All Love Can Be

By Shakespeare's Girl

I will watch you

In the darkness

Show you love

Will see you through

Lex shivered in his dreams, his mind travelling down dark and dangerous paths. He didn't know what he was dreaming, only that it was nightmareish, and he wanted nothing more than to wake up.

When the bad dreams

Wake you crying

I'll show you all love can do

All love can do

Suddenly, with a scream, Lex pulled himself out of the terrifying dream.

He gasped into the darkness of his bedroom, needing something that wasn't there. "Help..." he whispered into the inky black.

In an instant, a strong pair of arms was around him, soothing and comforting, the voice of an angel, soft and sweet in his ear. "Shh, quiet Lex," the voice whispered into his ear. "It's all right now. I'm here. I've got you."

"Stay," Lex pleaded, his shaking voice only allowing him the one word.

"Of course. I'm not going to leave you."

I will watch throught the night

Hold you in my arms

Give you dreams

Where none will be

The strong arms that held Lex slowly gathered his body into their embrace, and cradled the trembling man against a solid chest.

Gently, the big hands attatched to the loving arms stroked over Lex's exposed skin, wiping away sweat and tears from the pale brow. "There now," the soothing voice eased, "I've got you and I won't let go until you tell me to."

"Will you stay all night?"


"Then...then it's all right."


Lex took a deep breath and nodded, then burrowed his face into the soft cotton shirt that covered the muscular chest.

I will watch through the dark

Till the morning comes

For the light

I'll take you through the night to see

A light showing us all love can be

It took hours for the voice to lull Lex back to sleep, and even then if he lost contact with the Guardian Angel for even a moment, his sleep became troubled again.

The Angel simply shifted his position from sitting by the bed to lying in it. He would stay until the morning sun touched the bedspread, then slip away, to continue his life away from Lex.

As he watched Lex sleep, the Angel's chest constricted with love. His heart overflowed with love, the need to care and touch and smell and feel and be with this man.

"I need you just as much as you need me, Lex Luthor," he whispered.

Lex didn't reply.

"You don't even know who I am. As long as you have these nightmares I have an excuse to come to you. But when you begin sleeping through the nights again, I become unnecessary. And what will I do then? After these stolen moments are over, what am I supposed to do? Oh Lex. I wish you knew the truth."

Lex turned over, and wrapped his arms around the Angel's neck. The Angel thought for a moment that Lex had awoken, and didn't care who he was after all. But all Lex did was pull himself closer to the strength that kept him safe.

"One day, Lex, you'll learn who I am. And then neither one of us will have to hide anymore."

Dawn reached it's light into the bedroom, and Lex stirred in the Angel's arms. Gently and silently, the Angel disentangled himself from Lex's embrace. With a feathery kiss to the forehead and a whispered "I love you," the Angel turned to the window and flew away.

Drowsy, Lex sat up, reaching his arms to the retreating figure. "Wait..." But he was gone. As he watched the angel soar away, he sighed. "One day you will tell me who you are," he murmered. "And then we'll see what love can truly be."

I will guide you

With my bright wings

Stay till your heart

Learns to see

All love can be