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Age: 13

Freshman in high school

REI, yuya, Tatsuki:

Age: 15

Junior in high school


Age: 14

Sophomore in high school


Age: 18

Freshman in college

Rei true feelings



CHAPTER: pair as partners

'I love you so much aya…' whispered Rei,

'Oh…otohata I love you too…I'm so happy' cried aya, 'aya'wispered Rei 'otohata' whispered aya. There lip were about meet 'wake up aya' says Rei, 'what?' says aya, confused

'Wake up…wake up aya wake up' aya wakes up from her loving dream only to meet Ms. Morron, the supervisor of the 'help for Shibuya girls' orphan home.

'Aya get up now your going to be late for school you know' says Ms. Morron. Aya hop out of bed when she heard late for school. Aya love to go to school, she gets to learn new stuff and she gets all A's in all her classes and she get to see him…the boy she always dream of, the boy she always think of, and the boy she in love with. 'Oh who I'm I kidding he'll will never love me let alone notice me…' thought aya. After aya got dress she said good bye to Ms. Morron…all the girls in the orphanage didn't like her and she didn't know why…

Rei just got out of the shower and he was tired, he just got home 4 hours ago. He was out partying and had spent a night at some girl's house, he forgot her name and he didn't really care if he ever saw her again. Rei finish getting dress when his butler walk in and said

'Sir Otohata…your ride is here' Rei just nodded and the butler life, Rei took one last look in the mirror and life his huge bedroom to go to school…

When aya got to school there was a big crowd, being curious she went to go see what it was. Aya had push her way trough the crowd, when she got to the front, she saw Ran the pretty, fun, and super gal of Shibuya and next to her was Miyu and Mami they was Ran best friends and was also known as a Super Gal's Miyu she was pretty, sweet, and she was dating Ran's older brother Yomato and Mami she was pretty, rich, and she has a little bit of a attitude but she nice to her friends. All three girls was use to being surrounded by people…well guys anyway.

'Will you guys back the hell off…now!' yells ran everyone knew not to mess with them or there boyfriends so they just left.

'Miyu glad there done' miyu says, while getting her backpack off the ground

'Tell me about they totally mess up my good mood' angrily says Mami, Aya was still standing frozen, not because of the super gals, it's because the GL guys were coming towards them and otohata was one of them. Aya can feel her heart beating. She close her eyes and thought, 'OMG it's him…ok aya calm down just calm down'. When she opens her eyes they all were staring at her. Aya was embarrassed and she was blushing, 'oh man this is so embarrassing' thought aya, who wish never even came to school today.

'Hey are you…ok' asked yuya, he was in the GL group, he was the sweet one. Aya just nodded

'Are you sure…' asked Tatsuki, he was the fun one,

'Yes I'm sure I should get going know' said Aya, as she walk away, she can feel a pair of eyes on her so she turn to look and was no other than Rei himself, he was the cool, laid back person of the group. Aya was in love with him. When Aya saw that he was staring at her she just blush and turn her head, without Aya noticing Rei smirk…

All 1st period all Aya can do was to think Otohata 'he was staring at me' thought aya, the bell ring and she got up to go to her 2nd period class which she shares with Rei. When she got there all the girls was surrounding him, they would of surrounded Yuya and Tatsuki but Mami and Ran was haven that, Miyu was glad her Yomato went another school. Aya just went to her sent without even looking Rei way, she was still embarrass about what happen earlier.

Rei as usually ignore the fan girls, his attention was on the girl who just walk in…Aya. He thought she was so pretty her hair, her face, her smile, she everything and she didn't harass him like other girls 'maybe she the one' thought Rei

'Ok class let get started with today's lesson' as the teacher said that the class took there seats. The super gals and GL guys sat in the back, while Aya sat in the front of the class as always.

'O.k. class we will be doing a project in which you will be pair up with someone of my choosing' said the teacher. The class just disagreed but the teacher did care

'Ok here the pairing…and there Yuya and Miyu, Mami and Tatsuki, and Ran and Jessie, and Rei and Aya…' aya felt that her heart skip a beat when she heard her name and Rei, she was so shock and happy at the same time. Rei was happy as will 'good now I'll get some alone time with her' he thought. So ever one move by there partner, aya walk up to otohata and smile he just nodded and she sat next to him

'So what do you think are project should be about?' asked aya, she was nervous just being around him, Rei notice this and thought 'will I see she like me…this should be fun'

'So aya…do you have a boyfriend?' Rei asked while moving his stair closer to her

'Will I…never had…a boyfriend I never…even kiss a boy before…' whispered Aya, but loud enough for otohata to hear. 'Wow she ever even kiss a boy…will I can fix that' thought Rei, aya couldn't believe she just told him that 'now he going to think I'm a loser…nice going aya' thought aya, she didn't even notice that Rei moved even closer to her.

'So…why don't you come to my house to work on your project together' suggested Rei, Aya snap out of her thoughts and just nodded her head. The bell rang and Rei got up and wink at her and left class with his friends leaving aya still in shock that he talks to her…