Story Title: Destiny's Shadows

Author: Kawaiiotonin

Anime: Naruto

Pairing: Neji x Shika (in this drabble minor SasuNaru)

Chapter: 1

Chapter / Drabble Name: "Beautiful."

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto; unfortunately

Author's Note: This is a set of drabbles. R&R


Shikamaru always that the pale eyed male was attractive, but never anticipated Neji returned his feelings.

Neji was simply beautiful… Shikamaru's heart sank. I wish I were beautiful. But I'm not.

So when a party was thrown for Sasuke and Naruto's 1-month anniversary, Shikamaru couldn't help but to be entranced by the beauty of the other.

Ninjas weren't meant to show their emotions, yet they do it anyway. Ironic, actually, Shikamaru mused as he watched Sasuke kiss the blonde's cheek.

Neji sat with Lee and Tenten as suspected, eyes focused on nothing as the others danced to some music that played in the background.

Shikamaru grimaced when Neji noticed his staring; he turned away, and went to get a drink.

He wasn't surprised to see Shino and Kiba in a kiss; they pulled apart as the shadow nin entered. "Just getting a drink, don't worry," Kiba smirked as Shino shifted uncomfortably.

Shikamaru left with a wave.

He did not expect to be pulled into a kiss just like the one he just witnessed. By the broadness of the other's body, he recognized it to be a male. The slow movements of the other's tongue sent tingles down his spine, arching to the other's chest.

"N-Neji…" Neji's pale finger touched his lips, silencing him. He extracted the finger and walked away slowly while saying:

"Just so you know Shikamaru… you're beautiful…"