Toki came to the conclusion that he would never…EVER want to end up in a place like this as long as he lived.

The mental hospital was just too stale and white for the Norwegian's tastes and the way that most of the workers were silent…it reminded him of bad days in Norway with his parents on their farm.

Sitting down in front of a plain white table, the rhythm guitarist of Dethklok quietly drummed his fingertips on the table's surface as he waited.

"Don't drum on the tables please." A nurse said suddenly.

"Why nots?"

"One of the patients stabbed a visitor in the eye with a pen for drumming their fingers on the table."

Toki placed his hands in his lap.

He winced as the patient he had come to see was brought in and sat down across from him; two big burly orderlies flanking him with their arms crossed over their chests.

Bullets' head was now completely bald; his head shaved by the doctors after he had taken to tearing it out in huge handfuls. He had also grown paler and thinner from not eating as much as he should have been and his doctors were forced to give him his meals through an IV while he slept or else he would start to suffer from malnutrition.

Looking at the older man's wrists, Toki winced at the fresh bandages wrapped around them.

"I sorries that yous in here with Tony and Candy." He started quietly, timidly twirling a lock of hair around one finger. "And Is also sorries that yous tried to kill youself…again."

News had been sent back to Pickles a week ago that Bullets had tried to kill himself by biting into his own wrists and Toki had spent the next few days holding the sobbing drummer.

"I…I just cames here to tells you how Pickle been doings. Like I dos every tree weeks." He continued and he then began to tell Bullets everything that had happened to Dethklok and Pickles since the failed reunion concert.

"And den we sents Dr. Rockso to jail." He finished with a nod and a weak smile.

A thin trail of drool rolled down the right corner of Bullets' face and Toki sighed sadly as the scarred man only looked at him with two dead and dull eyes.

"I sees yous later thens…" he sighed, getting up to leave.

He was stopped by a hand suddenly reaching out and grabbing his wrists and he looked back and found Bullets holding his wrist with one hand, looking at him with his one good eye that sparkled with life once more.

"Don't!" Toki said as the orderlies reached out to grab Bullets and they relaxed and backed down as he smiled down at him.

"Ja, Bullet?"

"Take care of him?" he asked softly, his voice wavering and weak from the effort of trying to keep it together long enough to give him the message.

"I wills." He nodded and Bullets nodded and slowly melted back to his usual blank stare, falling back into his chair with a soft thump as his true self was pushed back inside of his body.

"See you laters, Bullet." He murmured to the empty shell that had once been Pickles' first love, turning and leaving the mental hospital.