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It takes place right after the end of the series

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Best Friends

"It finally happened," Toph said nonchalantly as she climbed up on the table causing her feet to dangle from the side, "ah, much better."

"They're together?" Suki asked. Toph nodded.

"That's nice, this calls for a celebration. I'll find some cake," Iroh said smiling as he walked back to the kitchen.

"YES!!!" Sokka yelled with joy as he victoriously jumped out of his seat. However as he jumped he accidently spilled an ink bottle all over his group portrait. Mai smirked,

"Now, that's a reason to be excited." Sokka glared at her but then quickly shrugged it off returning to his giddy excitement.

"Why are you excited?" Zuko asked

"I've been promoted!!!" Sokka said happily, causing the others to stare awkwardly at him.

"What are you talking about?" Suki asked him

"I've been promoted to Aang's best friend," Sokka said, after silence and confused looks from the group Sokka explained. "This is how I see it. Katara was Aang's best friend, but now that they're dating she can't be his best friend,"

"Why not?" Toph asked feigning interest.

"Because he can't complain about his girlfriend to his girlfriend, he needs to go to his best friend, and now that's me," Sokka said with a huge grin on his face. The others just stared at him,

"You know that almost made sense," Zuko finally said after an awkward silence.

"So Sokka, out of curiosity who do you go to complain about me?" Suki asked venomously.

"Um…., no one I never need to complain about you sweetie," Sokka said nervously.

"Yep, that's what I thought." Suki said smirking.

"But what makes you think you're Aang's new best friend." Toph prodded, seeing an opportunity to ruffle Sokka's feathers, "What makes you think it won't be me, I mean I have spent a lot of time with him over the months practicing earth bending or what about Zuko, the two of them did go on that whole bonding experience to learn fire bending?"

"Well, uh I've known him longer than you two," Sokka said defensively. Appa chose that moment to let out a loud grumble and roll over onto his back.

"What about Appa," Toph continued, "he's known Aang for like a century longer than you."

"Er um…iceberg years don't count!" Sokka exclaimed.

"Still if we're going by length Appa would win easily," Toph smirked, "but really who knows how Aang would pick his new best friend." Everyone was silent as they waited for a reaction from Sokka. Sokka's eye twitched,

"AANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" he screamed as he bolted out of the door towards the kissing couple. Toph fell back on the table in a fit of laughter while the others chuckled as they slowly made their way after Sokka.

Everything was absolutely perfect, Aang reflected, the war was over, Ozai and Azula were in prison, peace had been restored, and Katara returned his affection. Aang smiled to himself as his tongue danced against her's, all of their problems had been worked out as well and they could move on with their lives.

Everything has fallen into place


Aang and Katara broke apart and sharply turned to see Sokka bolting towards the two, seconds later he had Aang tackled to the ground.

"Sokka, what's your problem!" Katara screamed at her brother.

"Shut up, Katara, this is important! Aang…"


"Who's your best friend?" at this point the others, minus Toph and Iroh, had made their way outside to watch the spectacle.



"You tackled me for that?" Aang asked confused

"Yes, I need to know," Sokka said earnestly.

"Do you want to be my best friend Sokka?"

"Well….okay," Sokka said trying to hold in his happiness.

"Get off of me and we can be best friends," Aang said. Sokka smiled as scampered off of Aang.

"HAHA, TOPH I TOLD YOU I WAS AANG'S BEST FRIEND!" Sokka yelled inside to Toph, who was still laughing hysterically. Sokka quickly turned back to his new best friend, as Katara was helping Aang up,

"Are you okay, Aang?" she asked.

"Yeah, my head kinda hurts, but I'm fine," he said. Katara smiled at him and placed a kiss on his cheek,

"Any better," she asked.

"A little, but I think one more kiss could make me feel completely better," Aang said with a smile. Katara smirked and placed a kiss on his lips. However before the two could make much of that kiss Sokka grabbed Aang by his arm and started pulling him away from the group,

"Uh…Sokka where are we going?" Aang asked.

"We're going to go do some best friend activities. It's going to be awesome; I've decided that our first activity's going to be fishing, I mean that's full of male bonding!" Sokka said as he continued to pull Aang away.

"But, Sokka, I'm a vegetarian,"

"Yeah, I'm gonna have to cure you of that aren't I?" Sokka asked himself, "We'll see you guys later we're going fishing!" Sokka called back to the group.

"But, Sokka, Katara and I just got together I'd kinda like to hang out with her…"

"Oh yeah congrats on that buddy, don't worry I'll tell you everything you need to know about women and Katara."

"Oh great," Aang mumbled to himself as he and Sokka made their way to the lake.

"Now aren't they a cute couple," Mai stated.

"Thanks," Katara responded beaming.

"I was talking about Aang and Sokka," she stated before the whole group started laughing.

"I think my brother just became my biggest love rival," Katara said laughing as the group walked back in to the Jasmine Dragon to celebrate the formation of the new couple.

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