"You're so lucky" Ayumi said to me.

"How am I lucky" I asked her. Ayumi was a natural optimistic. She was the girl who saw the glass half full. She was always positive.

"You get to start fresh; you're going somewhere where nobody knows your name or how you act. It's just fresh."

"My name is still going to be Kagome and I'm going to act the same." I told her as I put my books into a box.

"Yeah but you don't have to act the same you aren't stuck in the bookworm nerd status that you have now you could becoming Kagome prom queen."

I sat down on my bed and looked around the empty room that used to be mine. All the boxes that were against the wall showed I was leaving soon.

My Grandpa was a priest and Tokyo University just needed him to teach there. He said that it would be a good thing, starting over. My mom agreed but I'm not too sure she wanted to move. My brother Sota and I really had no choice but to tag along.

"Why can't he just go on his own?" Yuka asked as she folded a shirt and put in the box marked clothes.

Yuka was a good friend but she liked to be independent and she didn't really understand why other people weren't.

"My mom wants our family to stay together." I told her as I got back up and started putting more books into boxes.

"Well I think that's stupid and what kind of school did you say you were going to, one for demons right."

"Yeah" I said. I wasn't too excited about that I mean why would I want to go to a school for demons. I'm just a regular 16 year old girl.

"Well we have to keep in touch Kagome you know that right," Eri said.

Eri was very affectionate at first it was weird because after talking to her for five minutes she would be hugging you and holding your hand but you get used to it. I was going to miss it.

"Of course I know that, I'm going to miss you guys so much." I barely finished my sentence before Eri was hugging me.

Me, I guess I'm the quiet one. I'm likely to be found in a corner reading a book while everyone else is talking about what was on Grey's Anatomy last night. Don't get me wrong I love the show but I don't socialize much.

Yuka and Ayumi started hugging me too, we were silent because we knew this would be the last time we hung out together in my room or at all maybe.

"Yeah I'll come visit ok." I said as I broke away from the hug wiping away tears.

"Yeah and we'll talk on facebook right." Ayumi said. Her voice was wavering.

"Yeah so we can tell you what skanks are talking to Hojo." Yuka said her back was towards us.

Eri bust out crying. "It won't be the same" she said.

I sat down next to her and wrapped my arm around her. I started to let the tears fall freely. Yuka and Ayumi sat down next to us. We all cried because we knew it. It would never be the same.

Ayumi, Yuka and Eri went home after we finished packing everything in my room.

They said they would see me at school for my last day. My very last day at Shikon High.

I strolled up the stairs and into my brother Sota's room. He laid on his bed playing a game on his psp.

I stood in the door way for a while not saying anything.

"What do you want?" He asked without looking up from his game.

"I was just wondering if you're going to miss it here. You know we did our first everything here. Dad taught us how to ride bikes and play basketball."

Sota put his game down and look up at me. "Yeah I'm going to miss all that and my friends but I'm not going to miss Brock Evans that American transfer student."

"Why not?" I asked.

"Because he's a jerk he gives kids swirlies and pushes the girls down. I'm going to get revenge before I leave school tomorrow." He sniggered and rubbed his hands together.

"Ok" I said as I started to walk away "But make sure you don't get yourself hurt."

"Ok" He called back as he went back to playing his video game.

I walked to my room and looked through my cd album. That's another thing about me I love music, almost all kinds. Old and new, rap and punk.

I finally picked a cd that had love songs written on it. I put it into my Cd player and pressed play. Putting the volume as loud as it would, go and shut the door.

Once my parents realized how much I loved music at age 11 they soundproofed my room. I went to my bathroom and ran a bath and slipped in. I rested my head back and let the music styling of J. Holiday "Suffocate" take me away.

I woke up a half hour later still in the tub. My finger and toes started to get pruney so I got out of the tub and put on a bag tee shirt and some basket ball shorts. I laid on my bed wondering how life at Avalon Demon High was going to be.

I had to wake up early to help pack up the moving van. Right after school we would catch a plane and wait five hours before we were at our new house.

I arrived at school at 7:00. I parked my red Eos Volkswagen and walked towards the school. I slowed my steps making sure I remembered everything about this place and the fun times I had here.

I walked inside and to my locker. I started emptying it. The pictures of the me and girls was taped to the side of my locker. A poster of Eminem that I kissed every morning before class and random junk.

I stuffed it all into my book bag and closed it slowly. I felt as if I was closing the door on my life in Fukuoka.

I walked to my class and saw Hojo the hottie of Shikon High walking ahead of me. He turned around and smiled.

I looked around dumfounded because it was just the two of us in the halls.

He stopped walking so that I could catch up to him.

"Hey Kagome." He said.

"You know my name?" I asked.

"Of course I do." Hojo said "So you're moving huh?"

"Yeah my grandpa got offered this great job in Tokyo."

"That's too bad I was hoping on taking you to prom." Hojo said as he stopped in front of our classroom door.

"Me? You wanted to take me to prom."

"Yeah well I guess that's out of the question now."

I couldn't believe that Hojo wanted to take me to the prom.

"Well I'm going to miss you." Hojo bent down and kissed me on the check.

I could feel my cheeks burning from the blush that I had just acquired.

He opened the door and everyone yelled "SURPRISED!"

I looked up and saw my classmates and friends. A banner hung from the ceiling.

It read "We'll miss you Kagome."

I could feel Ayumi pulling me towards a cake that had candles on it.

"Blow them out Kagome" Ayumi said

I did as I was told and everyone clapped.

"You're so lucky. Getting a fresh start." Ayumi said

I touched my cheek where Hojo had kissed it.

I didn't know how lucky I was.