Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight, blah, blah, blah you know the drill.

This is a collection of stories that shows that shows the stereotyped characters, and one that will show each characters real personality. (PS. They won't be the same situations)

Emmett: Stereotyped

OMG! I am so psyched, Bella is coming over and I get to see her blush! This'll be hilarious. OMG! I just got the awesomest idea, let's play my little pony! YA! This is an awesome idea. I ran downstairs to tell everyone my idea. I shouted "Everyone, lets play my little pony with Bella!" Everyone just stared at me.

Jasper was the first to speak, "Emmett, you are retarded." A chorus of "ya"s came from the room. I couldn't really disagree, I mean, I was pretty stupid

The Real Emmett

I was a strong person, big deal. You can call me buff, sure, but I am not stupid. I'll admit, I can be immature, but I surely am not stupid.

I walked into the first class, English, wonderful. I am already fluent with college level standards and French, Italian, English, Latin etc. I found it hard to believe that people could struggle with their first language. As I walked into the class, all eyes followed me. I didn't need Jasper's power to feel the lust and envy radiating from the humans. I sat at my seat. Nor did I need Edward's power to know that they thought I was probably a dimwit, all brawn no brain. Apparently the teacher thought that too, for he called on me. Everyone expected me to say something random and stupid, instead, I answered flawlessly.

Now, an overview of our lesson. Emmett is intelligent and far from stupid or retarded. He may be immature, but surely not stupid.

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