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My Generation

08 – Welcome Home

It was the early hours of the morning when Nick entered the waiting room to find the nightshift sprawled out over the assorted couches and chairs. Sara was sleeping on the couch with hear head on Grissom's shoulder, Grissom's cheek leaning on the top of her head. Catherine and Warrick were seated in a similar position on a second couch. Amy, Sofia, and Brass were occupying a couple of somewhat cushioned chairs. He got a cheeky grin on his face and snuck up behind Warrick and Catherine. He gently shoved Catherine and caused them both to fall over and jerk awake.

"Shut up Hodges, I don't care how fast the butterfly can run," Catherine incoherently muttered, causing the rest to wake up as well.

"What about butterflies?" Grissom asked sleepily.

"You and your bugs," Brass muttered as he stretched uncomfortably.

"What happened to your hand Nick?" Warrick asked as he yawned. Nick's left hand was in a cast.

"Oh, Greg was in a lot of pain," Nick explained with a lopsided grin. The women couldn't help but giggle. "It's fractured in three places."

"At least you're right-handed," Catherine grinned. Nick just rolled his eyes.

"How's Greg?" Amy asked as she stood up.

"He's great," Nick smiled. "He was amazing. They just moved him into a private room."

"So? What is it?" Sofia asked excitedly.

"Why don't y'all come and see?" They followed him to the room Greg had been brought to while he'd had his hand patched up. Sofia repeated the question she'd asked Nick upon seeing Greg.

"A baby," was Greg's tired but happy sarcastic reply.

"Well we know that," Sara said as she noticed the incubator located on the opposite side of Greg's bed. Inside was a small baby, its little hand opening and closing as it adjusted itself to the outside world.

"He was about five weeks early, so they're keeping him in the incubator for a little while just to be safe," Greg explained as he gazed happily at the infant.

"What's his name?" Catherine asked as they approached the incubator.

"Kyle Chesney Sanders-Stokes," Nick replied as he gently took a seat on the bed beside Greg, wrapping an arm around him. (1)

"Sanders-Stokes?" Brass raised an eyebrow.

"Oh yeah, I forgot you didn't know," Nick grinned sheepishly. Greg had filled him in on the fact that only Sara and Amy had any clue. "He's mine."

While Sara and Amy smiled the rest choked out various responses like "he's yours?", "I knew it!", and "why didn't you tell me?" – the last two being stated or demanded by Warrick and Catherine respectively.

"Look, it's my fault you didn't know," Greg admitted and explained everything (well, almost everything).

- - -

Six weeks later Nick and Greg were finally able to bring baby Kyle home for the first time. In that time, with the help of their friends, they were able to get the baby's room all set up in time. They'd decided to have a double "Welcome Home" party for both Kyle and Sara – who was passed her due date and moody about it. Like the going away party that happened earlier that year, it took place after shift and everyone was there. Even Hodges (the Trace Tech) was happily fussing over little Kyle – when Greg would let him near the baby.

"Hey Sara, how you doing?" Greg asked conversationally as he was burping Kyle (or trying to). Sara had moved into Grissom's townhouse the same day they'd had their discussion regarding their baby.

"Still pregnant," she replied glumly.

"Oh, it's not that bad Sar," Greg tried to cheer her up.

"But I want that," she whined and gestured to Kyle.

"You can have him when he starts crying," Greg offered and she glared before cracking a half-smile.

"Nah, I can wait," she replied as Kyle looked like he was going to start throwing a fit.

"Here, Greg honey, why don't you let me do that this time," Jillian Stokes offered with a smile as she approached the struggling Carrier.

"Thanks Jill," he said and gently placed the infant in her arms.

"Oh tosh," she replied happily. "This is my grandson, I'm thrilled." Greg smiled widely as he wandered over to where the refreshments were.

"Greg, I still can't believe you had a baby," Wendy Simms, the DNA Tech, bubbled happily. "I'm so happy for you!" She threw her arms around her neck and started crying. Greg looked pleadingly at Hodges who stood next to her. "He's so cute! Just like you and Nick."

"Um, is she okay?"

"Yeah, she's just a bit hormonal," Hodges smirked.

"I am not hormonal, David," Wendy snapped before latching onto Hodges instead. "I'm pregnant."

"Isn't that what I said?"

- - -

Later that morning Greg was laying his sleeping son in his crib, Nick leaned against the door frame smiling contently as he surveyed his small family. "What?" Greg asked as he turned to see his lover staring at him.

"I just love you is all," Nick replied as he walked into the room. They wrapped their arms around one another as they watched their son sleep.

"Hmm, who'd've thought that Wendy and Hodges of all people would get together," Greg commented a bit later as the two readied for bed.

"Wendy and Hodges?" Nick asked incredulously as he pulled off his shirt. "You've got to be kidding me."

"Nope," Greg replied, slipping into bed. "That's not all of it, they're having a baby."

"Now I know your joking."

"I swear it's true. Wendy almost choked me she was so happy."

"Well, so long as she's happy," Nick shrugged and lay next to his boyfriend, Greg's back pressed to his chest, his still encased hand holding the smaller man close. After a few silent moments Nick spoke up. "Hey, Greggo, I want to ask you something, but it's alright if you say no."

"Hmm, what is it Nicky?"

"Marry me?" Greg turned in Nick's embrace to face him.


"Marry me," Nick repeated.

"Really Nicky?" Greg asked with a grin.

"Yeah, really. Marry me Greggo."



"Yes." The two were in the middle of a make-out session when the phone rang.

"This better be good," Nick muttered as he answered. "Hello?" He sat up straight. "Are you serious?" He paused as whoever it was answered. "No problem, we'll be over in a little while."

"What happened? Who was that?"

"That was Catherine," Nick explained as he stood up. "Sara's in labour."

- - -

Unlike Greg's labour, which had taken all night, Sara's was done within three hours. The group waited anxiously to be able to see her. Like Greg, everything went smoothly and Sara was thrilled to have the pregnancy over with and be able to hold her baby.

"Hey Sar," Greg greeted as they entered the room to find Sara cradling a newborn baby boy.

"Hey guys," she smiled tiredly.

"So, what's the name of the newest addition to the CSI Nightshift?" Nick asked.

"Andrew Percival Grissom," Gil answered.

"Percival?" Greg made a face. "As in Percy Weasley?" Gil looked confused.

"Who's Percy Weasley?"

- 30 -

End Chapter Eight


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(1) Assume they'd discussed/debated the name. Think about it, I just might write a one shot to deal with that scene... maybe...

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