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Yeah I'm here again, writing another fic. It's been a while since I wrote a story about L.J Smith's work, so here it is.

Summery: This is a story about Meredith. What would have happened if Elena hadn't have "healed" Meredith, that Meredith was actually a werewolf. Wrote the summery in here because I didn't want to spoil "Dark Reunion" for anyone who hasn't read it.

She Wolf.


It's been about a month since Elena came back from the dead. A month in which it was really hard to explain to everyone in Fell's Church that she was alive. She and Stefan convinced Elena's Aunt Judith that it wasn't Elena who had died, but Kathrine, an ex of Stefan's who looked like Elena.

They said that with Elena being so angry with her Aunt, that she moved to Florence Italy with Stefan for six months and hadn't realised that everyone thought she was dead, until she got a phone call form Bonnie saying that Sue had died.

Lies. It's amazing how far lies can get you. I should know, I tell them all the time.

I'm Meredith Sulez, and I'm here to tell you one of the biggest lies I've ever had to tell. Especially to my best friends.

Like I said, it all started a month ago. Bonnie, Matt, Stefan, Damon and I were in the woods fighting an Original vampire by the name Klaus, and a werewolf by the name Tyler Smallwood.

Bonnie and I were fighting off Tyler when Bonnie hit him with a long branch, knocked him unconcious but bit me on the thigh in the process.

Bonnie called Elena's name, she appeared, made everyone better, then came back to life. The only thing is, she healed my wound, but didn't take away the werewolf virus. That, is still there. No one knows, I don't want them to. I don't want them to look at me as if I'm some vile thing. So that's why I had to lie, to pretend everything was okay. But you know, lies have a nasty way of revealing the truth. Read on and find out.

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