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Stereotyped Jasper

Must have blood. Must kill. Must drink. Must— Edward threw one of Alice's shoes at me and gave me a Jasper-you-just-hunted-yesterday-and-you-know-you-can-last-longer look. I looked at Alice, I gave her a loving look, then I said, "I must eat, I am a monster, I accept that. Now let me kill!" Then a found Edward and Emmett grabbing both my arms and restraining me. I thrashed around, but got nowhere. Suddenly Bella came through the door and the smell hit me. I didn't see Bella's blood as something stronger than other human's blood, they all smell the same to me. But the smell was just irresistible. I felt Edward's grip tighten as he told Alice to take Bella outside.

"Let me go, just one drink won't hurt her!" I cackled evilly.

The Real Jasper

The bell rang.

I had gym next, ew. A bunch of sweaty humans with there faces flushed was not going to help me train my "endurance."

I walked into the locker room and quickly changed, the quarters were too cramped and poorly ventilated.

I reluctantly strolled into the gym. Coach Clapp pulled out the basketballs, great.

He called us into a line and split us into teams. I was on Emmett's team. For vampires, basketball is a pretty dull sport. If we were to use our full power to dribble, the floor would crack. Everything used to play basketball was to weak to stand up to vampire strength and speed.

We played for a couple minutes and a couple humans already had their faces flushed. Weaklings.

The smell of blood grew stronger as the game progressed. I was starting to feel the burn at the back of my throat. I quickly shunned the monster inside away. I didn't want to kill. It wasn't my fault that I was brought into the cursed world were we survived on death. If I had had a normal life. I would've been in the earth, ashes to ashes dust to dust.

Emeett snapped me out of my trance when he hit me. Telling me to stop breathing. A girl, Becky Sitonia, just fell and scraped her knee. I quickly cut off all of my airways. I saw a drop of red ooze out. The monster inside me burned, but I fought back. The coach gave her a band aid while me and Emmett pretended to be dizzy from the sight of blood and asked if we could go to the nurse.

Now, for a lesson overview: Jasper is not a monster waiting for any chance to kill. Jasper is a vampire trying to be a "vegetarian" Though he often struggles, Jasper does not want to just massacre the town. He doesn't want to be a monster.

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