A Claire/Elle fic, rated R for your enjoyment. So... enjoy.

The cold, harsh cement against her back hurt. The grooves in the grey wall scraped skin through the thin layer of cotton. They were trivial, barely even surface wounds, healed before they were fully formed. But they still hurt. The groan of protest was drowned out by soft, persistent lips. The pain was soothed by small hands on pert breasts.

The bites on her neck, collar bone, and shoulder hurt. Shining white teeth left angry red marks on pale skin. They were harsh and stinging, pulsing even as the wounds sealed. As a warm tongue lapped up the rapidly disappearing blood, Claire moaned at the mixture of pleasure and pain.

The tiny shock that coursed through her body made her breath catch and her head pound. The electricity had her hairs standing on end at the exact moment that slender fingers slipped their way inside the slick opening. Claire panted heavily and looked into glinting, excited eyes.

"More," she breathed. Elle merely grinned, and nipping harshly at the sharp jaw line, upped the voltage.