Pairing: Ulquiorra x Orihime

Summary: Ulquiorra's new mission is to make Orihime love him. Love between a human and an arrancar is forbidden. Ulquiorra is known for making wise decisions. But will his decision of his relationship with Orihime lead to his death?

Rating: M for a definite lemon/lime…:O Why don't I just call it a sex scene, eh? xD There, that was much easier.

Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach…if I did, I'd probably make Orihime become an Arrancar and live happily ever after with Ulquiorra. :D However, I do own this story plot. Steal it, and I swear, you won't live it down. D:


Chapter One: Call me Orihime


"Come with me…" Those three, little words still haunted Orihime's mind. It was the beginning of her new acquaintance with the stotic Ulquiorra arrancar and her new home in Las Noches. Since that day she left, she had been considered as a betrayer of the Soul Society. Since that day she was taken away, her friends had desperately trained to get her back. Since that day her presence was no longer felt, she no longer had the comfort of her friends.

Staring at the bright, silver moon, Orihime reflected on everything that had happened to her in her life. Her brother and his love, Ichigo, the spiky-haired boy she had always liked, Rukia, Chad, Uryuu, Urahara, Tatsuki… All of her friends seemed to be so distant from her. Thoughts wandered into her mind, 'what's going on back at home? Is Ichigo alright…?' Pristine tears began to fall from her glossy eyes. Her shoulders began to shake, "why me?" she asked in a hushed whisper.

Unbeknownst to the sobbing woman, Ulquiorra listened, his back firmly pressed against the wall. Closing his eyes, not remembering how it felt to cry, he scoffed and walked away. 'It seems as if the woman isn't hungry,' he thought.

"'Course that bitch ain't hungry," Grimmjaw said. His bulky figure appeared from the opening of a doorway.

"How do you know this…Grimmjaw?" Ulquiorra asked, his eyes shifted in annoyance. "A barbarian such as yourself…" Ulquiorra paused, smirking at Grimmjaw's facial expression, "…would know how the sentimentalism of a human woman work…how?"

Grimmjaw growled and unsheathed his sword. Within a second his blade was positioned threatengly close to Ulquiorra's throat. Ulquiorra, on the other hand did not flinch. "You?" Ulquiorra questioned, a hint of amusement was coated in his voice. "You dare your pathetic sword such as yours against me?" Ulquiorra's hand reached up and grabbed Grimmjaw's sword. "Such a futile attempt. Your blade will never wound me the likes of me," Ulquiorra scoffed as he threw Grimmjaw across the hallway. "Know your place, Grimmjaw," Ulquiorra snarled as he turned around and walked toward his estate.

Grimmjaw stood up and shouted, "you'll never know 'cuz you're nothin' but a emotionless bastard, Ulquiorra!" 'I was freakin' thrown across this hallway like a fuckin' baseball,' Grimmjaw thought as he bent down to pick up his sword. "One day…Ulquiorra…There will be one day when I will find your secret weakness…One day…You will die by my blade," Grimmjaw swore as he slightly closed his door behind him.


Ulquiorra walked past the many hallways of Las Noches. Within his arms he carried Orihime's breakfast. 'Humans need food…such a weakness compared to an Arrancar. We can go for months without food and yet…if this woman receives no food for a maximum of seven days…she dies? Humans have so much weaknesses,' Ulquiorra thought bitterly as he placed his pale hand on the cold, wooden knob of Orihime's door.

"Another day…another night has passed…and still yet, I live in this nightmare…" Orihime said sadly.

"It's not as bad here as you think," Ulquiorra interuupted.

"Oh!" Orihime's turned around, her clothes moved with her. She was not expecting someone so early in the morning. "I was not expecting someone to come in during this time in the morning," Orihime said, forcing a small smile.

Ulquiorra laid down her food on a nearby counter and frowned. "I am to be the only one who enters and leaves from your room, woman."

Orihime frowned at his tone and sighed. "I suppose so." She sat down on her bed and lay down. "I…see you've brought me breakfast?" she asked; her attempt to cease the uncomfortable silence between them prevailed.

"I see you've noticed," Ulquiorra said dully. He turned his head to the door, his body following, "I will be back in an hour. By then you shall have eaten everything on that plate." His eyes met hers, "if not, then you will suffer consequences, woman." He opened the door.

"I…I do have a name, you know," Orihime said, a hint of anger surrounded her voice. "My name is Orihime…please call me that instead of…woman."

Slightly annoyed, Ulquiorra turned around. "If I do not?"

Orihime frowned. "I did say please."

Ulquiorra blinked, "hn…Fine, Orihime."

As Ulquiorra disappeared through the door, for the first time since she had been captured, Orihime smiled a real smile.


"My fellow arrancar," Aizen said, a wide smile gracing his face. "Thank you for making time in your busy schedules to attend this meeting." Murmurs were carried across the room. Laughs and snickers were passed, mouth from mouth, ear to ear. Aizen raised his eyebrow, "I see that everyone is here but –"

"Excuse me for being late, Aizen," Ulquiorra said, placing a fist on his chest, bowing low in respect.

Aizen smiled, "your excuse, Ulquiorra?"

Ulquiorra looked up, taking his proper seat, "I was brining Orihime her breakfast." Many arrancar looked at each other and murmurs were passed once again.

Aizen rested his chin on his palm, "Orihime?"

Grimmjaw smirked, "on a first name basis with that woman, Ulquiorra?" Arrancar around the tables snickered.

Ulquiorra held an unabashed exterior; "Orihime wanted me to call her by her name."

Aizen smiled, "thank you for doing so, Ulquiorra. Now, onto the hyoukyugo…As you all know, Orihime's power exceeds that of God's. She can turn back time and space and alter what happened in the past. With her power, we can be utterly invincible. With her power, more arrancar can be made. With her power, we'll rule Hueco Mundo, the Earth and Soul Society as well!" Shrill shouts and screams surrounded the conference room.


After a few more minutes Aizen crossed his legs, "thank you for attending, you're all dismissed." The arrancar began to stand up and exit through the large, crystal doors. As Ulquiorra got up to leave Aizen stopped him. "Ulquiorra, stay."

"Yes, Aizen," Ulquiorra said, sitting back down.

"Ulquiorra, as one of my only trusted arrancar, you know why I assigned you to be the guardian of Orihime, correct?" Aizen asked, his head tilted, resting on his right hand.

"Because I am the most qualified for such an important job," Ulquiorra stated firmly.

"Such confidence and vigor," Aizen teased. "No. The reason I assigned you to be the guardian of Orihime is for you to make her trust you. If she trusts you, whatever you tell her with confidence, she will accept. Make her weak; make her love you," Aizen said, his smile was wide and broad.

Ulquiorra frowned, "…Aizen…make her…love?"

Aizen laughed, "you'll understand as you spend more time with the woman."

Ulquiorra slid his hands into his hakama pockets, "I see…Is that all, Aizen?"

Standing up, Aizen nodded. "And Ulquiorra," Aizen called, "make the woman love you, don't let the woman make you love her."

Ulquiorra rested his hand on the crystal door, "yes, Aizen. I understand."

"Oh, and Ulquiorra, you will be exempted from all missions. Instead, your orders are to stay with that woman, Orihime," Aizen said.

Ulquiorra faced Aizen, "am I allowed to do whatever I see fit to make Orihime…trust me?" Aizen nodded and Ulquiorra left the room. "I understand Aizen. I will not fail you," was Ulquiorra's response.


"Grimmjaw," Ulquiorra said, acknowledging the 6th ranked espada.

"Ulquiorra," Grimmjaw growled, acknowledging the 4th ranked espada. "I heard 'ya can't go on missions to kill anymore," Grimmjaw grinned, "that must suck, huh?"

"Pssht. He fucking loves it! Ulquiorra gets to hang with that woman all day long!" Noitra said.

Yammy grinned, "it really does seem like fun, Ulquiorra. Haha…just think of all the fun I'd have if Aizen had picked me for the job!" He smacked his lips, grinning widely.

"Put a sock in it, Yammy," Stark said and sighed. "I don't even want to hear you say anything more about the 'fun' you'd have with that human woman." He frowned, "heh! Now look. I have all these disturbing images in my brain."

Noitra giggled, "you and your big ass body wouldn't even be able to fit through her fucking door!" Yammy's nostrils flared, obviously angered.

Grimmjaw laughed heartily. "Aizen sure knows how to pick the right people for certain jobs. Ulquiorra doesn't even know a thing about humans and their emotions, ain't that right? 'Ya emotionless bastard?"

Noitra cackled loudly, "hahaha! That's so true, Grimmjaw!"

Ulquiorra rolled his eyes, striking Grimmjaw and Noitra on the back of their heads. "…cease your idiotic banter and get serious," Ulquiorra said, glaring at Noitra and Grimmjaw. Ignoring the two arrancar laughing at him, Ulquiorra continued to walk towards Orihime's estate. His hands were safely inside his hakama pockets, leaving the two howling espada laughing on the floor.

"Haaa?! Only scolding us?" Noitra mocked.

Grimmjaw frowned, "damn emotionless favoritizer!"

Noitra started to laugh; he laid his hand on Grimmjaw's shoulder for support. "That's not even a word, dumbass!"

Grimmjaw and Noitra continued to howl with laughter. "…this leads me to believe someone spiked their drinks during the meeting…" Stark muttered. Yammy smirked and nodded, "same here Stark, same here."


"Orihime," Ulquiorra called. 'Strange, no answer…whenever I enter, she normally greets me with her ridiculous antics…' Ulquiorra thought. He walked around, inspecting her estates. The food he had left on the counter was left untouched. He frowned and let out a frustrated sigh; he'd have to properly punish her for disobeying his orders.

"Ori—," Ulquiorra halted.

Upon the white, flower embroided sheets of the woman's bed lay a sleeping Orihime. Ulquiorra frowned; he'd have to return to her room again later. He briskly swerved around on the tip of his heel. He walked quietly, not allowing a single footstep to be heard. As he was about to reach for the doorknob, Orihime stopped him.

"uhm…I…" she looked at the untouched food that lay on the counter. "AAH! I forgot to eat the breakfast!" Orihime shouted, her eyes widened.

Ulquiorra turned his head and glared at her, "yes, Orihime, you did."

Orihime smiled, "you said my name."

Ulquiorra raised a brow, although it wasn't visible, "you wanted me to…"

"Well, you know, I just thought you wouldn't remember," Orihime said, sitting up with her legs criss-crossed.

Ulquiorra scoffed, "we arrancar are unlike you humans. We do not forget, nor do we fall asleep when we are ordered to do something first."

Orihime frowned. "I didn't mean to!" she defended. "Honest! I just lay down and well, I fell asleep!"

Ulquiorra sighed, "next time, eat before you sleep."

Orihime got off the bed and stood tall. "Yes sir!" she said, saluting while grinning childishly.

"Such childish antics."

"Touché! But it's better than frowning all day long," she stuck her tongue out at him.

Ulquiorra frowned. 'Aizen…kill me now…I'm going to have to deal with her antics until she begins to trust me?! KILL ME NOW, DAMN YOU!!!!!!!'



And so Ulquiorra's torture begins. :D I know that Ulquiorra isn't really characterized perfectly, but hey, I'm not Tite Kubo, so I can't make such a kick ass character so…kick ass. xD Anyway, thanks for reading. And I promise to update soon! …I hope!