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Title: My Generation [Chapters 0-8/9 or 1-9/9
Fandom: CSI
Characters: Nightshift CSI's
Prompt: #04 – Insides
Word Count: 15,746 (Complete Fic)
Rating: T (Some violence, minor coarse language, and minor suggestive adult themes.)
Summary: In a time different from our own Greg must come to terms with something Nick will find extremely interesting. [the Love, GSR, Yo!Bling, minor Wedges
Author's Notes: WARN: set in an Alternate Universe where male pregnancy (MPreg) is considered normal, Slash; This fic sometimes takes the situations that have happened in the show into consideration and sometimes disregards them completely.

Also: this will be the only chapter written in first person. (see if you can guess who it is!)

My Generation

00 - Prologue

I remember stories that my parents and grandparents told me of when they were young and the world was different. Society was already in the midst of change, and mores and values were shifting out of place and reforming something new; something greater that before. Then it happened and the whole world shifted. Overnight it changed and nothing would quite be as it once was.

In my grandparent's time the world had existed fundamentally as it was for thousands of years. Those who were male would find a woman they found desirable (or at the very lease acceptable) and father the children she would bear then work to provide for his family. And only those who were female would bring new life to the human race.

In my parent's time, it was the same – until the Gods decided otherwise. When my parents were children, not yet in puberty, a star fell from the heavens and bathed the world in light. It was a strange star. It appeared faster than anyone could have imagined. No one could have predicted it would impact the earth as it had – both physically and otherwise. It landed somewhere in the Gobi Desert, my mother told me, and never made a dent. Upon impact it apparently shattered into trillions upon trillions of particles that swiftly spread throughout the atmosphere and bound with the very air that we breathe.

Since then humanity has taken a drastic evolutionary leap. The advancements in biology that took place soon after were beyond scientific dreams. The cosmic dust particles that bound themselves to the air molecules, once inhaled, changed their hosts. They turned around and bound themselves into the very genetic code of the human race that breathed them. But strangely, it only bound itself to the genetic codes of my parent's generation – which in turn was naturally passed down to mine.

It has been through my study in human genetics that I have been able to fully understand the strangeness in the stories I was told – stories which sparked my interest in the field. You see, in my grandparents' time reproduction was only possible one way and had been for millennia: the male impregnated the female, and then the female carried the growing foetus within her body until birth. When the star fell during my parents' childhood, the effects went unnoticed for over a decade. But as this generation hit puberty the changes began to make themselves known and it was discovered that the mutated genetic code would not wait for the next generation to fully come into being.

The mutation allowed for a different kind of family to be formed, one that consisted of two male parents instead of one male and one female. It took time for those men who could bear children to naturally form the uterus required to carry a child – which would be conceive through anal intercourse but born through a natural canal that would also form between the scrotum and anus. This canal would remain contracted until the delivery of the child when it would expand and dilate much like the cervix in a woman. It was because of time required to form the necessary organs that the condition change went unnoticed for so long.

But once it was noticed, the world stood still. It was in a collective state of shock because it was not just an isolated incident, but universal. Then the stillness erupted into chaos, as the calm before the storm. There were riots, and political movements, and war. I can only imagine what it must have been like. For decades it was dangerous for a man to be known to have this remarkable ability. Many were attacked and treated with the same distain as those who were homosexual in a primarily homophobic society – whether the man was indeed homosexual or not. They were ridiculed and detested by most in society. But it was discovered that the condition was affecting more and more people. Even those opposed to it were faced with the knowledge that someone close to them, someone they loved and cherished, was also granted this extraordinary ability.

The United Nations came to a unanimous agreement that those males who had the now natural ability to bear children also had the right to be protected – as all humans do. There had been some talk in various countries to ban male "carriers" to have natural children unless it be with a female or that those carriers should be required to register themselves as such. At first people thought it was just something that happened to the one generation because when their children were born, there were absolutely no signs of the mutation in any of the male children. However the birth and growth of the next generation began to quiet most the opposition as many of the male children reached puberty the condition re-emerged and humanity then had to face the fact that it wasn't going away. In this ever changing world, it became evident that even those children born of the traditional coupling of male and female were affected by the mutation and there was nothing that could be done to change that fact.

It's hard to say why the world population generally seemed resigned to accept it for what it was in the short span of a decade. I don't think we'll ever understand it. Of course, there are still many families who will not accept it, or will accept it with a measure of distain. But that is the sort of thing that will, sadly, most likely remain a constant with many issues.

Testing for the condition prior to the age of maturity has since been banned, and if test does take place it must be done only at the request of the individual. I was a young child when this piece of legislation was finally passed, but even so my parents never felt the need to test me. I think it was because I ended up being their only child as well as the fact that it didn't matter to them. For the greater majority of males in my generation, the test was seen as unimportant unless they wished for children so the greater majority of us opted to forego it.

So now it exists in society as naturally as breathing and with all the discrimination and stereotypes of anything else. Little did I know it would change the course of my life in the least expected way.

- 30 -

End Prologue

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