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Chapter One

Joseph William Wheeler beloved son of Frank and Mary and brother to Serenity is fighting for his life this very minute and the odds are against him. Beside him is his love and life mate Seto Kaiba. Joseph Wheeler has a brain tumor and the doctors don't hold out much hope that he'll ever recover. How did this happen, well sit back and let me tell you……………

Joey is and always been a fighter, he fought for his rights to be who he wanted to be and he also fought for the little person who was being persecuted for just being who they were. His best friends Yugi Motou, Tristan Taylor, Duke Devlon, Tea Gardner and even Mai Valentine will tell you that Joey is one hell of a great guy.

He was a senior at Domino High when he and Seto Kaiba become a couple and to the dismay of the so called "Normal" students they had a very hard time getting people to realize that just because they were different they were still the same as they ever were. Seto is the CEO of Kaiba Corp and the older brother to Mokuba Kaiba who loves the idea of Seto and Joey being together and he had to fight a few fights himself just to make some of the kids in his grade know that no matter what his brother and Joey were there to stay.

Joey's parents Frank and Mary Wheeler know that their son is gay but that doesn't matter to them he is still their son and they love him. His sister loves the idea that her brother and Seto are finally together and in love and if anyone says anything to her well watch out she'll give them a black eye.

One day while Joey and Seto were driving back to the Manor from seeing Joey's parents, a car sideswiped the limo and caused it to flip and roll several times before coming to a halt upside down. Luckily both Seto and Joey were wearing their seatbelts as was the driver, but somehow Joey's head slammed into the window really hard, hard enough for him to pass out.

The Ambulance was called and all three of them were transported to Domino Emergency to be checked out and none of them were seriously injured. All Joey was complaining about was a really terrific head ache and the doctor had a MRI and a CAT scan done to rule out anything major. When the results came back they didn't find anything wrong so Joey was released along with Seto and the driver and they all went home.

Seto was told to make sure that for the next two hours not to let Joey go to sleep just to make sure that he didn't receive a concussion from the accident. As they rested Seto had to wake Joey up several times and finally after two hours he was allowed to get some rest. Thinking nothing was wrong Seto smiled as he watched his love sleeping like a baby.

That was four months ago and it seemed that all of them were going to be just fine. Joey still has some headaches but didn't tell anyone thinking they could be caused for the weather or allergies and not wanting to worry anyone he kept quiet. One afternoon while Seto and Joey were outside watching Mokuba and Serenity swim in the pool they were visiting with Frank and Mary when all of a sudden Joey stood up and fell to the ground and started having a seizure. Seto called 911, while Frank made sure that his son wasn't going to swallow his tongue.

The Ambulance finally got there and after making sure that Joey was securely fastened onto the gurney they transported him back to Domino Emergency and the same doctor that examined him when he was first brought in was there and when he saw the condition that Joey was in now, he knew that something was terribly wrong.

Doctor Jenkins ordered several tests and he then wanted another MRI and CAT scan done but this time they found something and as the doctor and technician looked at the shots of Joey's brain they both knew that his young man was in real trouble. Now Doctor Jenkins had to go tell them what they found.

Frank, Mary, Serenity, Seto and Mokuba were sitting in the waiting room when the doctor walked in and from the look on his face they all knew that it wasn't good news.

"We've found a tumor on Joey's brain and it's in an area that we can't operate without killing or making him a vegetable. The accident didn't cause the tumor we believe it was there all along, but the accident probably made it appear where if it hadn't been for the accident we might of never caught it till it was to late to do anything about it." Dr. Jenkins told them.

"What are you going to do now?" Mary asked the doctor.

"The only thing that we can do is recommend chemotherapy and radiation in hopes of shrinking the tumor but if that doesn't work then all we can do is pray that by some miracle your son comes out of this alright." The doctor said.

Mary and Serenity fell apart and Frank held them while they all cried for Joey. Mokuba was crying as Seto held him in his arms and tears were streaming down his face. Then Seto asked "Can I go see him please."

Dr. Jenkins smiled and said "That would be alright, come with me and I'll take you there." Frank opened his arms and Mokuba ran over and they all held onto each other as Seto walked with the doctor to the room where Joey was.

As he opened the door, Seto took a deep breathe and walked over to the bed and took Joey's hand in his and he softly said "Dear God, it's me Seto and I need your help again. You helped my brother when he was really sick to get well, well Joey is fighting for his life and I really need to help him get better and come home to me and our family where he belongs. Don't take him from us please. I don't think I can live without him; please help him to get better. Amen"

Tears ran down Seto's face as he opened his eyes and looked down into the face of his love and mate and smiled as he thought of all the crazy things they use to do and then he lost it thinking that that's all they might be is memories.

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