Which Walk of Life

Possibility 5

Danny glanced up from his locker to the mirror on the inside of the door. Of what reflective space that was visible through the many photos pasted to it, he saw the school bully and jock, Dash Baxter. If Dash had seen the mirror, he would have seen a pair of happy sky blue eyes turn a radiating green with hatred and rage focused on him.

Danny's bewildered African-American Techno-geek friend saw this and felt that Danny wasn't going to take anything from the boy like he had in previous years.

Their goth friend, Sam, would have understood that look had she seen it. With her head buried in her own locker nearby, she was a little flustered and was then unaware of the jock approaching her which she would have noticed if she hadn't been. Sam let out a shriek and her head bashed into the inside wall of her metal locker as the jock pinched her ass. Hard.

Danny slammed his locker with a loud crash and swung a punch that hit the jock squarely in the jaw. The force of it made the jock stumble and splutter surprised.

"What the fuck was that for Fentonio?" the jock managed to choke out around his sore jaw.

"Stay away from Sam," Danny growled in a deathly tone as he stepped in front of her.

Tucker was standing by gaping at the scene he would not have thought Danny would make. It was indeed a scene. All the other students of Capser High who had happened to be in the hall were standing around staring. Sam was at a loss of what to do so she stood behind Danny, a frozen and shocked statue.

"You gunna assault me for that one thing?"

"You know it's not just one thing."

Sam clued into what was going to happen and grabbed onto one of Danny's arms. "Don't do it," she said on the verge of tears gently pulling at his arm.

Danny just shook her off as the jock came up and squared off with Danny. They were now the same height but Dash felt at an advantage as he was bulkier. Big delusion.

"You gunna make something of it, Fenturd?"

"You have no right. So back off," Danny's tone became icier and his eyes were still green.

"Hey, Manson. Wanna ditch Cranky here and go have some fun behind the bleachers?"

Danny lost it and grabbed Dash's collar, pushing him to the ground. The students in the hall formed a circle around the two scuffling boys chanting, "Fight, fight, fight!"

Sam fought her way through the crowd as Dash and Danny continued their fight, rolling around and throwing punches.

"Danny! Stop it!"

Sam ran forwards as Danny sat up to get longer range. Sam grabbed his arm just as he was about to swing another punch at the jock. Danny swung back his arm to shake her off which resulted in giving her a blow in the face.

Sam fell back against the lockers with a cry. Danny turned to look at the scared and teary-eyed Sam.


Danny scrambled over to Sam who looked back guardedly, a hand over her cheekbone.

"Sam. I- ah- I-"

With a scared look, Danny got up and ran from the school.

- - - - - - - -

Sam didn't see Danny for the rest of the day. When she got home, it started raining heavily and she just lay on her bed.

After a few minutes, she heard a tap at her window. She got up and opened it to see Danny drenched to the bone. He clambered in with his head lowered, looking at his clasped hands.

"Sam. I- I'm- I'm so sorry. I…" Danny could not bring himself to look at her.

"Danny." Sam put a hand on his shoulder which tempted Danny to look up at her.

Danny gasped. "Sam, I- your-"

"Don't worry about it."

"But- but- I hurt you," Danny said raising a hand to cup her cheek hesitantly.

"It's just a bruise Danny."

"But-" Danny sat on Sam's bed and buried his face in his hands. "I hurt you. I shouldn't have. I- I-"

Sam sat down next to him, resting her head on his shoulder and wrapped her arms around him.

"I feel so bad Sam. I started a fight which got you hurt. I'm so, so sorry."

"Danny, it's alright. I just, want to know why you picked that fight."

Danny lowered his hands and leaned against Sam. She felt some silent tears fall onto her arms, but said nothing about it.

"That creep, Dash, has been giving you hell. He got me so mad. I acted on impulse."


Danny looked up into Sam's eyes.

"I- I did it, because..." Danny cupped a hand to Sam's cheek, being careful of her bruise. "Sam, I love you."

Danny kissed her lips softly, closing his eyes. Sam closed her eyes and responded back.

When they broke apart, Danny looked down, not meeting her eyes. Sam cupped Danny's chin and turned his gaze to her.

"I love you too," Sam whispered and kissed his lips. They both closed their eyes and Danny captured her into a warm embrace, she returned whole-heartedly.

- - - - - - End - - - - - -