Title: With Difference
Author: Simply Kelp
Rating: pg-13
Pairing: none
Summary: Luna is captured, and questioned by Voldemort. People were normally mad after he finished with them, not before.
A/N: It's been a very long time... Is anyone still going to look at this? I dunno... I feel just dreadful that I made you wait so very long! Due to a cheesecake-induced spurt of inspiration, I have began looking through my old, unfinished stuff. I don't know if I will finish this, but I will do my very best.


When Luna woke, she heard beeping. The noise was soothing; it nearly lulled her back to sleep. The air was different; clean. She was no longer in the cell, of that she was certain. She opened her eyes, and was met with blinding white light. Her eyes, unconsciously snapped shut.

Was she dead? This place, was it the Place Beyond the Veil? She had expected it to be a little more exciting. Though, if she tried, she could make the beeping noise a little exciting. It was changing a bit- getting faster. It was almost like a heartbeat. Maybe people behind the veil had beeping things for hearts. Maybe there was a person with her right now; her mother?

She tried to talk to the person, but her throat was dry. Maybe if she opened her eyes again, she could see them. She cracked her eyes open, and let them- little, by little- adjust to the blinding light. She did not see any other people in the room. It was small, and white. She was on a bed. There was a window to her right, where she could see a bit of a tree. Next to the bed was a large machine; that was where the beeping came from.

She heard footsteps coming from outside the door. Someone was coming! The doorknob turned. She watched excitedly. Perhaps something had held them up, she knew there had to be someone to introduce her to the Place Beyond the Veil. She hoped it was her mother, though she would settle for Newt Scamander.

A man dressed in a white robe, and carried a clipboard opened the door. He was not Newt Scamander. He walked to the machine, and looked at the jumping lines on the screen. After a moment, he turned around to look at Luna.

"O, you're up," he said. His voice was deep. "We hadn't expected you to be awake for a few more days." Luna opened her mouth to respond, but no sound came out. Seeing her actions, the man continued, "You don't need to say anything right now; there's time for that later."

Luna nodded, and let her head rest back on the pillow. She did not hear the crunching of dandelions as she did such. Had they taken her dandelions when the entered the veil? She tried to move her hands up to check, but they felt as if they were filled with lead. She looked down at them, only to notice that they had taken her clothes as well. She was now wearing a blue muslin gown. Why did she not have a white robe? Perhaps one only got a white robe if one was a resident in the veil long enough.

The man smiled at her, and began fiddling with the machine again. "I will be back in a little while to check on you," he said. "In the meantime, get some rest."

Luna allowed her eyes to close. She was really quite tired, and she would have to be well-rested for their tour of the Place Beyond the Veil.


The man was there when Luna woke again. This time, she remembered to open her eyes slowly, and was not almost blinded. The man was looking at the machine. She wondered what it was telling him. "Wha-?" she managed, but her throat was too dry to say any more.

The man turned around, and began looking her over. He shined a light down her mouth, and in her ears. "You're almost ready to go. We'd just like for you to stay overnight. We didn't…" the man continued talking, but Luna was no longer paying attention. 'Ready to go,' 'stay overnight'- had she done something wrong? Were they making her leave the veil? She must have looked distressed, because the man gave her a reassuring smile. "It will be okay," he told her.

His voice made her want to believe him. Maybe she had misunderstood. Yes, that was it. She misunderstood: she had to stay in the room tonight, and tomorrow they would go on their tour of the rest of the Place Beyond the Veil.

"We didn't find any identification on you; is there anyone we can contact?" the man asked. "Do you remember anything before you came here?"

Her memory was fine; she wondered why he asked her about it. Could people behind the veil not look into each other's minds like she always thought they could? And as for anyone to contact, did he mean to get her a visitor for tonight? She would love to see her mother again.

"M-m-my" she whispered. She had not meant to whisper, but her voice must have been acting particularly lazy. "M-mum, S-S-Sel-e-e-ene L-Love-g-good." The man nodded, said a few more things- which Luna did not fully pay attention to-, and left. She would see her mum again!

She spent the few minutes, or hours- she still could not properly grasp time since her encounter with Voldemort- lying anxiously in her bed, waiting. She looked out the window often, hoping they would come by broom so that she could see them. The man came back; he was alone. Maybe her mum had to wait for him to talk to the machine again before she could come in? He again went to the machine, and looked at the jumping line. She wondered what kind of language it was.

He walked back over to Luna's bed. "We looked up Selene Lovegood," he said. He looked sad. Could he not find her? "She died seven years ago," he continued. "We found records saying that she was married to a Xenophilius Lovegood, but have been unable to find him."

Luna frowned. Why would they look for her dad? He was not dead yet? "Y-you won't," she said simply; her voice was coming back. The man gave her a confused look, so she clarified. "He's not dead yet."

"I'm sorry?" the man asked.

"He isn't here yet; he hasn't died." For being behind the veil, the man sure was dense.

"You're still alive; you do know that, right?" he asked. She shook her head. She was not alive; she couldn't be alive. "You were found in an alleyway. A good Samaritan brought you in. You were malnourished, and had some internal bleeding, but we saved you. You're still alive." The man was talking nonsense now. Surely Luna couldn't still be alive! She was going to see her mum again. She was waiting just outside the door. She was dead! With that thought, Luna passed out.


If anyone has any suggestions for what to happen, I would love to hear them. I kind of have a vague idea of where it could go, but I am not entirely sure. Thanks for reading!