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I heard my name being called but I just couldn't really process it. I knew it was Corey and I knew he was in front of me. I chose to completely ignore him. The anger was shaking me lightly as it passed through out my body. I couldn't believe he dared to kiss me. How dare he touch me! He continued to call at me and then a flight attendant came by and told us we had to get off the plane. I acknowledged her and swiftly got off the plane in a half of a second. I felt him following me; at this point he had given up calling me. I was glad because if he kept going I would have snapped his neck. I tried to keep calm since we were entering the airport. I completely forgot where I was and almost didn't notice all the beating hearts that rushed around me. I continued walking keeping myself under control. Corey fell in step with me franticly glancing at me.

"What do you want?" I growled at him. He flinched and then looked down.

"Sorry I guess I'm a little shocked."

"Excuse me what do you mean you're shocked?" I was really getting sick of him.

"You're so well controlled and only a few weeks old."

"Yeah whoopdidoo I'm special. I'm still pretty angry at you so get away from me."

"I can't do that you know I have a job to complete. I have to safely escort you to my master."

"Fine whatever let's get there fast, so you can get out of my face." He looked at me and then looked away his expression was hurt. I didn't care.

"I'm sorry. It was really inappropriate of me to kiss you."

"Damn right it was."

We were almost done with all the immigrations junk and were heading out to catch a taxi. He took out his cell phone and started talking to his stupid boss. I listened closely and understood that he set up a ride. Approximately ten seconds later a car sped to a halt in front of us and Corey looked at me.

"So this is our ride, hop in." I glared at him darkly.


Corey quickly started talking to the driver. I sat in the back frustrated. I wish I never ran from my Edward. I'm sure he's already figured out where I am and is on his way to get me.

"Bella we're here." I was so lost in thought that I didn't notice the stupid boy come to a halt in front of a medieval castle sort of structure. We entered a luxurious lobby with pale leather couches in the center and quickly passed to a set of giant heavy oak doors. My hand brushed against the banister feeling every single dent and splinter as I slid my hand up. I listened into the room that stood before me and heard a couple of voices speaking in hushed whispers that wouldn't be heard by human ears. Corey gave me one last longing look and I threw him a death glare. He sighed loudly and knocked.

"Come in."

We entered the room and I attempted my best to look confident.

"Corey you've returned!" The man that spoke walked, no more like floated towards us. Even for a vampire he was astonishing He quickly hugged Corey and then held his hand. He turned to me after dropping Corey's hand.

"Bella it's so nice to have you here." I looked at him a bit confused. How did he know my name? I guess he must have some sort of gift. I looked at Corey unsure if I should respond.

"Don't worry dear your perfectly safe. Corey has brought you here because we would like to get to know you."

I looked at him and warily responded.

"Thank you very much for being so kind." I wasn't sure how to speak to this man.

"Well Bella it seems you've had a long journey. I'm sure you'd like to get something to eat. We have a couple of guests coming to dinner soon you're welcome to join us."

I looked at him and then suddenly his words made sense to me. He was speaking about humans. A wave of disgust rushed through me. I didn't want to hurt anyone.

Before I could answer I saw Corey give his master his hand.

"Oh dear I didn't notice you didn't drink human blood. Your eyes haven't changed yet."

"It's alright. May I ask how did you know?"

"Oh I'm sorry we haven't been introduced properly at all. My name is Aro and I have a talent of being able to hear a person's thought through touch."

I looked at him and thought of Edward. His gift was similar but Edward could just hear them without needing to touch them. Aro looked at me curiously and then glided towards me.

"May I please?" He extended his hand towards me. I hesitated for like an eighth of a second and then reached out towards him.

"Well that's odd. I can't read you." I looked up at him and he was confused.

"Well if I may Aro, when I was human my boyfriend couldn't read my mind. That's his gift you see. I suspect it's still in effect now that I have been turned."

Aro glanced at me curiously and I noticed Corey's face harden at the mention of my boyfriend. He needs to get over that.

"I see. And who was this boyfriend of yours?"

"My boyfriend's name is Edward Cullen. He and I are still together." I glared at Corey as I spoke the words.

Aro seemed to have recognized the name. The minute I said "Cullen" his expression changed and he calmed down.

"Are you speaking about Carlisle's boy?"

"Yes I am." He looked at me and quickly darted out of the room. About two quarters of a second later he returned with two more vampires, one had long black hair like Aro did and the other had white hair.

"I haven't heard from Carlisle in ages. I think it's been about two hundred years since I last saw him." He turned the other men. "Brothers we have a very important guest, she is a friend of Carlisle. This is Bella."

The one with the white hair gave me a curious look while the other one looked bored.

"Hello Bella, I am Caius and this is Marcus" The white haired one named Caius moved towards me and shook my hand. The other one Marcus just nodded his head.

I bravely turned to Aro " Why am I here?"

" We'll speak about that late dear. Right now our meals are arriving. Corey will show you around."

I turned around and walked towards Corey who looked like a guilty puppy. I wanted to rip his face off. I don't know what I'm getting myself into but its not fun.