"And the competition is really over?"

Caesar looked over at Huey as they walked down the street. Huey looked worried, almost paranoid. It was a look he usually only got when he was talking about how the 'man' was coming to get him because he 'knew' things. He wasn't really sure why he looked like that, but it probably had something to do with the fact that he was unofficially dating his little brother. Which, all things considering, was a pretty good reason to be paranoid. It wasn't something you'd want to get caught doing. . . .


Huey nodded a few times, glancing around as the two walked to Huey's house. The sun was setting, so it wasn't very likely that the girls would be outside. But still. Huey didn't want to risk someone hearing their conversation. Especially since he hadn't exactly confirmed that this stupid competition was over. The last thing he needed was for one of them to overhear this.

"What did you tell them? Nothing stupid, I hope?" he asked, narrowing his eyes a little at his best friend. Caesar pushed his dreads back over one ear and gave him a look that just screamed 'I'm not that stupid'. Huey narrowed his eyes just a tad more. "What did you say, then?"

"I told them we were datin'," Caesar calmly said, shrugging a little bit. Huey's eyes widened and he stopped walking. Caesar kept walking, paying his best friend no mind. He glanced over his shoulder. "You coming or not?"

"You told them what?!" Huey hissed out, clearing the few steps between them. He roughly grabbed Caesar's arm, jerking him to eye level. Ironically, it put them in the perfect position to share that kiss Caesar had been talking about during the entire competition. But he just smiled that happy smile, uncaring about being jerked around.

"I said we were datin'. But, chill, Big Guy. No one's gonna ask questions 'bout it. An' you can continue to bang your brother behind closed doors," he sang out, standing straight and jerking his arm away from the revolutionary.

For a moment, Huey stood there in silence, thinking about this. Technically, he had told Jazmine he had a crush on Caesar. And if someone had to win the competition, it might as well be his best friend. He nodded a few times, deciding that once again Caesar had a really good point. Okay, so Riley would probably be pissed when he heard that he wasn't the 'winner' of the competition. But other than that, it was full proof.

Huey drew in a deep breath and exhaled it in a heavy sigh. He shoved his hands in his pockets and continued to walk to his house. Caesar flashed him a pretty smile and followed like he always did. Neither of them said a word the rest of the way. Huey because he was thinking about the night before him. Caesar, he wasn't sure on. But knowing him as well as he did, it was probably about the night before him as well.

The night in question, of course, being the 'victory party' of the competition. In essence, the celebration for the winner. And technically, that was Riley. Even though no one had asked anyone out and Riley would never actually be named the winner, he was. And Huey had promised to make love to him again.

Which meant two things had to happen. One— Granddad had to be out of the house long enough for them to make love. Two— they had to guarantee that they wouldn't get caught long enough for them to make love. Getting rid of Granddad wasn't hard. All they had to do was mention it was ladies night at a bar or something stupid like that and he'd be gone. The only problem was that they couldn't guarantee he would stay out for three hours or three minutes. He might go out to Dorothy and decide he didn't want to spend a couple hours with Tom, so he'd come back in. Or he might figure out something was up.

That's where Caesar came in. As Huey's best friend, it wasn't unusual for him to spend the night. Half the time, Huey was pretty sure Granddad wasn't sure if he had two grandsons or three, Caesar was at their house so much. And since Caesar had basically moved in, it wouldn't be weird for Granddad to walk in and find him sitting on their couch with neither of the Freeman brothers anywhere in sight. When Caesar greeted him and struck up a conversation, the boys would be able to hear him and thus finish doing whatever they were doing with plenty of time to spare. Because Huey knew if anyone could preoccupy his grandfather, it was his best friend.

Not only that, but if the girls were keeping an eye out to see whether or not this was just some joke or something like that, they would see Caesar walk into the house. That way if they were spying on them, which Huey considered since he was so paranoid, and they heard two people having sex, they wouldn't automatically assume it was his little brother in the bed.

So, tonight was nearly guaranteed to be wonderful.

Huey looked over at his best friend. Caesar didn't seem to notice, since he just continued to follow him to the house. They walked up the steps and Huey unlocked the door. He walked in and shut the door behind Caesar.

"You remember the rules, don't you?" the revolutionary asked, clicking the door locked. He slipped the key back into his back pocket and glanced back over at the Brooklyn boy. Caesar gave him a smile and waved him off.

"Yeah. I know, I know."

"No music. No televison. No computer. No singing. No dancing. No laughing. No eating. No walking around. No—"

"I know. I can't do anything. I know," Caesar laughed out, waving him off again. He strolled over to the couch, with Huey hot on his heels. He swung his bag off his shoulders and dropped it on the couch. Right as Huey opened his mouth, Caesar pulled out a handful of magazines and a book. "I came prepared, Big Guy."

"No porn," Huey snapped out, snatching the magazines from his friend. Caesar rubbed his hand, checking for a paper cut or something. The revolutionary paid him no mind, flipping through the magazines to make sure none of them were pornos.

"Why not?" he asked, raising up his eyebrows a little, his smile widening a little more. Huey raised up his eyes in a dark way, glaring death at him. Caesar laughed, holding his hands up in a type of surrender. "Chill. I didn't bring any porn."

"No masturbating either," Huey replied, handing the stack back to him. Caesar took them, laughing quite a bit at the very thought. But when Huey narrowed his eyes, his smile faded a little.

"You really don't have much faith in me, do you, Big Guy?" he asked in a slightly insulted voice, tossing the magazines onto the couch. His friend didn't answer, because he didn't have to. They both knew Caesar was a pervert and they both knew he would jerk off in their house if given the chance.

Huey's eyes widened, then narrowed. He pointed an accusing finger at his best friend. Caesar arched his eyebrows a little, tucking some of his dreads behind his ear again.

"You can't listen in."

Caesar burst out into laughter. His body shook from head to toe, seemingly at the very thought of him wanting to listen to the Freeman brothers having sex together. But Huey knew Michael Caesar and he knew that Michael Caesar was a pervert. He'd set them up. There was no way he'd be against listening to them having sex. In fact, if Huey had to guess, it was right up his alley to do something that perverted.

"You can't listen in."

Caesar's laughter slowed to a stop. His body still shook a little, but he seemed to be trying to regain some of his composure. Huey narrowed his eyes rather violently when he saw his big smile. Caesar stood straight, hands on his hips with that stupid smile on his face. But it didn't fool Huey for a second. He had just gotten caught and he knew it.

"What makes you think I'd wanna listen to you two?" he asked, cocking his pretty head to one side and giving him a strange look. It almost convinced Huey that he was being completely honest and that listening to two brothers getting it on wasn't something he'd want to do.

Almost being the key word.

"I know you, Michael, and I know you'd do it. And if you do, I'll kill you," Huey warned, pushing his index finger into his best friend's chest. Caesar stepped back, narrowing his eyes a little this time.

"Michael?" was his only response. Clearly he found it odd that Huey would refer to him by his first name, since he never, ever did, even when he wanted him to stop kidding around. But, at the very least, it seemed to get his point across, because a second later he held his hands back up in a type of surrender. "Aiight, Big Huey, I swear I won't listen in."

"Good. Because I'm really trusting you here, Caesar. You're the only person I can trust with this. Don't fuck it up."

Caesar nodded several times, clearly deciding that this was one of those times that a joke was uncalled for. Huey drew in another sharp breath and exhaled it in a heavy sigh. He looked away from his friend, turning towards the stairs. Up those stairs and in his bedroom was his little brother. And that little brother was waiting for him to walk through that down and make love to him like he promised to.

Huey looked away from those stairs. He tilted his head in the direction of his best friend. The ever loyal Caesar, who had always been at his side. He'd set up the stupid, headache inducing competition that had gotten the two of them together. And he'd gladly stepped aside despite his obvious feelings for Huey and let Riley have him. And here he was again, agreeing to spend many a night playing look out so the two could have sex.

All in all, Huey owed a lot to him. Not that he'd ever say it. He knew he didn't have to. Caesar didn't expect him to. He would just laugh and tell Huey it was really no big deal. So Huey did the only thing that seemed right.

"You know, you were wrong," he said, clapping a hand on Caesar's shoulder and giving him a small smile. Caesar looked a little stunned, and then extremely confused as he tried to figure out what he was wrong about.


"You said I was going to sleep with my crush once before I picked someone else or no one at all. That didn't happen," he said, letting go of his best friend. For a second, Caesar just stared at him before his mind went back to the conversation they'd had a few days ago on their date. And he grinned.

"But you did pick someone else. Don't you remember, Big Guy? You picked me. You're not dating Riley. You're datin' me," he sang out, gesturing from himself to an imaginary Riley. Huey looked between him and the imaginary Riley as he processed all this. He looked at the Brooklyn boy's pretty face and narrowed his eyes.

"God, I hate you sometimes."

Caesar started laughing again, once against shaking from head to toe with his laughter. His dreads bounced innocently as Huey walked by him, shaking his head. He rubbed his forehead, hating to admit that Caesar was right. He stopped walking, turning back around as Caesar dropped down onto the couch to get comfortable.

"Remember the rules. And thanks," he said, giving him a small smile again. He looked up from the magazine he'd just opened. He flashed him his pearly whites and grinned an almost wicked grin.

"No prob. And you have fun fucking your little brother, you pervert," he replied, waving him off. He went back to his magazine as Huey's smile faded. He glared death at the back of Caesar's head before turning and leaving.

Huey walked up the stairs shaking his head. Then he realized what was about to happen and worry began to take over him again. He drew in a deep breath, heading down to his bedroom. His brain tried once again to reason with him, listing off all sorts of reasons why he should turn around and leave. His brain even forgave him for fucking his little brother the first time, saying that it was just a 'heat of the moment' type thing that he couldn't help.

But that wasn't true. And he knew it. He smiled despite all the reasons racing through his head as he turned the handle on his bedroom door. He pushed it opened and walked through. A switch was flipped and suddenly his brain stopped talking.

It wasn't that Riley was laying stretched out on his bed naked or that he was dressed like some hoe or anything like that. No, he wasn't doing anything even remotely sexy. He was just sitting on the bed with his legs crossed, flipping through a magazine not unlike the ones Caesar was downstairs reading. He was wearing his white undershirt and a pair of gray sweat pants. That was it. Nothing sexy, nothing cute, nothing but just his lazy brother being his lazy brother.

And yet, Huey still loved the sight. Maybe it was the bite mark on his neck or the fact that he was about to have sex with him or that he was just sitting on his bed. Whatever it was, it wasn't normal and Huey didn't care.

"Hey, nigga. What took so long?" Riley asked, raising up his head and snapping the magazine shut. He tossed it off the bed and gave him a look. Huey just walked in and shut the door. "Nigga?"

"Nothin'. Caesar's downstairs, so we don't have anything to worry about," Huey absentmindedly answered, jerking his thumb over his shoulder in the general direction of the stairs. Riley glanced at the door for a second as though trying to figure out whether or not Caesar being downstairs should relieve him of his worries or just add to them. "Don't worry. He won't bother us."

"If you sure," Riley muttered out, narrowing his eyes in a disbelieving way at the door. Then those beautiful eyes flicked back to his brother and he gave him a tender smile. "So, we doin' this?"

"Yeah," Huey answered, nodding a few good times. He gave Riley a smile. "Yeah. Let's do this."

Huey walked over to the bed. Riley looked up at him with an innocent look. He didn't even try to look like the thug he claimed he was. He just watched his brother walked closer and closer. When Huey reached the bed, Riley swallowed a little hard.

Very carefully, Huey reached out and touched his little brother's face. He gently rubbed his full cheeks. Riley moved his face and laid a gentle kiss on his fingertips. The feel of his full lips against his fingers sent a shiver down the revolutionary's spine. He trembled a little as he cupped his brother's face with both hands. Riley stared up at him with his slightly worried eyes. Huey smiled sweetly, leaning down and clearing the distance between the two.

Their lips pushed against each other's in a sweet burst of passion. Huey's grip tightened on his face and Riley closed those lovely eyes of his. The kiss remained chaste for only a second or two, letting the passion build up in each of them. Until it seemed they couldn't handle it and Riley opened his mouth. Instinctively, Huey opened his and gladly let his little brother ease his tongue into it. He pulled his face closer as they ran their tongues over and under the other's in a slow, but sweet rhythm. Huey traced the inside of his mouth, exploring it the same way he had the first time. He tasted him and he loved the taste.

He pushed his mouth harder against Riley's, not being able to drink in enough of that wonderful taste. He arched his head up a little more, feeling Riley's hands grabbing at his shirt. The slow rhythm sped up as the heat between them rose. It built up and they kissed harder and faster. Their tongues brushed past each other, pressed against one another's. Huey pressed harder, forcing his tongue to trace over every inch of his brother's mouth even harder, even faster. Riley pushed back with just as much force, pulling on Huey's shirt more. He pushed himself up a little off the bed, trying to get a better taste.

The heat became almost too much. Huey drew back and took a deep breath. But Riley pressed his lips hard against his a moment later. He nearly choked, but kissed back. He felt his tongue as it roughly pushed into his mouth in such a wonderful way. He felt Riley moving back, pulling his brother with him. Huey moved his hands from his face to the bed in order to ease Riley back.

As soon as Riley's back was against the bed, Huey couldn't stop his hands from exploring. He ran his hands down his sides. Eagerly, he ran his hands to the edge of his brother's undershirt. He slipped his fingers up it. The feeling of bare skin against his sent another chill down his spine. He pulled out of the kiss, panting deeply as he trembled again. He heard Riley take a deep breath as he wrapped his arms around his shoulders like he had the first time.

Huey kissed his neck. He felt the bite mark under his lips. He ran his tongue over it, then laid his lips gently against it. He traced his hands up his brother's sides. He felt that smooth, silky skin. He felt him move, almost jerk a little bit. Then he remembered that Riley was ticklish. He kissed his neck sweetly several times. Riley gripped his shirt tight, letting out a tiny whine as Huey ran his hands to his back. The sound sent another shiver up his spine.

Moving back only as much as necessary, Huey pulled Riley's undershirt off him. He threw it to the side and stared at his brother's bare chest for only a second. Then he kissed his neck again and bit down just a little bit. It wasn't nearly as hard as the one that'd left the mark, but still Riley let out a little shout. It was a sweet, animalistic sound that raised the heat to Huey's face.

And before Riley could complain about the foreplay, Huey slid down him a little. And he kissed his collar bone. He sucked on it a little, then ran his tongue along it. Riley let out a moan, arching his head back. His nails dug into his brother's back a little bit. Huey smiled to himself, running his hands down his sides. It sent a tremor up Riley's body and he whined a little. He jerked and it excited Huey to no end. He twirled his fingers in circles on his little brother's body. He jerked a little more and whined a little bit. It excited Huey even more.

He moved from his collar bone to a far more sensitive area. He licked one of Riley's nipples slowly and gently. This time his tough brother let out a gasp. He arched his back and gripped his shirt tight enough to tear it. But he couldn't form the words to tell him to knock it the fuck off. So he didn't. Huey took his nipple in his mouth sweetly and sucked on it. His moved his tongue over it entirely, sucking on it at times or gently biting it at others. Each different movement drew out a completely different whine or moan or sound. Each movement made Riley tilt his head back more or arch his back or move his legs or grip his shirt tighter.

Huey released his nipple and let his brother drop completely back onto the bed. He was breathing deeply and his face was flushed already. Simply from his touch. It excited Huey to know Riley's skin was that sensitive to the touch. Instead of letting him catch his breathe, Huey took his other nipple in his mouth and began to suck on it.

Only, instead of focusing entirely on what made Riley blush, he moved his hands down to his sweats. They had to go too. He lifted his body up a couple inches, which pushed their groins hard against one another's. Huey smiled as he sucked on his nipple, pleased to feel that his brother was getting rather aroused. Riley let out a shout of pleasure, pulling on Huey's shirt more. Huey moved his sweats down a few inches, feeling the sweet swell of Riley's ass against his hands, despite his boxers separating skin from skin.

Huey moved as he needed to, pulling his lips away from Riley's chest as he pulled the sweats off. He felt every inch of his bare legs as he moved them down. Every inch of the skin was sweet and smooth and soft. And every inch sent a new chill up his spine and drew sounds from his brother. Riley gasped or he moaned as his brother traced his legs. He ran his fingertips along that sweet skin as he moved back down. When he reached his boxers, he pressed his lips against Riley's neck again. He sucked on the familiar territory as he let his fingers dip under the boxers.

He traced his brother's sweet hips. He traced his thighs. He gripped that skin tight, feeling how soft and smooth it truly was. He moaned, breathing deeply against Riley's neck. Riley tilted his head to the side, panting a little. He felt Huey lift his body up again, pressing their groins against one another's again. He hugged his older brother close, feeling Huey's hands gripping his ass.

Huey eased Riley's slender body back onto the bed again. Only this time, he felt his butt squish against his hands in a most wonderful way. He felt the heat rushing to his face as he nipped at the nook of Riley's neck. He squeezed his butt tight, enjoying the sheer perverted feeling it gave him to grope his little brother like that.

A moment or two later, he pulled away and sat up on top of Riley. He let his arms drop onto the bed, staring up at Huey with a lovely, flushed face. Huey didn't waste any time in pulling off his shirt and tossing it to the side. Riley smiled a little, reaching over and grabbing the edge of Huey's jeans. He undid the button himself, then unzipped his pants.

But instead of pulling them down, he pressed his hand against Huey's erected shaft. The touch drew out a sound from the revolutionary, which only made Riley grip harder. Huey let out a moan, his hands gripping Riley's wrist. He moved his hand away and Riley let it drop back onto the bed. Huey finished getting undressed, although he didn't feel the need to climb off his little brother. Then he leaned back down.

He traced his fingertips over Riley's chest and sides as he laid his lips against his stomach. Riley blushed deeply, looking away. He gripped at the sheets, wriggling a little under him because the feel of Huey's fingertips were so light they barely touched his skin. He whined out, which only made Huey grin. He laid a few kisses against Riley's stomach, then he moved down farther. He laid a sweet kiss against his lower stomach, right at the edge of his boxers. He fingered his sides just to get him to jerk. He felt his body move and his voice try to shout for him to stop it. Again, it excited Huey to no end, even as his brother tried grabbing his hands to stop him.

Finally, Huey stopped teasing his little brother. He moved his hands down to Riley's boxers and pulled them down. Riley moved as necessary, then dropped back onto the bed. He probably started to say something, but Huey didn't hear him. He wasn't listening. He was too busy running his hands over Riley's slender legs and kissing his lower stomach.

"Nigga, I don't wann—"

Huey moved farther down Riley, kissing as he went. Instantly, Riley was cut off as he choked on air. Huey kissed his brother's already erect shaft gently. Each kiss was slow and sweet and caused a tremor to run up Riley's entire body, from head to toe. He traced his tongue on it slowly as though to feel every little inch, licking his way up to the head. Riley gripped the sheets with one hand, the other digging nails into Huey's back. He arched his back and gasped for air. He let out a sensual moan as Huey took his shaft in his mouth.

Huey sucked on his shaft just as slowly, still running his tongue over and under it. He moved back and forth in a gentle, passionate rhythm. He pulled back to the tip and laid a gentle kiss on it, then took it back in his mouth. Riley let out several loud moans, squeezing his eyes shut and moving a little under him. His body convulsed a little bit, his breathing growing shallow. But Huey kept sucking and licking and kissing his shaft at that slow and steady pace until it seemed like Riley would climax.

Then he pulled back and kissed his thigh sweetly. Riley drew in a sharp breath, dropping back onto the bed heavily. His grip loosened on the sheets and Huey's back. His chest rose and fell rapidly as he tried to catch his breath. And while Riley attempted to catch his breath, Huey spat in his hand and started to lube himself up. He made sure to get himself slick, then he sat up on Riley again.

He moved his brother's legs, gripping his thighs tightly. He smiled down at his brother's flushed face as he readied himself once again. Riley drew in a breathe and gripped the sheets tightly. Then very carefully, Huey pushed himself into his little brother. Riley let out a little shout, his body naturally reacting. His back arched in a gorgeous way, his face showing both the pain and the pleasure. Huey's grip on his thighs tightened only that much more as he pushed deeper into his tight ass. Each inch drew out a scream so wonderful Huey could hardly wait to hear the next. It was so wonderful to hear him shout and scream as he fought for every inch.

Only this time, Huey didn't lean down. He didn't have to keep from shouting. If he shouted, it wouldn't matter. So he just stayed where he was, staring down at his brother's beautiful body. He got to watch as it jerked and convulsed and moved with each thrust. He could hear those beautiful screams and he could watch as his mouth formed a beautiful 'O' while he did. He got to see the sheer look of ecstacy on his brother's face. And that made in only that much better.

Riley's body moved as Huey pushed himself in as deep as he could. He watched him convulse and jerk, holding him as steady as he could. Riley let out those sweet animalistic sounds with each thrust, with every inch that Huey moved. He kept the pace slow and steady for now, if only to tease his tough brother a little more. Riley whined and moaned and gripped the sheets in a desperate way to relieve some of this intense heat.

Then Huey moved his hands from his thighs to his hips to better steady Riley's slender body. He gripped them tight, pushing his shaft in a little deeper and a little faster. Riley let out a shout, a scream, and a moan as he started to speed up the motion. He pulled back, then thrust forward faster and faster still. Riley's body convulsed as he screamed and shouted in that beautiful voice. Just hearing that raw emotion that Riley wouldn't dare show drew heat up to Huey's face. He breathed deep just at the sound.

He arched his brother's body a little bit, thrusting in deeper and deeper still. He thrust in as deep as possible until he hit Riley's sweet spot. He saw the change, watching his body writhe from the sheer pleasure of feeling it. He pressed his legs hard against Huey's sides, his hands gripped the sheets so much they probably tore, and his back arched in a beautiful way. He arched his head back, his face flushed a deep red. His mouth formed the sweetest 'O' as he moaned out each time Huey pushed against his sweet spot.

Huey leaned down a little bit, thrusting against his spot as hard and as fast as he could. Riley's breathing started to grow a little shallow, his screaming growing faster and faster as he started to climax. But just as the heat started to build up more than Riley good take it, Huey decreased the amount of speed. His thrusts began slower and sweeter, though still pushing against Riley's sweet spot. Riley's entire body trembled from the sudden change, the sounds escaping his lips so sweet it nearly made Huey come right then and there.

Riley's body started to relax a little. But Huey didn't give him a chance to settle back into the slow, steady passionate rhythm. He sped right back up, having heard the moaning and screaming that he wanted to. Riley's body jerked a little as the climax built right back up. It didn't wait this time. It didn't wait to be tricked. It hit hard and it hit fast, shaking Riley's body in the sweetest of ways. The screams and moans that escaped his lips brought Huey, shaking and screaming as well. They finished their orgasms together, riding it together in the hottest of passions.

Huey drew in a few deep breathes, easing himself out of Riley. He let out a last little moan, which set a shudder up Huey's spine. Then he laid down on his little brother again, pressing his face against his chest. He could hear his pounding heartbeat and knew Riley could probably feel his. He kissed his chest, smiling to himself. He hugged his brother's body close. He felt Riley running his fingers on his back, tracing his fingertips along the cuts he'd put there.

". . . I. . .love you. . Riley. . ." Huey muttered out, laying a couple more kissing on his brother's chest. He felt his heart pounding under his lips and he wasn't sure if it got faster or not. But it still made him smile a weak smile.

"Yea'. . . .I. . .love you. . . too. . ." he answered, his voice breathy and a little dazed from pleasure. Huey felt him trace a heart into his skin. It made him smile and he laid another kiss on his brother's chest. Then he just rested his cheek against that bare skin and breathed for a little bit.

". . .We'll go again. . . in a few minutes. . ." Huey breathed out, nodding a couple times. Riley let out a soft laugh and Huey just knew he'd nodded his head. He rubbed one of Huey's cuts and traced another heart into his skin. ". . .I love your body. . ."

"Yea'. . .I love yours too. . ." Riley muttered, laughing a little bit. Huey kissed his chest again, knowing that time his heartbeat did speed up a little bit. He smiled to himself, resting his cheek back against his chest.

Okay, so maybe that stupid competition hadn't been so stupid after all. . .

The End. I hope you enjoyed it.

Sorry it took so long to post this, by the way.