The first installment of my How To series. I don't know how long it will be. And each can be read as a oneshot or all together as a story. Whatever.

How To: Kiss


Naruto and Sasuke are only twelve and it's a complete accident. However it became known as 'The Kiss' with capital letters and everything. Naruto had simply been glaring at Sasuke and then that stupid kid moved his arm and BAM! Sasunaru was born. However, Sasuke and Naruto, after breaking apart, had proceeded to gag.


It was right after the fight with Haku and Zabuza. Well, not right after but on their way back to Konoha. They were gathering wood for the fire, Sakura was setting up their makeshift camp, and they were just basking in their successful mission. Sasuke had turned around and came face to face (well, nose to chin) with Naruto. And he just leaned down and. It was only a simple brush of lips. Dry and warm and comforting. Just ensuring that they were both still alive.


During the Chuunin exams, well, before really, it happened. It was after Naruto had shouted in front of the entire room of participants and basically humiliated Konoha. Sasuke had made some comment or other about what a dobe Naruto was. And Naruto, being Naruto, reacted of course. He shouted, more, about temes and bastards and cold pricks. Sasuke swears Naruto threw the first punch but Naruto firmly maintains that Sasuke did. And well, they ended up all-out wrestling, rolling around on the floor, each attempting to come out on top. And Naruto lost his balance and fell down, his face stopping not and inch from Sasuke's. Sasuke just breathed 'dobe' and then kissed him roughly. After they picked themselves up off the floor and righted their clothes, they never mentioned it again (sort of).


When Naruto came to retrieve Sasuke in the Valley of the End, and Sasuke attempted to kill Naruto. Naruto had passed out, well mostly. And he was just barely clinging to consciousness when Sasuke's lip descended upon his. It was upside down and wet and Sasuke lips were chapped and Naruto's were too cold. And it was perfect. The kiss was soft and gentle and completely contradicted the former fight the two had had. And it explained everything but left so many things unexplained and Naruto just let go when Sasuke retreated again. And the blackness came and it rained harder than before.

I Missed You:

When Sasuke returned from Orochimaru, and confronted Naruto while he was on a mission with Sai and Sakura it was the most terrible and beautiful thing either of the two had ever seen. Sasuke's eyes held fire and unfamiliarity and coldness, and yet, there was a spark of remorse and familiarity hidden in the dark depths. Naruto's own, blue, eyes communicated blankness and shock but just a little bit of happiness. And when Sai and Sakura weren't paying attention, Sasuke stole Naruto's lips in a kiss, that was rough but sweet and just like coming home.

I Love You:

After Sasuke was accepted back into the village and Naruto had become the Rokudaime, Hokage of Konoha, the two decided to admit the connection that had always been there but had rarely been acknowledged. But now, it wasn't unusual to see the two together, closer than was necessary for two friends or two ninja. And sometimes, when they were together, you could see a slight smile on Sasuke's face or true love in Naruto's eyes. Though, one rarely ever saw the two kiss. But if anyone happened to see it, they would have stood in awe of the complete raw need and love and want and just. It was a sight to see and few ever did see it. Their kisses were personal and Sasuke intended to keep it that way. They were kisses that obviously belonged between two people who were deeply connected. The kisses were truly the epitome of love.