Spoilers for chapter 174!

Summary: Syaoran thinks over the differences between point of views, good guys and bad guys, and what to do when your allies barely trust you enough to let you be there. SyaoSaku. R!Syao Pov. Spoilers

I protectively stood in front of Sakura, making sure to not let the other Syaoran hurt her. I had just gotten out of a fight, and yet again I have to reenter one? It's okay; I'll do anything to protect Sakura and collect her feathers, even if I have to somehow defeat myself in the process.

Speaking of myself; was the Syaoran clone just like me, or did we have more differences than similarities? I can't tell, but I'll stand up, ready to fight, anyway. If I waste too much time thinking about things that the other doesn't seem to even care about, I'll end up one step behind in a battle we have not yet even begun.

Hopefully, though, this encounter will not go as horribly as the last one did. I'll have to warn that boy, Watanuki, to stay away from my imposter.

Is he even the imposter, or am I? I suppose its all in the opinion, for if you ask the mage or the ninja, I'm decently sure that they will say that I am the imposter since I arrived after they had made friends with the other Syaoran.

I glance back at Sakura, to see her reaction toward the clone that she once knew so dearly, who was now walking toward us. The princess's eyes flicker between me and the other, an internal battle fighting somewhere between her emerald eyes that tried to hide all her confused feelings away from me. She was afraid of the clone, of course, but she still had hope that he would come back.

What was I to do to convince a princess that the one she seemed to love was now the enemy? Was I to complain that he forcibly borrowed one of her other friend's eyes? That it was her same friend's blood that was splattered across his face and clothes? Or was I supposed to politely point out that the Syaoran that was still proceeding toward us was the one that left her behind?

I don't want to cause her any pain by thinking of things she doesn't want to, and hopefully she'll decide for herself who the bad and good people are, while I wait patiently on the sideline.

Will she decide I'm not a hero? In her perspective, I had taken her Syaoran's heart.

In her eyes, I am currently borrowing her Syaoran's life.

And if that's how she sees it, I'll just have to protect her as hard as I can with this life that somehow wasn't mine to begin with.