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I sat in Alice's bathroom, Rosalie was behind me, playing with my hair, and Alice was applying lipstick to my face. I couldn't believe today was here. After months of anticipation, planning, dress fittings, and family phone calls, today was finally here.

The morning after the party, I was so hung over. My head was pounding, and the sun was so bright! Is it normally that bright? Edward was sympathetic with me, although he couldn't help reminding me that he had simply played poker with the guys. Damn him. He kept me stocked up with water and aspirin while I lounged in bed, with blankets blocking the glass wall. Alice visited me, not quite as perky as usual, but still way too loud and chipper for my taste. Emmett found my pitiful state quite comical, and decided to laugh louder than he ever had before, as soon as Edward had informed him of my hang over. Alice told me that this was why she made sure that I had a buffer day after our drunken party. At least she thought ahead.

"Bella? Bella!" Alice was waving her hands in front of my eyes trying to get my attention.

"Sorry, I was zoning out. What is it?" She gave me a soft smile.

"Look in the mirror." She was grinning. I obeyed her. I realized that I had actually gasped out loud. My hair had soft curls in it, and Alice had done my make up perfectly. I looked- well, gorgeous. I looked out the window. The sun was covering the clouds, but some light was still shining down a bit. Perfect. I would have some color. I felt my face split into a grin.

"Oh, Alice! Rosalie! Thank you so much!" Alice threw her arms around me and pulled me into a rib cracking hug. Rosalie put her hand on my shoulder. "Congratulations." She whispered into my ear. Alice pulled away, and said the same thing.

"Lets get you into the dress." Alice was visibly excited to see me in it, with my make up and hair perfect. She led me into the closet and ordered me to take off my robe. I did so, already in the corset– damn, did I hate that thing – And she unzipped the bag the dress was hanging in. She took it off the hook and gestured for me to come forward. I never made a move while I was within fifteen feet of the dress without express permission.

She helped me into the dress then walked me to the full sized mirror that spanned the length of the wall. I looked like I had stepped in a time machine from the 1900's. I looked like Edward's wife would've had he married before being transformed.

"You look wonderful." Esme was standing in the doorway, looking at my reflection.

I smiled. "Thank you."

Something about being in this dress…I didn't feel nervous. Or anxious. I was just excited, and content. And happy. This was how it was supposed to be. This was how it was meant to be.

"It's almost time." She whispered. My heart leapt. I felt a smile come up on my lips. This was it.

"Let's go downstairs Bella." Alice said quietly. She was trying not to upset me. I guess she thought I still didn't want this. I nodded, biting my lip. I realized that I was wearing make-up and stopped. I could hardly speak though the grin on my mouth.

"Let's go."

She took my manicured hand and led me down the stairs, slower than usual because of the dress and heels. She took me to French Doors that led to the sprawling backyard, where the wedding was taking place. Charlie was standing there, looking nearly as nervous as I felt. He smiled when he saw me.

"You look…absolutely beautiful." I just smiled in response.

"You ready?" She asked. It was all I could do to nod.

Alice opened the door a crack and stuck a thumbs up to Esme, who would cue the music, just like in the rehearsal. The music came on, and I stepped to the side, out of view. Rosalie stepped out, in the blue dress that Alice and I had picked out, and walked gracefully down the aisle. Alice followed, dancing to her place by the alter where Edward was standing, right next to Emmett. Charlie took his arm in mine, and whispered. "I love you, baby girl." I felt tears well up in my eyes.

"I love you too, Daddy." His eyes were full of tears, too. The wedding march came on.

"Are you ready?" I could tell he meant more than to step out. He meant to leave my old life behind, to leave his house and start a new chapter of my life.

"I am. I am ready for this." I knew that I wasn't lying.

And we stepped out.

Family members that I hadn't seen in years were standing as I walked down the aisle. All of my friends were smiling at me, and people that were barely acquaintances were standing, waiting for me to reach the alter to sit down again. But I couldn't see any of them. All I saw was my Edward, standing at the end of the aisle, grinning that crooked smile of his. He looked magnificent in the black tux. My personal Adonis was waiting for me to marry him, and I couldn't wait to get to him. Charlie led me down the aisle, his strong grip keeping me up, holding me stable whenever my ankles wobbled in my heels. We reached the end, and Emmett asked who was to give me away.

"I am." Charlie replied. He turned to me, and stared into my eyes. He didn't say anything, but he stared into my eyes, and he let the tears in his eyes fall. I pulled him into a hug.

"I love you," I whispered into his ear. I squeezed him for another second, and then he released me. Edward took me on his arm, and led me up the steps, in front of Emmett.

I heard Emmett speak, but I didn't listen to any of it. I tried, I really did, but all I could do was stare into Edward's amber eyes. He was dazzling me, and I couldn't help but to react. I couldn't look away, and I could hardly support myself. He was holding up most of my weight with his hands, and my knees were trembling underneath my dress. I only realized that it was almost time to speak when he opened his mouth.

"Bella, before you, I didn't know what love was. I had read about it. I had seen it in movies and plays. I heard about and I had even seen it in my family. But I never felt it. I never thought that I would actually feel it. And then you came along. You just strolled into my life and showed me things that I had never dreamed of seeing. I felt things that I never in 100 years thought I would. You became my savior, my reason for living. I love you more than anything in the world, and I never want to be apart from you."

With that he slipped the sparkling ring onto my finger. My tears spilled over, and Edward lifted his hand to wipe them away. I swallowed the lump of emotion in my throat. I opened my mouth to speak.

"Edward…" I bit my lip. What I had meant to say paled in comparison to the words that had come from his mouth. He smiled at me, his liquid eyes giving me inspiration.

"When I met you, I was not happy. I came here to Forks, and I had no idea how long I was going to stay, and I didn't want to stay. I didn't know that in a matter of weeks, I would have a reason to stay. A reason to leave my mother, my best friend, and live here in Forks, with you, and with my new friends. My new family. I hadn't seen love. Not true love, not the kind of love that just takes your breath away. But I knew that what we had was true. Its the make your knees weak, can't get you out of my mind, everlasting, kind of love. So here I am. In my home, with my family, and getting married to the love of my life. You are my life, my love. And I will never be apart from you again." I slipped his ring, a simple white gold band, onto his finger.

"You may now kiss the bride." Emmett grinned.

Edward kissed me, deeply and passionately, and didn't stop until he was completely supporting me, all the strength in my legs gone. When he finally pulled away, the guests were clapping, cheering. Emmett was the loudest, Alice was a close second. Renee was bawling, holding Charlie's hand, who was crying just as loudly. Phil was smiling and hugging Renee. Esme looked like she would be crying if she could.

The reception passed in a blur of hugs, congratulations, and toasts. It was dark by the time the last drunken uncle had been shooed away by Alice, and The Cullens had cleaned up the house, vampire style. I hardly noticed when Alice quickly kissed me goodbye on my cheek, and only realized that my husband and I were alone in the house when the Mercede's engine had died away. He kissed me, softly on the forehead, and then moved to my mouth. He picked me up, and without breaking the kiss, took me upstairs to our room. He deepened the kiss before pulling away.

"Are you sure?" He whispered. I almost laughed. Of course I was sure. I nodded.

"I love you."

"I love you, too."

Thank God for Edward breaking his rules.


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