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Chapter 1

Victoria stood looking around her prison, frilly pink curtain draped in front of large windows that had bars on the out side. Not to keep things out but to keep her in. Her large glorious wings flexed in agitation. She had come to live in this cushioned holding cell thirteen years ago. Thirteen years ago to the day. The day her father had died. Her father Warren Kenneth Worthington III, the archangel of the x-men. Killed in battle, protecting the very ones who hated his existence, like her mother. Her mother the Scarlet Witch, who had dropped her off at her father's doorstep. Now she lived here surround be servants, unable to fly, unable to touch her magic, and the greatest of horrors, with her grandfather, Warren Kenneth Worthington II. Victoria rolled her shoulders in irritation, longing to escape this molded life.

She turned towards the door as she heard heavy footstep come down the hallway. Her anger grew as she heard the door unlock. The door opened to revel her grandfather's housekeeper.

"It is time for your outing, Miss Victoria. Please bind yourself and come with me." The housekeeper said her voice heavy with disgust.

Victoria didn't even bother to respond to the old toad. With a smirk she made a quick sharp turn that almost hit the toad with her wing. And stocked over to the nightstand with held her many wing binding devices. The bane of her every existence.

Oh yes, this is a perfect way to spend your seventeenth birthday. She thought as she tightened the straps with a vengeance. All she wanted was someplace where she could fly, and live her life free of constraint. The house keeper silently came over and finished the last of the clasps, place so Victoria couldn't remove the contraction without help, tightening them just enough to keep Victoria uncomfortable all day long. As she shrugged on her massive coat over her skirt and tank top, she caught a glance of herself in the mirror. Her blond hair hung lifelessly down to her waist, and her eyes held nothing. They looked back at her with nothing in them. Cold gleaming surface, as beautiful and as cold as the sea.

"I wish I could live someplace, where I could belong. And forget all these lies." She said her voice sounding as hollow as her soul felt.

Wish granted

Victoria looked around startled trying to find the source of the voice. Only to hear the housekeeper's communication device go off.

"Get out of the house. There's a bo…" Screamed a mans voice franticly, before it was instantly cut off.

Her eyes and the housekeeper's eyes locked, both going wide before their world was engulfed in fire. That was the last thing Victoria would remember for a long time.

The world of Witch.

She woke up her face pressed into the cold dirt, the smell of fire swarming over her senses. With a groan she lifted her head. Her whole body ached with pain and shoots of mind numbing agony would shoot up and down her back every so often. Sitting up she whipped a hand a crossed her forehead to clear the hair form her eyes. It came away stained with blood. She was bleeding form her head and multiple other wounds that she was now becoming aware of as her mind focused. Her back hurt so much, she reached a hand back to try and relieve the pain somehow, and it froze upon coming in contact with something unusual. Twisting her head around as far as she could she saw something that made her breath catch in her throat. She had wings, white wings.

Her eyes were drawn to the thing just behind her wings, and she felt heart fill with panic. She was in a forest. And very large, dark forest at night. With who knows what manner of animals, animals that eat. Eat meat things, things like her. Getting up to her feet with a long low groan of pain. She staggered to the nearest tree for support.

"Okay, all you need to do is get out of the forest. You can do this… you." Her voice faltered and went silent as her body was taken over by cold. She didn't know her own name. Her legs gave out and she fell against the tree. Her body going blissfully numb. She was hurt and bleeding, lost in a cold forest, and she didn't know her own name. Could life get any worse?

At that moment a branch snapped behind her. Apparently it could, was the only thought that was going through her head as she slowly turned her head toward the source of the sound.