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"What The Hell Was I thinking"

Chapter 2:

'That Damn Truth Or Dare'

(3 Months Earlier)

"Inuyasha are you gonna play with us?"

"What do I get for it?"

"Ummmm...I'll bring you lots of Ramen!"

"...Ok...I'm in"

Kagome,Miroku, Sango, and Inuyasha sat in a circle around the campfire preparing for the game of truth or dare they were about to play. Shippo was safely with Kaede for the trip because no one wanted him to get hurt again in battle. Playing truth or dare was always fun for them because the info they got from one another and all the stupid shit they did to each other.

"Alright what do we have to do this time if we refuse a dare?"

"I dunno Miroku...Inuyasha what do you think we should do?"

"Keh...Ask Sango!"


"I heard that Wench!"

"Sango what should our refusal of a dare side dare be?"

"I dunno...Oh! I got it how about you have to strip an article of clothing?"

"Ingenious Sango!!"

"Keh!" This way Inuyasha's ingenious reply. "I ain't strippin my clothing for you hentai's"

"Get over it Inuyasha!" Scowling at her Inuyasha got comfortable. This was probably gonna hurt!

"Ok! Who's gonna start?" Kagomes chipper attitude spoke only of disaster.

"I dunno, Why don't you start Kagome, after all it is your game!" Sango replied, they would find out what was brewing in that devious mind of hers!


"What wench?"

"Truth or dare?"

"Feh dare!"

"I dare you to bark like a dog!"

"I'm not gonna..."

"Then ya gotta stripp an article of clothing!"

"... Bark, Bark...There ya happy wench?"

"Yep!" Kagome giggled.

Golden eyes scanned the group searching for a victim. Perfect he wouldn't know what hit him!

"Miroku. Truth or dare?"

"... Um... Truth."

"Ok... Why is it that you've asked every girl but Sango to bear your child?"

"Well that's an easy one, It's because I care more for Sango than I could anyone else."

At his answer Sango blushed and Kagome Awwed. Miroku then turned to Sango.

"Truth or dare Sango?"

Looking sceptically towards him she replied. "Truth."

"Damn! Ok, how old were you when you recieved Kilala."

"What?...I expected something perverted... I was nine years old when I recieved her."

"Ah... Expect the unexpected my dear Sango!"

"Kagome truth or dare"


"I dare you to kiss Inuyasha!"

A blush rose on Kagome's cheeks. "Ok, Inuyasha come here."

"Feh." Inuyasha got up and walked over to her. Standing up on her tippy toes Kagome gave Inuyasha a peck on the lips. "There ya happy?"

"Yep!" Replied Sango. "Very!" Returning to ther previous seats the game resumed.

"Inuyasha truth or dare?"

"Dare wench!"

"He he he... I got you now. I dare you to hug Miroku!"

"Fine.. Grr." Walking over to Miroku Inuyasha drew him up into a hug. Dropping him back to the ground almost immediately Inuyasha sat back down and pouted.



I know it suck's. But at least it's something. My muse is away at college!


Sango's final thought:

'Does Inuyasha like guys or something. He didn't have any problem hugging him.'



Inuyasha : So you still in love with Sesshomaru?

Izayoi : Yep why?

Inuyasha : Damn (Ears lower) Why?

Inuyasha : Cuz your an ass!

Sesshomaru : I wafh odua hef (Translation: I want outta here)

Inuyasha : Are you gonna untie him?

Izayoi : Nope not till I'm done with him!

Inuyasha : Haha Bastard!

Izayoi : You just wait Inuyasha I have a fic planned with you and Sessho doin it!!

Inuyasha&Sesshomaru: Nooooooooooooooooooo!!

Izayoi : Smirks! This is gonna be fun!!