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Chapter 22

With a frantic glance back to the two families who stood frozen behind her, Angel knew what she had to do to take charge of this 'little' matter. Stepping between the two advancing Warlord Princes, she readied her best 'I am in charge' glare.

"Stop" she said her voice cold. "This is a dinner that we have been invited too. So you will both sit and behave yourselves. Do you understand me."

Both males straighten to a standing position, and looked at her with their nostrils flaring, not saying a word.

"UNDERSTAND," She shouted her voice echoing with power around the valley. Both males nodded sharply and without a word filed past her into the house. With a satisfied snort she followed them. Both families shared a glance and with relived sighs at the near miss of bloodshed followed the new Queen into the house. Dinner that night was a somewhat silent affair.

The next day was filed with utter craziness as far as Angel was concerned. Daemonar had told the rest of the boys what had happened and to say that they were pissed was an understatement, and apparently Valadar had told his friends what had happened and they were mad, and then Valadar had come calling. And that's when the mess started, now since Valadar's friends had gotten close to Angel they had experienced the same call to her as the other males, it was one group against the other, and neither one of the groups could agree on anything. The arguments were flying in loud voices as Angel sat with the wolves their heads going from one side to the other as the males shouted at each other. They weren't taking good care of her. Where were her shoes? Why didn't she have a shawl? Did she have enough breakfast? Did they think they could protect her when they couldn't even bet Daemonar in a fight? Blah Blah Blah.

It was annoying. Yep, that's what it was Angel thought as she tried to stifle a yawn, this was the exact same behavior she hated at the tavern. Males could be such whiners when things weren't going their way. It was a shame; if they worked together they could be a force that would be nearly unstoppable. Angel sighed again, as the argument heated even more and before she knew it the boys were bumping against each other with their chest pushed out and their wings flared aggressively. She had had enough with all the crap. If they wanted to act like roosters, then obviously they had way too much energy. On a private thought spear she contacted Lucivar. "I will make a new flavor of ice-cream, if you come and drill these blustering roosters into the ground."

"Done." The answer was almost instantaneous. Lucivar had developed a weak spot for the sweet. It was almost as bad a Daemon, he stopped by every so often and would just stare at Angel waiting for her to crack, and it had gotten to a point that the flavors of ice cream she had revealed were being hoarded, and traded like gold.

Angel was holding back another yawn, as Lucivar dropped out of the sky directly into the thick of bolstering males. Without a word Angel got up and walked away, knowing that when Lucivar was finished with the males, they wouldn't even be able to walk let alone fight. They said that they took protecting her seriously, then they needed to learn to fight together as a force, she knew it and Lucivar knew it, they had discussed it at morning practice, but it seemed that the boys couldn't get over their pride. Plus she had to go get started on the ice cream and she had to gather mint, cause it was time for starlight mint to make its d├ębut.

Walking the woods by herself was a rare privilege. Usually she had one or two males fluttering about her. And while walks with Daemonar were romantic, the protective instincts of the males sometimes got the better of them. You never know when a stick is going to leap out and attack.

Angel made her way quietly through the woods; she headed toward the patch of mint that Marian had pointed out one day. It was farther into the woods then she had thought. A shiver worked its way up her neck, some one was watching her. Crap, if she called the boys she would never hear the end of it, plus for all she knew, it could be an innocent puppy, just like last time. But just in case, she called in her wrist blades, just feeling the pressure of the clasps against her wrist gave her confidence. Walking a few more steps she kept her breathing soft an easy straining to hear a sound that indicated what or who was watching her. Keeping her steps soft she continued onto the patch of mint, reaching it in mere moments. The feeling of being watched had not gone away, just intensified.

"What do you want." Angel said her voice low and cold. As expected she did not get an answer, but something did start moving toward her. At first it was just flashes of grey through the trees, then as the shape came closer it materialized into a huge form. It was a horse, a massive, ugly grey horse that was limping badly.

"It is rude to sneak up on someone and not introduce yourself." Angle said her voice still firm.

"Are you the Queen that can heal impossible things." The horse said his voice low and gravely, anger and annoyance clearly prominent.

"Not impossible, but I do heal. Now cut the chatter and tell me what you want." Angel said coldly to the bratty horse.

"My leg was injured when I was younger, it never healed right." The response was just as short as before. Angel wondered what was wrong with this horse, why had he grown so hateful and bitter to the world around him.

"If you want me to help you, you are going to have to tell me more than that, how old you were, what you were doing, who healed it, what does it feel like today, what can you do with it. But let me make something very clear. If I am going to help you, you don't have to like me, but you do have to treat me with respect. Is that understood."

The horse gave an angry snort and pawed the ground to show his agitation, but clearly not use to someone who wasn't intimated by his size and attitude. In the end he agreed and quietly told his story.

An hour later Angel was headed back to the house with a large armful of mint and plans to meet Morgan the next day, to start his physical therapy. The leg had been allowed to heal wrong, and the relief from the pain that Angel could give him with her touch, had for a few moments made a new horse out of him. Unfortunately as soon as she wasn't touching him it would start again. He refused to come back to the house, he hated humans, as they had been the ones to attack him, but he would suffer her presence because she would be useful to him. When he had told her that, she had just responded that it was nice to meet him. It would take awhile but she was confidant that he would be able to wholly use the leg again, and the pain that he had been living with for so long would stop. But he was still being a big butthead of a horse.

She smirked as she passed the training field; all of the boys were panting hard, but still not working as a group. Maybe a game of dodge ball was in order. Get the aggression out in funny way. Maybe with her in the middle so they would realize that the only was not to hurt her was to put aside the anger and work together. Or maybe it was time to call Jaenelle and be fake kidnapped with clues to both groups, which made no sense unless you had them both. But maybe that was too harsh. Angel got the chocolate ready as she pondered the question. She had a feeling that she didn't have the time to take this slow. They needed to work together and do it now. Jaenelle would help, or at least scare the crap out of them.