.

The demon lets him, and smiles at Sena with cruel amusement.

"Go home and rest, it's been a long esbat."

Sena doesn't understand, but he goes.

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