Hello everyone. 3 First of all, I'd like to thank everyone for all of the wonderful reviews I've gotten. Thanks so much! I figured that, since I'll be a bit longer on updating, I'd answer some of your reviews, cause I'm actually a bit low on Ideas(Which is why I'm taking so long. Sorry!! TT) Anyways...Yeah. here'go.

AnimePrincess619: Orange juice? xD The orange splotch bit at the end? Well, thats actually a little bit of hint as to what'll happen next- I'll give you a hint. Although he's not actually there, what ninja does the color orange make you think of?

Baby.Blue.Bird: Well, thanks for four reviews...! Yes, there will be more of Hinata being mad at herself for leaving Naruto. The next chapter's mostly gonna be about how she wrestles with her choices- Go with Itachi or Marry Naruto.Hmmm... (personally, I'd go with Itachi. But that's just me.) I'll probably update soon after that, too... With your little how they met request. 3

Mac2: Well, I've decided that she probably tried to block him out, and finally succeeded in the end. Plus, she fell in love again. I'd probably forget. xD

Well, this was short...I'm sorry if you got all excited and thought I actually put up a part! ;; I promise to update in the next week or so. Maybe with two chapters, if I can pull it off. 3

By the way, I'll be writing a PeinxKonan story soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that if you enjoy that pairing. The next chapter won't be so fluffy... Hina-chan gets a little rough with Itachi. In a mad kind of way. xD