Story Title: A Past And Its Influence Today

Author: Kawaiiotonin

Anime: Naruto

Pairing: OroJir (minor others)

Rating: M

Chapter: 3

Chapter / Drabble name: Realization

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto; unfortunately, heh, Sasuke does

Author's Note: Yaoi. No flaming. Just so you know, Jiraiya and Orochimaru were lovers when they were younger in this story.


I will make him understand that I love him. No matter how long it takes.

Orochimaru was currently sitting in a hot springs, opposite Jiraiya. The white haired male was smiling softly, fingers tracing the patterns in the water.

"What did Tsunade say that made you so angry?"

He knew the question would be asked sooner or later. "She said that she loved you."

Jiraiya smiled. "She lied, Orochimaru. You know that. She only said it so you'd tell her that you know where I am." Orochimaru saw the reasoning but didn't reply.

"But did she have to use those words?" Orochimaru bit out as Jiraiya moved closer to him.

"Some people don't value love as much as they used to, especially after loosing people close to them." Jiraiya offered, running his hands through the water. He then pulled his legs up to his body, hugging them almost innocently, smiling like a young child.

Orochimaru smiled softly at the image in front of him.

His ex-team-mate was paddling around in the water, almost like he'd never felt the warmth before. Orochimaru was so deep in thought he didn't notice how close Jiraiya was. When the white haired sannin laughed loudly beside him, it snapped him out of his haze.

Jiraiya looked at him curiously. "What's with you today? You seem spacey."

The raven smirked. "Worried about me, are you?" he asked, almost jokingly. Jiraiya cocked an eyebrow. "Of course I am."

If Orochimaru had of been holding something, he would've dropped it. He stared at the other male, hardly believing his ears. "You still care about me?"

Jiraiya nodded, his wet hair sticking to his slim shoulders.

Before Jiraiya could blink, Orochimaru's arms wound themselves around his waist, pulling him to the chest of the paler male. Jiraiya's hand splayed across Orochimaru's chest in attempt to steady himself.

Jiraiya ignored the beating underneath his fingertips and looked into the golden eyes of old friend. His own arms travelled up around Orochimaru's neck and pulled him down into a more comforting embrace.

The two stayed in the hug, Orochimaru's hands finding comfort on tan hips. Jiraiya's head rest in Orochimaru's neck, breathing softly.


"I hate it when you're in the hot spring for too long. Your skin goes all funny." Orochimaru smirked at the comment, amusement dancing in his eyes as he watched Jiraiya examine his skin.

Jiraiya waved his fingers in front of Orochimaru's face. When he got no reaction, he crawled onto the raven's lap and grabbed his head with tan hands.

"Are you listening?"

Golden eyes met dark ones as Orochimaru raised his face towards the others. Jiraiya, getting the hint, lowered his face to meet his ex-lover's.

Lips met in a sweet kiss. There was no tongue, purely lips. Jiraiya shifted slightly in his lap, causing Orochimaru to open his mouth in a surprised gasp. Taking advantage of this, Orochimaru slid his tongue out and swiped it across the others, clutching Jiraiya's waist a little bit tighter.

"It's funny," Jiraiya managed through kisses, "how similar Sasuke and Naruto are," his lips were pressed against Orochimaru's again, "to us, don't you think?" Tongues battled again, Jiraiya's hands held onto his teammate's broader ones while they kissed.

"Yes, you could say that." Orochimaru admired the kiss-bruised lips of the man sitting on his lap. Jiraiya stifled a yawn and smirked.

"I'm pretty tired. I wanna sleep now."

Orochimaru sighed.

Just when things were going good.


When Orochimaru went to see Jiraiya the following morning, he wasn't surprised to see blankets on the floor and Jiraiya's body in a weird star shape.

He just gave out a load of missions to about 20 nins. Running a country while trying to get an old ex-lover back was hard work.

With Kabuto complaining about him not doing as much experiments as before was just irritating.

Jiraiya rolled over. Orochimaru picked up another blanket.

Just like old times, heh, Jiraiya. Always the fool. You're still strapped to that tree. 1



"You're still an idiot!"

"You're still a pervert!"

"… pervert?"

"Shut up Kabuto!"


1 when the sannin were younger, Jiraiya was very similar to Naruto.

He always got into trouble, and didn't think before he acted. But he is one of the strongest ninja. Even more so than Orochimaru.