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He's Back

"You want it rough, the way we use to?"

"Ye… Oh fuck!" I feel a burn move all the way from my shoulder blades to my lower back … Scratches … It gets me.

"You really know how to push my buttons Irvine"

"Its how I like it"

We came to our floor and he got out my key card.

He smiled at me and took my hand, kissed me and shut the door.

"I want you so bad Jeffy"

I am lost in emotion. All i can feel is Chris rubbing up against me like he use to not giving a fuck and driving me insane with his hands, mouth ... Everything.

"Chris ... Shit, Hurry up, please i'm dying here"

I feel his hands move down scratching every inch of my willing body. I can remember everything about him how his body is, how it runs so smoothly into his hips and down his thick strong legs.

His mouth attacks me next, kissing past my stomach, lower to my hip ...

"Fuck! Chris. NOW!"

"No way, i have waited so long for this, i am enjoying every moment of hearing your little moans scream at me"

With that his teeth scraped along my leg, making me shout obsanites. My body thrusts up to meet his also naked one and my finger nails drag down his perfectly structured back. Digging in, showing him my frustraions and lust. He arches up and moans loudly.

He loves it.

"Say it Jeffy!"


"Say it, it's the only way your gettin' it from me babe"

His hands are everywhere on me. He scratches both my sides at the same time, leaving a burning trail of pleasure and pain and he knows he has me.

"Fuck me! ... Chris i swear to god fuck me now or i will rip the skin right off your back"

With that dirty talk which he drowns in, he grabs both my arms shoves them above my head and places all his weight on my lower body, Domonation. Something i'm a sucker for.

He thrusts into me, and it hurts.

The pain from Chris, the physical pain. It washes away everything i have felt in the past few months. The burning and the moment between us again makes everything that has happened seem pointless and bearly existent.

The feel of him again, God ...

I can bearly explain it. I don't even need to say anything bar incoherent shit, he knows how i like it, and he loves how he knows, he knows how to make me scream for more, how he can tease me and ...

Unfortunatly he knows just how to kill me.

Getting dragged out my thoughts, he hits my sweet spot and i can't keep quiet any longer. I scream louder than i had been.

"Fuck! Chris, get me off, please i'm going to go insane if you don't"

"Shut the hell up, do you want your uncle to know?!"

"He's on a diffrent floor"

"Exactly, shut the hell up!"

"Fuck you"

"Other way round Jeffy, I'll go harder if you don't already know"

I love how we can slide straight back into this. We argue during sex, we can talk while he fucks me through to next door and still keep serious.

He makes sure i know who is in control, his hips snap harder and faster clashing with mine.

I can't even speak right now. This is what i need, and who i need.

He reaches for me, he is so close. He leans forward and starts kissing my neck in a wild fashion.

"Fuck Jeffy you are so good" He states while kissing my neck.

"I don't wanna stop"

"It's gonna have to Jeffy"

"Oh my god, this is too good"

My hips are snapping back connecting to his making everything more intense. His forehead is pressed against mine. His eyes crushed closed.

"Look at me Jeffy, god please look at me"

I look him straight in the eye, he continues to fuck me.

"Why is this happening Jeffy?, Why is this always so good?"

"I have no idea" I said closing my eyes for a split second.

"Look at me!"

With that, he finaly breaks his level of staminer and releases in me and i join him in the inbetween stage of not knowing weather your alive or dead.

His eyes shimmer when the light hits them, tears threatening to fall.

He kisses me and holds his breath. I kiss back and breathe out.

All we can do is stare at each other. Saying nothing. To be honest i think the alcohol has washed off both of us now. We just don't say it.



Mmmm i love this.

I love having him pressed up against me his back pressed to my front. I feel i can protect him this way. I haven't slept this good in so long.


I have needed this for so long. I feel like i have been nicely, and well fucked last night and the best sleep in a while. I so have needed this.


The light flickers through the curtains. My eyes twitch. I feel this amazing feeling just going to get better when i can wake up and see him.


I roll over and snuggle more into his chest, reaching up to play with his hair which i love so much.

... .... ....

Fuck thats not Trent ... FUCK!

I bolt up right and scare who i was sleeping next to.

"What the hell?!"

"Shit ... Jeff?"

"Chris ... What the hell happened?"

"Oh shit, This can not be happening to us. Not again. I thought we were over this whole thing!"

"Obviously not!"

"Don't get bitchy with me Jeff, Your not the one who has just cheated!"

"Fuck, Kyle, shit i forgot!"

"Yeah, hense the problem!" He spins his legs off the bed and sits on the edge, just to carry on ranting.

"Shit, am gonna lose someone over a drunk fuck ... Dammit!" He places his head in his hands.

... That one hurt. Really hurt. What did i really expect to be fair?!

Anything but that i guess ...

"So what now?!"

"If i knew that Jeff do you honestly think i would be sitting here?"


"What the hell are you talking about?!"

"Just go okay!"


"Just go, leave, and say you slept at Mark's or someone's, or you looked after Adam, Just go back to Kyle and forget this happened. It was a mistake, and we fucked up with alot of drink. Thats it, He doesn't have to get hurt"

"How the hell can i do that when i know that i have done it!"

"Just go!"

"What is your problem?!"

"We fucked!"


"Then go"

" There's no point in talking about it is there?"

"No ... Guess not"

"I'll see you around okay ..."

"Yeah whatever man"

We both get dressed in under a minute and i open the door and let him out. This is not how it should be.


"Shhh, Don't, Please"


"No buts"

"Later" Chris said with a blank expression on his face.

He walks away and i just stand at the door looking at, i guess the guy i'm in love with walk away to go be with another guy. He turns round and walks back to my room. What?

He walks at a faster pace than he left and he looked at me. Up and down. My heart starts pounding.

He then walks past me and continues into the room. I am frozen to my spot and he then walks back out. He shakes his phone in front of me, to show what he had came back for.

"Forgot this ..."


"Jeff ... If there are 'no buts' Then what the hell are still standing there for?"

He then walks away and i feel like i have just been winded, i watch him walk half way down the hall and i retreat back into my room. The horrible stinging feeling happens at the bridge of my nose and i sink face first into the pillow. I try to understand how we even got here. but i just can't even begin to think about it right now. If i do. I will break. And that is never an option for me.

I pick up the phone and call a well known number to me.

He just walked off to go back to him. To go back and forget that i even happened last night. I need to do the same. I know we are all going round in circles but i can't break right now. The phone is ringing ...


"Trent, what you up to?"

"Not much, you?"

"Wanna go for a drink?"

"11am? ... You read my mind kid ... Let me guess Chrisy troubles?" he mocked in such an annoying voice

"Are you going to shut the fuck up and help me or just be a dick about it and let me drink by myself?"

"Are you serious? I wouldn't do that,i would still have to be friends with you" He said with a laugh.

"Are you done, you tool?"

"Yeah i think, meet me in an hour"

I put the phone down and all i can ask myself is .... Circles much?!

Hehe, this one is for Slashdlite she is amazing, such a great writer and pushes other writers like me to finish and get started and keep them motivated ... So much love goes out to her ...

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