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Chapter Six

Yugi and the gang came to see Joey and it wasn't a real good day. He was having hard time with not knowing if he was going to be alright or if the tumor was going to kill him. As the door opened up, Joey tried to keep a smile on his face but something was wrong and Yugi knew it.

"Joey what's wrong and please don't try to lie to me." Yugi said.

"Yug, I'm scared to death that I'm going to die and I don't want to die." Joey said as tears ran down his face.

Tea and Mai came over to the bed and Mai wiped the tears from Joey's face as she said "Come on where's that nothing is going to beat me look that you always have on your face?"

Joey smiled up at her as he said "Leave it to you to get me to smile, you always had that power over me didn't you?"

Tea then softly said "Joey, I'm always saying friendship is the best thing and today isn't any different. I know how frightened you are, I've been there myself and it was you and the others love and friendship that got me through that difficult time in my life and I'm not about to stop preaching friendship just because I know that sometimes you all get so tired of hearing it is going to make all the difference in the world, so here I go. Friendship, I know how clique it sounds but it is our friendship and love for you that is the strongest thing in the world right now, so here's to you my dear friend, I'm giving you all my friendship and love to show the world that it can make a difference."

Everyone in the room joined hands and as they all stood round the bed holding hands with Joey, Yugi said "To Friendship, let it live one forever."

The door opened and the doctor walked in with a smile on his face as he heard and saw the amount of love these people had for their friend and he said "I have great news."

Just then Frank, Mary, Serenity, Seto and Mokuba walked in followed by Solomon Motou and then the doctor said "I just looked at the recent MRI and Cat scan pictures of your brain and the tumor has completely disappeared, your going home young man, your going home!"

The room erupted in cheers and everyone was hugging and kissing each other and some how the poor doctor got grabbed and he was hugged and kissed too. Then the door opened up and in walked Theodore and he smiled as he saw all the excitement going on and as Joey saw him he smiled and held out his hand and as they moved out of the way, Theodore walked over and took Joey's hand in his and he said "I'm so happy for you Joseph."

Joey smiled up at this man who wouldn't let him take out his frustrations on the ones he loved and who told him not to stop fighting because if he did well what was the use of even trying to get better if you're just going to lie down and die. Then Joey said "Thank you for all you've done for me and for making me listen to what I was saying to the ones I loved and for making me see that I had to fight even if it looked like a losing battle."

Theodore squeezed Joey's hand as he said "Can we all give praise to the Lord up above; I would like to say a prayer on this great day."

Everyone in the room joined hands including the doctor and they all closed their eyes and bowed their heads and Theodore began "Heavenly Father, we are here today to thank you for all your strength and love that you've give this young man. For being here to show us that even though it looks bleak there are a silver lining and that miracles do still happen. Thank you for giving our friend and son back to us and we will always be grateful for you listening to our prayers. Amen."

Tears flowed in that room and as Theodore started to leave, Joey said "may I give you and hug for being my friend?"

Theodore leaned over and embraced Joey in his strong arms and he whispered "Remember never stop believing and praying because miracles do happen." The he kissed Joey's forehead and he left.

Everyone one in that room including the doctor felt such a tranquil feeling come over them and as Joey closed his eyes he said a silent prayer "Thank you God for hearing my prayers and for giving me back my life."

Mary wiped her eyes and she said "Let's all go and let Joey rest for a little while alright."

So one by one they all gave him a hug and kiss and as they all left and Seto stood beside the bed, Joey looked up and he said "I'm the luckiest man in the world right now."

Joey did go home and he and Seto got married and he never forgot to give thanks everyday in prayer to God for letting him live and be with the ones he loved.


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