"Hina-chan..." "Hai, Itachi-kun?" He held her hand, enveloping hers in his larger one. "If I ever happened to leave... To get bored of my current life... would you hate me?" "But Itachi, you wouldn't-" "Please, Hinata. Just answer me." The 8 year old looked down at the ground, thinking. They reached a lone tree in the middle of the field they'd been walking in. From the tree hung an ancient swing, terribly old by the looks of it, and easily breakable, but he set her down nonetheless, giving her a slight push.


"Would you come back for me?"

"Hinata, you have no idea what you're asking me..."

"Well. Maybe it's a yes, then."

"And if I said I would?" His voice was strained, as if he was trying not to shrivel in pain.

"Then... Itachi...Then, I would wait forever and ever until you came back for me." She heard him sigh in relief.

"Hinata, I'm definitely coming back for you!"

She laughed joyously, pumping her legs as he pushed her high into the air. Then, in a flash, he was in front of her, holding his arms out and waiting to receive her. She leapt from the swing as it reached the peak of its cycle, and he caught her safely in his arms, holding her against his chest. Itachi felt a strange, lightening feeling as he held his best friend. He'd never felt such a thing before. Not for his annoying little brother. Not for Father, in whom all of his hopes had vanished. Not for Shisui, his dead "adopted" brother. Jealousy, he knew. He'd felt jealousy before. He felt it whenever Sasuke played with Hinata. Anger was something he often experienced in his time with 'otou-san'. And now, he felt love. Love, when he held a small, beautiful child in his arms. 'At least,' he thought, placing a small kiss on the top of her head, 'I met her after I killed Shisui...'Itachi felt a shiver course through his body, and clutched her tighter. 'I won't let you get hurt,' he promised her to himself, 'not while I'm around.'

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