Yaoi, guess who. Authors note: a little oneshot of what I went through, just moulded slightly to fit this anime.

Heartache with a Smile

He found himself in his bed hugging himself with his heart positively aching. To trey and quell the pain in his heart, he dug his nails into his skin as hard as possible. He surprised himself in barely feeling it.

Right now he desperately craved affection. He definitely liked his space, had a lot due to the circumstances of his past, and was a stranger to affection. But still…he wanted it.

He turned over and vaguely wondered why he needed someone to hold and be held by in return. He also felt he didn't deserve to have his craving fulfilled. His personal space often found people at a reasonable distance from him. When they cracked it, he tended to get pissed at them.

His mind wandered to his best friend. He had been thinking of his friend often since the time they parted. A reel of memories played themselves in his head. Even the memories of the fighting between them brought a happy smile to his face. With a pang, he remembered that there were many miles between them and it had been admittedly months since the fight that led to them parting ways. One down from a chidori in the chest, the other protected from too much harm as the rasengan had hit his forehead protector.

He missed his friend so much. The thought of his friend brought on another feeling. One that was defiantly unfamiliar when it concerned that friend. With a shock, he realised it was love. His best friend had become more than a friend.

Bed the pillow from behind his head and started beating it repeatedly on his face.

Why him? He thought. Oh the irony.

People had hinted something like this was going on. They'd gotten remarks like, "Suure. Friends,' and 'kiss and makeup you old married couple'.

Again the irony.

They had shared a kiss. But it wasn't a mutual kiss. It was an accidental one.

They'd always denied most of what people said about them. And now they were right. There was, is, more there. Those people that had seen it would have a field day full of 'I told you so's.

Now with the knowledge of his feelings under his belt, he wised the miles didn't separate them. He wanted to see him again. He didn't care if he knew or not. Just to be near him and have their friendship would be enough.

The longing in his heart was a pained pressure that spread across his chest. The pressure felt like another person was laying beside him, leaning their back on his chest. The reel of memories started again bringing a smile to his face. He fell asleep with tear of heartache and happy memories glistening tears in his closed eyes.

- - - - - - - - - - -

Little did he know that the best friend he yearned for was feeling the exact same things miles away.