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1. Soft

Naruto came into their apartment, slumping slightly. His exhausted expression speaking volumes. Sasuke moved from where he had been preparing their supper to his lover's side. He reached around him and took the brunt of the blond's weight as Naruto melted into him tiredly. He escorted Naruto into their bedroom, where he carefully pulled the traditional hokage robes off of him and pushed him down on to the bed to sleep before dinner. Naruto put up only a token protest but fell asleep the moment his head his the pillow.

Sasuke moved around the room, putting the robe back into their shared closet and pulled the bedsheets up around the tan man and set out some pajamas for him to change into for dinner. Then he returned to their kitchen to ensure that the stir-fry hadn't burned. He gave it a quick stir before replacing the lid to let it continue simmering. He moved to the sink and finished the dishes that had accumulated over the week. Due to his ANBU duties and Naruto's hokage business, they were more than content to allow the dishes to overrun the sink until they were eating cereal off a plate with a fork.

He efficiently set the table with the newly clean dishes. And moved to take the pan off the stove when two tan arms wound around his waist. He turned in the embrace to lean down and kiss Naruto gently. He reached behind himself to turn the stove off. Naruto broke the kiss, smiling a little and grabbed the pan that contained their supper. Sasuke allowed Naruto to spoon their dinner onto their respective plates. They both sat at the small table, their knees meeting underneath. They ate in content silence.

Later, when the dishes had been set in the sink, to be washed tomorrow (or in another week), and the leftovers had been put into the refrigerator and they had both stumbled into bed, Sasuke curled up around Naruto, pressed front to back. Sasuke placed a kiss on Naruto's neck and reached his hand around to rub at his hips. The blond's own hand covered his and pushed it below his waistband where his cock strained into Sasuke's hand.

Sasuke chuckled into the base of Naruto's neck, "Thought you were tired."

Naruto grinned into the dark room, "Got a second wind, I guess."

Sasuke smiled and pushed his own groin against Naruto's ass. They were both too tired for actual sex, despite claims to the contrary. But this was just as good. Pressing against one another, kissing over Naruto's shoulder and whispering in the silence of their bedroom was a kind of intimacy that wasn't exactly rare but wasn't a common occurrence either. More often, they were rushed to find release, constrained by work and responsibilities that come with adulthood. This lazy kind of lovemaking was a something generally reserved for early Sunday mornings before drifting back to sleep or late at night on days where there was little time for it but they both so desperately needed it.

Sasuke gasped his release in Naruto's hair and seconds later felt Naruto's own splash wetly against his hand. Sasuke wiped his soiled hand on his pajama pants and shucked both them and his wet boxers, throwing them in the direction of the hamper. Naruto was asleep already when Sasuke settled back against him, determined to join him in sleep.

2. Rough

It had started with a hand-to-hand sparring match to brush up on their physical abilities. And like most things between them, their competitive streaks quickly fanned the spark until a fire was raging within each of them. Both men seeking to win, fairly or otherwise. They threw their best moves at one another, and for the most part it was an even match.

Though no one else was in the part of the forest they occupied, their fight was a sight to behold. When they sparred, it was usually for fun and often devolved into making out or smearing one another's faces into the mud. That kind of frivolous sparring was much different than what they were currently doing. This intense, sparking, raw energy flowed seamlessly between them. As they traded blows and evaded one another, they seemed to give each other energy. Though they had been going at top form for some time, neither appeared to be lagging in the slightest. Even the most well-trained and disciplined ninja would have stopped for a break a hours ago.

These two men, however, fought ferociously, clawing for every inch they gained just to have it snatched away when the other came back faster and harder than before. The match had turned into a stalemate but neither opponent would give up and admit that they were too evenly matched to continue.

Instead, somewhere between dodging and punching and executing complicated, acrobatic moves, Naruto ended up under Sasuke. Although the pale man had him pinned, for now, the game wasn't over. Naruto used what little freedom of movement he had to surge upward and bite Sasuke's bottom lip, being sure to draw blood.

Sasuke snarled and crushed his lips to Naruto's. He began tearing at the orange jumpsuit the other wore, forgoing the zipper and instead ripping it to shreds. Naruto pushed Sasuke's pants down to his ankles, where the brunette kicked them off. Their kiss continued, more teeth and tongue warring than any actual technique or finesse. More blood had been drawn from both men, the kisses aiming more to harm than pleasure. Sasuke sat up and spit blood to the side before glaring down at Naruto. Naruto glared back, then tightened his legs around Sasuke's waist, managing to flip their positions so Sasuke was on his back.

Naruto moved his mouth to Sasuke's exposed neck and bit roughly, unapologetically, and pulled Sasuke's erection from the slit in the front of his underwear. Naruto shot a bloody grin down at the other, clearly conveying his message: 'I won.'

Then he lined the other man up at his entrance and sank down, groaning at the rough nature of the entry. Sasuke grimaced up at him, eyeing the blond's own erection, bobbing as he began to set a punishing pace. Sasuke bucked his own hips at the same time he gripped the cock in front of him. Sasuke managed to roll them so he was back on top, smirking in triumph. His pale hips worked quickly, keeping the harsh pace the other man had started and matching his strokes to his thrusts. The only sounds in the forest, where only minutes ago the sound of punches and grunts as kicks impacted had reigned, were similar sounds of flesh on flesh as hips met ass steadily and grunts of pleasure.

This kind of sex wasn't really about the pleasure though. It didn't happen often but it wasn't totally unprecedented. This carnal act was sheerly about power. It was more an extension of their sparring than a physical display of their love.

The match had come down to endurance, the victory would go to whoever could hold out the longest. Sasuke gritted his teeth and pushed Naruto's legs back until the smaller man was bent nearly in half and quickened both his strokes and thrusts. Naruto had one hand in Sasuke's dark hair, pulling roughly at the strands, and one hand leaving angry, red scratches marring the pale, perfect skin of his lover's back.

Sasuke pushed all the way in and held there as Naruto arched up toward him. Both men tensed, Naruto pulling Sasuke in for one last brutal kiss as the both came, Naruto spilling between them and Sasuke deep inside Naruto. Sasuke moved his hips again in small, jerky movements as he rode out their highs, before collapsing on the other man. Naruto tolerated his weight for a moment before shoving him to the side. They both stared up at the branches overhead before being pulled into sleep.

They had tied. Again.

3. Kinky

Naruto had just sat down at his desk in the hokage office when he saw a single sheet of paper on his desk. He picked it up and unfolded it.

He began to read it:

i Naruto-

Saw you this morning, in the shower, jerking yourself off. No invite for me? Too bad. You were a bad boy Naru-chan. Now I have to punish you.

Imagine this: I come into your office and order you to suck me off. To start. But I know you, baby, you like sucking cock, you get off on it, don't you? The moment you start to touch yourself, I'll pull you off my dick, and walk you back to your desk chair. I push you down so you're straddling it backwards, giving me a nice view of your pretty little hole. I tie your wrists to the armrests and take my time opening you up, licking around the rim before pushing my tongue inside, then sliding a finger or two in alongside it.

You'd enjoy that, wouldn't you? I think so. Too much, I think, I might have to put a ring around your pretty cock just in case. Then I'd slide your favorite dildo inside you so you're kept nice and full.

Then I'd blindfold you and and leave you there, waiting, anticipating my return. Maybe I'll be gone for a few minute or maybe I'll leave you their for a few hours. Don't worry, baby, I'll be back. I'll always come back, how could I not re-visit such a pretty sight, you whimpering and squirming as the dildo vibrates in your ass, but you can't come or touch yourself, only cry out, beg for release.

I'll come back and pull that toy right out of you, but you won't even have a chance to miss it, I'll slide right inside, you'll be so open and ready for me. I'll take my time, fuck you nice and slow. I'll come once to take the edge off. And I'll keep going until I get close again, this time I'll pull that cock ring off so you can come for me, screaming my name. You'll come harder than you ever have, all for me.


P.S. Turn around.


4. Fun

Naruto giggles as Sasuke lifts him up and tosses him onto their bed. Naruto bounces when he hits it and then Sasuke pounces on top of him. Sasuke grips his hips, and presses his mouth to Naruto's, his tongue dipping into the blond's mouth to tangle with his tongue.

They're a little tipsy, having just left the bar where they had spent most of the evening. They're nowhere near drunk, just young, happy and horny. Mostly horny, if Sasuke's straining erection is any indicator. Their legs tangle together, they meet for another kiss. Naruto's hands fumble with Sasuke's zipper for a moment before pushing the jeans he had been wearing off his hips. Naruto's own pants meet a similar fate, and their boxers follow soon after. Naruto tries to move up the bed, but the pants at his ankles catch on Sasuke's. He pulls harder, and they crash to the floor. Naruto laughs and laughs and laughs and Sasuke takes care of the offending garments. He chuckles and swoops back down for a victory kiss at having successfully gotten rid of their jeans and boxers.

They don't bother with their shirts, Sasuke simply pushed Naruto's up under his arms to play with his nipples before moving his hands down to wrap around both of their cocks. Naruto gasps out a moan into Sasuke's shoulder. He buries his hands in Sasuke's hair, dragging him down for a long kiss. When they come, their giddy attitudes become more subdued as they both fall into a sleepy, sated state. Naruto doesn't mind that Sasuke is kind of crushing him and simply wraps his arms around his lover and they both drift off, riding the afterglow.