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This is also a story description to one of my FAC Pics

and Also A Polly X Big Cheese Fic Don't Like Don't Read

The Fox That Blew It In The Past Tries To Make Amends In The Present

Polly was sad and she missed the Big Cheese.

He was stuck in The Past for about a month now while she was in the Present.

Even though he called her ugly she could not help how she felt about him.

She sighed and thought I can't believe I'm in love with a villain it's silly.

I'm a hero he's a villain it could never work plus he's stuck in the past.

She hugged her Big Cheese plush and went to bed.

The next morning she was awoken by a knock on the door.

She put her plush down and went to answer it.

She could not believe it Big Cheese was on the other end with a Bouquet of roses.

Part of her wanted to hug and kiss him and part of her wanted to punch him.

But her anger got the better of her because of him calling her ugly in the past.

And she slammed the door in his face.

Big Cheese was sweating and blushing wondering what he should say to her after what happened in the past.

Polly wondered what does he want? she cried a bit and said "go away!"

But she thought at least he's safe.

Big Cheese thought I hope she will go out with me and he said "But Polly"

but froze and thought darn it I hurt her enough.

And I have to tell her the truth no matter if it hurts me or not.

He said "Polly I'm sorry for what happened in the past

and I never wanted to hurt you like that.

I wish I had just followed my heart.

Instead I put my foot in my mouth using a Juvenal ploy to avoid telling you how I really felt

to avoid getting hurt myself.

Polly Wondered what he meant at first but soon understood when he continued on.

My younger self fell for you as did I.

And I Knew you'd never like me so I said you were ugly.

When truly I felt just the opposite of what I said."

Wait a minute Polly thought does that mean he likes me and thinks I'm pretty?

Now she was blushing a bit herself .

She opened the door and threw her arms around him and kissed him.

Big Cheese was a bit surprised by this.

But he now realized she must feel the same about him that he felt about her.

So he kissed her back then they kissed for a while.

And after that kiss Polly said "I missed you and I love you."

Big Cheese said I love you to Polly and I missed you as well.

"How did you two get back to the Present?"

"Well Bad Bird And I got stuck in a ice glacier that came out of nowhere

After running from a Dino and it recently thawed."

"Wow so that's why you're not dust."

Big Cheese said "I guess the fates wanted us to be together."

Polly said "that's a bit corny but really romantic."

The two kissed again and eventually they decided they would get Married.

So A Fox That Blew it in The Past

Made amends with the kitty he loved in secret for so long

and now she was to be a part of his future

The End