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Hes back !

Wow four years. Four long years, I knew he was coming back, it was no big suprise but ... but it's still hard to see it play out in my mind.

Four years ago, i wasn't in the best stage in my life, drugs had taken over my life, my relationship with the man i loved went down the drain and i was losing every will to live. Then when i got fired in 2003, i fell apart even more, I lost him. I lost my guy, my bestfriend and someone who i loved. Chris wasn't there any more, he use to be there all the time to hold me when it got to much, to wipe away my tears when my depression kicked in.

Now he's back, capturing everyone in the arena like he did two years before that. My return wasn't the best, i needed to get into the swing of things again, learn how to be in front of the huge crowds again, learn in a way to wrestle again. But Chris, hes always been able to be the best, he took the crowds by storm and worked them like no other even when he has been on a break for two years.

Me, Jeff Hardy ... well am the farthest thing from amazing, Chris Jericho or in my eyes Chris Irvine is the closest thing to amazing ever. I see him glide from the gorilla posotion soaking up the praise and the well dones from co workers back stage, His segment was amazing with Randy, it was intense and i want to go up and say well done to both of them.

No, please please please, Oh dear god no dont look over here. Randys looking over now beconing me to him.

"Hey hey rainbow!, hows it hangin' ?" , The WWE champion shouted over

"Not to bad Rand, not to bad, Awsome segment by the way"

"Thanks, hey man just to ask, are you coming down the clubs to night, celabration ?"

"Yeah i might, not to sure yet, i'll text you tonight to say if i am k?"

"Yeah cool man, Just try to get yourself out, its been a while since you came out, your always in your room either writing or drawing or something, just try k rainbow?"

"Yeah i'll try randy honest"

"Cool, well am out guys i need a shower then out on the kill for the girlys" One of my best friends laughs

We wave him off down the arena walls and then silence.

I love silence, it makes you clear your head and think of nothing. I really wish i could be in my room with the silence, it makes it all the more pretty. Lightly i hear my name.


"HUH, sorry what did you say?"

The most gorgous guy in the world standing in front of me laughs "Same old Jeffy, always off in space"

And the penny finally drops, Me, Jeff, Jeff Hardy the loser who can bearly be in a crowd of more than thirty people without freaking. Is now standing infront of Him, Chris Irvine ... The amazing one himself, The Allatolla Of Rock 'Nd' Rolla. All alone just me and him. Now one question springs to mind here ... WHAT IN THE HELL DO I DO?!!

"So you coming out tonight on the town?"

"Errmm, Nahh i think i'll pass this one thanks Chris" I covered up with a sweet smile

"Ahhh no Jeffy come on, Like old times you and me"

"It's not like it use to be Chris tho, I hate big crowds, half the people scare me in the clubs we go to and Matty wont come 'cos hes off seeing Ash"

"Well kid you have me again in them big crowds, holding your hand all the way and protecting you"

"I still don't know Chris, What if I panic"

"Then i deal with it, 'cos thats what am here for, I wont leave you"

"Yeah 'cos thats logical"

"Whats thats suposter mean?"

"I ain't seen you in 4 years now nearly, and we are back to been the best of friends, holing hands and trust!"

"Yup" He answered with his number one cocky smile

"How? How the hell does that work?"

" Because I love you, you are still one of my bestfriends Jeffy, I said i wasn't gunna let go, and i never will either, we didn't see each other all this time because of problems, but now they are worked out and i want to go back"

"Just friends at first?"

"Wouldn't have it any other way kiddo" he smiles a sweet smile, not the Jericho smile, the Irvine smile, the one that gets me everytime

"Sooo, now, You, me, Randy, Paul, John, Adam and the rest of the guys and gals can get ready and have a good night out, right?"

"Yeah, you got me, Always did, always have, always will i guess" I smiled

"Lets go"



"Welcome back"

He smiled and put his arm around me, and linked his fingers with mine. At that moment i knew The millions of people in the world got back Chris Jericho ... But i got back my Chris Irvine back ... and now things dont seem so hard to play out in my mind.

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