Hi, this is Rabie_Bunny~ been busy these years~ and in addition, my computer was re-formatted~ =.= oh and by the way, I go with the nickname Nour Makky now

I know the stories was from 2007 (17 year old me). And now that I'm in the University, I kind of, you know, got my own laptop, my own internet, etcetera2.

I really do want to continue with the story, but ONLY IF you guys interested with reading its continuation, you can email me (the email is on my profile)

Even if I got one email about this, I'll update here as soon as I finished with my assignments.

Once again, I'm terribly sorry and I'm very grateful and thankful that people like/love/hate my stories :D yes even the haters xD because it shows people do read my fiction. Very glad and happy ;)

Sorry and thank you for the supports