I just love Addek. I know Addison has moved on with her life and I'm happy she has. However, I just miss them so much. Meredith and Derek were always fine for me and I like them, but I just saw so much history between these two characters so in this story's universe, they are together. They might not always be happy or even speaking, and they certainly aren't perfect, but it's Addek forever.

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Addison Shepard felt her entire body begin to crash as she walked through her elegant front door. She sighed as a dark house met her, she knew Derek was still working but that didn't really lessen the reality. Her reality was distinctly depressing sometimes, but she shook those thoughts from her head dropping her elegant handbag and umbrella in the hall way and sorting through the mail without really reading anything. Addison knew she should make something healthy but her heart wasn't in it so she opened a bottle of wine and ordered in Italian food. While she waited she flipped through the latest issue of the medical journal that arrived but her focus was completely gone and she gave up with a frustrated sigh.

Her thoughts drifted to her nine year marriage to Derek Shepard. Derek, his smile still made her weak at the knees, but it was hard to be found these days. Derek would always arrive home late, tired, with lines over his eyes and sometimes he didn't really say anything to her as he changed for bed and collapsed next to her. The silence was getting to her and she had no idea what to do. Sometimes when she knew he would be in surgery all night she would call Mark, Derek's best friend. Mark who made her laugh when she wanted to cry, Mark who knew she was lonely and was willing to hear her vent. He listened to her insecurities and told her she was just being silly and that she and Derek would be fine. She wanted to believe him, but some days she just didn't know. Her dinner arrived and Addison merely poked at it eating only a few bites. Derek would be hungry when he got home, she knew that and she hadn't made any dinner.

After staring at the plate she stood and went to the kitchen where she placed another dish on top and put it in the fridge. She poured a glass of her husband's favorite wine and scribbled a note. "Derek, I know you're probably exhausted but you should eat something. I ordered a really good pasta dish I thought you might like, it's in the fridge. I love you, Addie." She studied her handwriting wondering when it had changed from legible to pathetic. There was nothing to be done, he would understand it, and he always did. Leaving the glass next to the stark white piece of paper she walked up the plush carpeted stairs and got ready for bed. Climbing into bed without Derek was the worst. She hated it, the sheets were cold and she couldn't remember the last time he'd been waiting for her.

Derek Shepard entered his house around three thirty in the morning. He noted the lights in the hallway were on and glancing up into the kitchen he noticed a glass of wine. Unable to resist he walked in and picking it up feeling somewhat grateful to his wife for it he noticed the note. He scanned it and then feeling too tired to contemplate he pulled the dish out of the fridge and heated it in the microwave. As it warmed, he scanned the day's mail noting that the magazine hadn't arrived yet, he was looking forward to the most recent news and he frowned as he made a mental note to call about it tomorrow.

"It's in the living room," his wife's voice startled him and his head snapped up.

"Addie, I'm sorry, did I wake you?" He looked apologetic and Addison shrugged.

"No, it's fine, I got up because I heard a funny noise," she lied not wanting him to know she was unable to sleep.

"You should go back to bed," his eyes took in her slender form in one of his large tee-shirts. At one time his pulse would have sped up considerably despite his tired state. Now he felt a flash of appreciation followed by a dull sense of concern. A husband should comment, "You'll get cold."

Addison just stared back at him and her eyes looked tired, "I'm fine Derek, it's warm in the house, we can afford to turn up the central heating."

For some reason her tone annoyed him, "are you saying I should just not take on these surgeries anymore?" The timer buzzed and he grabbed the plate out, picked up the fork on the counter and sat down not bothering to look at her.

Addison sighed watching her tired husband stab the noodles as they bore the brunt of his day. At least she could share that duty with something. Slowly she approached the table and pulled out a chair to sit.

"Derek," she waited, but there was no response.

"Derek, look at me," she didn't want to beg and he finally glanced up at her and stopped eating as he studied her.

"That's not what I meant at all," she hadn't either. She just wanted him home.

"Okay," he said finally.

"I'm sorry, I just miss you," she might as well admit it.

"I know Addie, I am sorry I'm not home earlier more often," he was too.

She didn't bother to correct him that he was never really home early, that the last full day they'd spent together had been almost two months ago.

She glanced at her, no his, food and picked up his fork taking a bite of his pasta. He watched her, a small smile flickering on his face and he sighed, "you should go to bed."

"I'm going," she stood and headed towards the door but stopped turning to face him, "are you coming?"

He nodded taking another bite of pasta, "soon."

She walked upstairs wondering how to make it so he would get in bed first. She decided to head to the laundry room and by the time she got back with the clothes she wanted to wear the next day Derek was in bed.

"There you are," he hesitated, "are you okay?"

Her heart swelled and she fought the choked up feeling in her throat, "I am now."

She climbed into the bed feeling his body heat and slowly inched towards him. To her surprise he put his arm around her and pulled her into his chest tightly kissing her forehead.

"Good night Addie," his voice was soft.

"I love you Derek," she responded and her last thought was how warm she felt compared to when she got home. She hadn't turned the central heat up at all.