So I've finally gotten to posting my new multi-chaptered fic up, and I'm happy with the way it turned out. It'll be written in the P.O.V.s (point of views) of each of the 22 contestants from the TDI show, so bare with me please-only a few of theirs will be posted per part. I may take long to update, but expect a chapter once a week. Anyways-enjoy! x3

Prologue: Trent (Saturday, 11am)

It was Saturday-as in THE Saturday 3 days before school would start-when Mom insisted I'd clean out our jungle-mess of an attic. Despite my lame excuse attempts of "But I have band practice in a couple of hours", in the end, I was forced to obey.

Though really, I didn't mind much. Honestly, I was used to being pushed around with total back-breaking chores and tasks. 'Just like those days back on the island…' And then suddenly, I remembered what exactly I'd find in the attic that meant so much to me.

Once I reached the attic, I was automatically drawn to the year-old object that stacked on top of one of the bigger boxes. I grinned, walked over to it, and picked it up. My TDI Scrapbook.

After brushing of most of the grey dust that wrapped loosely around the scrapbook, I flipped to the very first page. A neatly folded paper fell out and dropped to the attic floor. I knew immediately what it was.

It was the letter I had gotten from Chris-informing me about the show I was chosen for, the beautiful 5-Star hotel that'd await me there; the delicious cuisine; and what a nice, relaxed stay I'd have there.

Boy, was that message wrong. We were forced to stay and sleep in these old, broken-down cabins, eat the complete opposite of "food", and put up with people we couldn't stand.

I admit though, that it was fun. Made a couple of friends; did a few things I never thought I'd get to do or actually do. It was definitely the ultimate summer experience, one I could never forget.

I continued to skim through the pages, laughing or blushing madly at some of them. Until at last I had gotten to the very last, but not very least, page. My favorite-on the top was a picture of everyone of us on the first day. The second was each of the 24 contestants at the finale, each with bright smiles on our faces.

I gave a sigh.

It's been over a year since TDI. Things have changed since then. Most of us have lost contact with eachother, and, to make matters worse, we're separated back to our homes across the many regions of Canada.

Would I ever see them again?

Who knew-only fate.

I sighed a second time, and took the second group picture from behind its plastic and folded it neatly into my left pocket. I had to get back to cleaning anyway.

Bridgette (Tuesday 5:30am)

I savored the taste of the salty, early-morning B.C. air. The weather was glorious, and I tried to make the most of it. The bottoms of my sneakers tapped lightly against the paved sidewalk as I continued with my usual rounds through the friendly streets of my neighborhood.

Panting, I decided I was tired enough and headed home. No one under my family's roof was awake yet, even though I had crawled out of bed more than two hours before. "Early bird" they'd call me, much to my own distaste.

I took a quick shower, and changed into my usual light blue hoodie and capris. Downstairs, I grabbed a quick granola bar from our wooden pantry, took a seat on the couch, and switched on the TV.

It was then it hit me exactly what day, what important day, it was: Today was my very first day of my very last year of high school.

A small smile curved on my lips.

Cody (Tuesday, 7:45am)

Today is the day. Finally. Today I will be a man. Today I will be "cool". Today is my first day as a senior.

I will no longer be looked down at. Everyone will look up to me, Cody-da-man! I've been waiting for this very day for so long, it's not funny. But it's finally here. Woo hoo!

Courtney (Tuesday, 7:45am)

The first day of school is always very haywire. My hair would be a mess, my speech papers scattered all over the kitchen table and floor, and I wouldn't even have time for breakfast. In the end, I was luckily able to pull through, but like, barely.

7:56 I left my house, and scurried all the way to school. I was late. The bell had already rung. My best friends-Allison and Margaret-met me there by campus.
"You're late."

"I know. I'm sorry."

"This isn't good for our permanent records, Courtney."

"I know, I know."

I could stand the topic of our conversation. So I pulled them both inside the school building (much to their big complains of being dragged), trying to avoid getting noticed.

Duncan (Tuesday, 10am)

About a month ago, my parents told me we were moving east to Quebec. They didn't tell me, but I knew their reasons. My carelessness. My too-occasional visits to juvenile jail. They wanted to get as far from home as possible. But to me, home wasn't very far away. We're only moving one province over, after all. My folks hadn't realized, but trouble always seemed to follow me from behind. They wanted me to start over with my life, though I don't see how. They say there's always been a good side to Mr. Duncan the Delinquent, but hey-they can't be too sure.

Gwen (Tuesday, 11:55am)

I flipped my notebook to a fresh page and started to copy the notes.

"Now class, remember your 10-page essay is due for Thursday.

Half the class groaned. I didn't listen, nor care. I just continued to jot down the long note written in cursive on the board.

Then I heard snickering from behind.

I turned, only took a peek, and went straight back to work. Those girls-two of the most popular and pretty at my school-looked at me, then laughed. I could hear my name being called multiple times, and not all in a good way.

I sighed, and fixed my eyes to the clock, waiting desperately for it to strike twelve. Lunchtime.

- - - - - -

To be Continued. :3

Kay, so it just so happens the whole chapter took me only a few hours to complete, so let's say I didn't put too much effort into this piece. So sorry if I sorta messed the whole story up so far. It's guaranteed the 2nd chappie's bound to better. :3

A Few Extra Stuff you Guys should Know

-All the characters are seperated across Canada, back to their original homes. Some live in the same place (as part of the plot). And I'm not giving any spoilers (cough, cough) like where the characters [live, etc but I promise you'll learn where they all do along the way.

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