Betrayal: Chapter 8

Your choice, Kahl

Cartman rapped on his second door of the day. This was going to get done today, even if that bastard Kenny wouldn't help. Cartman had learnt long ago that certain assholes just wouldn't help others. This was just like the Tenorman incident. Even if he couldn't get Kenny to spill, then he could at least still use him in his plan.

His knocking was replied with a swift opening of the door by a large, flame-haired woman. Cartman held his tongue and ground his teeth to stop himself from insulting her; it didn't matter what she did or how she did anything, it always annoyed the hell out of Cartman.

"Oh hello, Eric."

Even that small greeting made him have to stop himself from calling out "Jew Bitch!" Jesus Christ, you would have thought that she'd have learnt to tone her accent down, for fuck's sake.

In any case, this wasn't any time to be getting on the wrong side of Mrs Broflovski; he could save that moment for a time when he could drag more pleasure out of it. But no, now was a time for getting that Jew-rat to talk, and to get to Kyle, he first needed to get past his mother.

"Good day, Mrs Broflovski," he said, a smile adorning his cheeks. "Is your son home?"

Every word dripped sweetness. It had worked on the lady of the McKormick household not too long ago and apparently was going to work here as well.

"No, not right now, Eric. He's currently over at Stanley's. Still, he's due home any minute now if you'd like to wait."

Cartman allowed himself to be led to the immaculate front room, silently hoping that Kyle would come home quickly before he had to spend another agonizing minute alone with his bitchy mother. Thankfully for Cartman, it was barely five minutes until he heard a key scrape in the lock and the high-pitched greeting of the very Jew he was looking for.

Even the sound of Kyle's voice allowed a knowing smile to creep on Cartman's face; it was a grin that Cartman had perfected even at a very young age. It showed happiness, as most grins do, but with just the right amount of unnerving. After all, anything that Cartman found genuinely smile-inducing could not be good.

It was that grin that Kyle noticed as he first entered the room.

"Hello, Kahl."

"Dammit, Cartman, what the fuck do you want?"

They had retreated to Kyle's bedroom; a secluded spot where Cartman could rip him to shreds. Metaphorically of course, but Cartman could still dream.

"Tell me something, Kahl. Were you or were you not at Kinny's house last night?"

Cartman had taken to strolling up and down the space in Kyle's bedroom, while Kyle himself had sat down on his bed. Cartman always liked to stand above his opponents, or victims; it gave him the feeling of power, or control. An incredible advantage against somebody as stubborn as Kyle.

"What does that have to do with anything?"

"Kinny told me everything, Kahl."

"He told you what?"

Cartman leant into Kyle's puzzled face, his piercing smile gleaming evilly. "I know you went to Kinny's house, and I know what you told him. You told him who you got the hots for."

Cartman loved screwing people over with lies and Kyle was no exception. He practically orgasmed at the sight of Kyle's widening, fear-stricken eyes.

"I… I what?"

"Kinny told me everything you said. He said he got you to sing like a canary last night. Not sure how though, but I don't really give a damn. As long as your goddamn Jew-mouth blabbed." There was a sense of satisfaction as a bead of sweat rolled down Kyle's forehead.

Shit, thought Kyle, Shit, God-fucking-dammit. If the hangover wasn't going to make Kyle swear off alcohol, then it was his own unhinged mouth that it brought on that would. He took a nervous gulp before pointing to the door.

"Get out… now, fatass."

Cartman shook his fat finger warily. "Now, now Kahl, we wouldn't want to have to bring your mother into this, or I could call Stan over, now THAT would be interesting."

He had merely said Stan's name to incite a positive reaction from Kyle. As he grabbed quickly at his curly red hair repeating "shit, shit, shit," Cartman could barely hide his glee. Mentally, he imagined himself scoring a touchdown.

"Oh so you don't want Stan involved?"

Kyle usually prided himself on being able to stand up to Cartman's onslaughts. For years he had put up with the usual insults of "Jew" and "Son of a Bitch", but Cartman now had access to his weakness, and Kyle felt vulnerable.

"Goddamnit, Cartman… just please… please don't tell Stan. Or my mom, for that matter, they'd… he'd kill me, Cartman." His voice became shakier by the minute. "He'd want nothing to do with me… anymore… please, dammit, please…"

"Now why would Stan do a thing like that?" With every sentence came more mock innocence from his lips. He was leading up to the Jew admitting in words that he liked Wendy. Of course, in his head, Cartman already had it all worked out, still, it never hurt anybody to hear it from the horse's mouth.

"Stan… He can't know how I feel… about Wendy or him."

Kyle's last utterance stopped Cartman in his pacing. The Jew had definitely admitted his feelings for Wendy but…

"For who, Kahl?"

Kyle had obviously not noticed what his words had done to Cartman. In his own mind, Cartman was merely asking him again for the sick pleasure of it. It was like Cartman to do, and Kyle was at that moment too scared of Cartman revealing all in that he just repeated himself to go along with him.

"Stan and Wendy. I love…" He gulped, only imagining the pleasure Cartman was no doubt extracting from this. "…both Stan and Wendy." He buried his ashamed face in his hands.

Cartman, on the other hand, was stood stock-still in shock. He didn't know whether to shout "FAG!" at an unreasonable volume, to start laughing his ass off at the gayness of it all, or to just leave, right now.

"Kahl… Kahl… you what?"

Kyle blinked up at the confused Cartman, and realised.

"You bastard!"

Cartman turned around to see red hair and red face obscuring his view.

"You complete asshole! Kenny didn't tell you anything, did he? Did he?"

"So what if he didn't? You believed he did, and that's all I needed to make you talk!"

Kyle was getting angrier by the minute. If he didn't shut up, he would tip his mother off, and Cartman wasn't brave enough to take on two angry Broflovskis.

"Listen to me, Kahl! You shut the fuck up right now, and maybe I'll keep your filthy jew secret for a while longer."

Even when angered, Kyle knew when to be quiet. For now, he would just have to go along with what Cartman wanted.

"Good, Jew." Cartman again had the upper hand. "Now listen to me; not only are you a Jew, you're an official fag now, so I have no reason to give you anything at all. Still, nobody need know you're a buttfuckin' queer, not even Stan himself."

Kyle knew Cartman, and if he knew Cartman like he thought he did, then Cartman only wouldn't spread such juicy information if he…

"You want something, don't ya fatass?" he sighed.

"Very good, Kahl. I do want something. Or, to be more precise, I want you to not do something."

Kyle stayed silent and stared at the floor; he braced himself for Cartman's request.

"I want you to stay away from Wendy."

"WHAT? Why?"

"That's not part of the deal, Kaaahl!" Cartman growled, extending his distorted version of Kyle's name to even more annoying lengths. "You don't talk to her, you don't touch her, you stay away from her, ya hear me!" His breath was speeding up as he barked his orders. "You do that, and your filthy Jew parents don't need to know, and your pussy friend don't need to know!"

Kyle was still gazing at the floor, an almost dead look across his eyes. "I… I don't think I could do that."

"Your choice, Kahl. Stay away from her or I spill. That's up to you."

He crossed the floor and left the room quickly before Kyle got into one of his Jew rages again. It was the Jew's fault if he was forced to tell people, he had made that quite clear. And on the plus side, there was no way that Kyle could get any closer to Wendy. Cartman was almost glad for his faggy habits; it had given him some leverage. And as Cartman had proved in the past, all he needed was leverage.

I love a cruel, conniving Cartman. He'll do anything to get what he wants.

Anyway, thank you for reading!