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They were all sitting around studying. Even the outers had come to join them, though they really didn't need to study. The temple was serenely quiet, the only sounds of a random turning of a page or the scribble of a pencil on paper disrupted the silence. The air was comfortably warm, and for once, Rei's grandfather was out visiting another temple and leaving them in peace.

Usagi was actually reading her text. Every now and then the others would glance at her to see if she would suddenly burst into impatient ranting or try and squeeze in another break. But, to their shock, she didn't. She remained entirely focused on what she was reading, only pausing once and a while to scribble something down.

It was almost unnerving to watch. Their carefree leader was never studying. She was never serious about hardly anything but her love for her friends and family. She was never one to sit quietly for any extended period of time. And, so far, she'd been sitting silently, studying, and being serious, for over an hour. It was even making Ami fidgety, even though she'd been trying for ages to get the blond to calm down and take her schooling serious.

Perchance, they all happened to look up and see if anyone else noticed the strange oddity occurring. They all blushed slightly seeing as they all were neglecting their studies to sneak suspicious glances at their princess. It was certainly out of the ordinary.

"Uh, is anyone hungry?" asked Makoto.

All of their eyes locked onto Usagi, all of them expecting her to leap up and start cheering happily. However…

Usagi didn't move. Usagi didn't even look like she'd heard Makoto. Everyone exchanged stunned looks. Minako wasn't about to let it go at that, though. She leaned over and nudged Usagi with her elbow.

"I thought I saw Makoto trying to sneak in a chocolate cake," she said, wiggling her eyebrows. Usagi grunted in annoyance.

"Minako, I'm studying," she answered.

Everyone twitched. Just… twitched.

Was their princess ill?! Had some horrible monster taken over her body?! Had someone CLONED her?!

Rei swallowed, daring to try one more trick.

"Hey, Usagi, guess what manga I bought today? I got the last four books in that vampire series! Did you want to read it?"

Usagi didn't even look up.

"Rei, I'm busy," she said distractedly, moving to scribble something down.

Everyone's jaw dropped in horror.

Haruka immediately jumped to her feet and jabbed her finger at Usagi.

"Who are you and what have you done with our princess?!" she bellowed… effectively knocking over the table in the whole process.

Usagi squealed in horror, diving for her book and notes.

"Haruka!" she whined, snatching both items off the floor as if they would get dirty. "I'm trying to study!"

Haruka swayed on her feet, shell-shocked by her princess's words.

"But… you… studying… I…" stuttered the tall blond, her face pale.

Michiru reached up and gently took the blond's hand, pulling her down to sit beside her. After making sure that Haruka wouldn't pass out or do something stupid, Michiru turned her attention to Usagi.

"Usagi, I'm very proud of you. I've never seen you so into your studies. You've grown up quite a lot." She then proceeded to smile that unearthly serene smile that only she could manage to pull off.

Usagi blinked a couple times. After a moment, she cocked her head to the side and scrunched up her face, as if trying to figure out what Michiru had just said.

"You're… proud of me?" Usagi asked in confusion. She was so used to getting berated, she was quite certain she'd heard wrong. She then burst out laughing, scratching her head sheepishly. "It's okay," she said. "You don't have to kid around. I know I'm not good at anything other then eating." She smiled brightly and once again opened her book, propping it in her lap with her notebook on the floor next to her.

Michiru turned a very interesting shade of white, her entire body going rigid. Her princess thought she was kidding around?!

Haruka waved her hand in front of Michiru's face, but the aquamarine haired girl didn't even blink. Harkua frowned, poking the frozen girl's cheek.

"Uh, Michi, anyone home?" asked Haruka, snapping her fingers in the girl's face. Michiru didn't move a muscle. Haruka turned a horrified gaze to the others. "She broke Michi!"

The other's sighed at Haruka's antics. Then, slowly, as if nearly against their will, they looked at their oblivious princess.

"Do you think a new enemy stole her soul?" asked Minako aloud. Everyone still carrying their sense, gave her 'the look'. "What?" she asked innocently. They just continued to stare at her. She huffed. "Any of you care to explain what's going on with her?" she asked in exasperation.

Ami frowned, pulling out her computer and giving Usagi a quick scan. She frowned at her findings, the others avidly crowded around her. She looked up with a somber face.

"There's…" She paused, leaving a pregnant silence hanging between them. "Nothing wrong with her."

The other's fell over.

"Ami!" cried Rei. "Did you have to freak us out like that?! We thought something was wrong!"

"Something is wrong," corrected Ami. "We just don't know what it is."

All of them sigh, Usagi still completely ignoring them.

Haruka thumped her hand down on the table, which Rei had moodily righted.

"We have to figure out what's wrong with our princess! This isn't like her at all!"

Haruka began looking at each of them one by one, as if trying to either impress the seriousness of the situation on them or simply to be dramatic. Honestly, none of them could tell which it was.

Michiru was still in la-la land, so she wasn't of any help.

The door slid open and all of them turned to find Setsuna standing there.

"Setsuna!" cried Hotaru. "Fix Usagi! Papa says she's broken!"

Setsuna blinked down at the girl before turning a confused gaze to Haruka.

"Usagi's… broken?" she asked, lifting a dark eyebrow. Haruka's cheeks turned a small shade of pink.

"She's acting weird," muttered Haruka, waving a hand at the still studying Usagi.

As soon as Setsuna saw Usagi, she took a step back and gasped loudly.

"You mean it's true?!" she blurted out, snapping Michiru out of her daze. "But I thought-! Does this mean?!" Just as quickly as she took a step back, she took a step forward, an odd glint suddenly in her eye, and what can only be described as a devious smirk spread across face. "This could be interesting…" she practically purred.

All of the senshi but Usagi leaned away from the woman, all of them looking spooked.

"They took Setsuna too!" hissed Minako… a little too loudly.

That effectively made the others relax and roll their eyes. Setsuna just continued smirking. Setsuna languidly entered the room and took a seat by the distracted Usagi. She leaned in close to the blond and nearly purred in the younger girl's ear.

"What are you studying so intently?" she questioned.

"Stuff," answered Usagi, her attention still fully on her book. Usagi suddenly let out a small gasp of surprise, making the others jump slightly. "Woooooow!" gushed Usagi. She squealed, bouncing up and down where she sat. "That is so cool!" She brought the book right up to her nose, eyes wide with excitement as she kept on reading.

Unfortunately for the senshi, Usagi had put a book cover on the book, so none of them could see what she was reading. Setsuna's smile, however, only got bigger… and just a little bit more creepier.

"Sounds interesting," murmured Setsuna. "Care to share?"

Usagi gave her a distracted, "huh?"

"Won't you tell us what you're reading?" persisted Setsuna.

The other senshi lean in close, now fully interested in what the blond held in her hands.

"It's a book about…" Usagi's sentence died off, her attention once again taken. Setsuna chuckled while the senshi all looked ready to smack Usagi upside the head.

"It's about?" continued Setsuna.

"About…" repeated Usagi. "OH!" she exclaimed. She slammed the book closed.

Everyone jumped, even Setsuna.

They all stared at their princess, who was blushing madly.

"What on earth are you reading?" asked Rei, reaching to take the book out of Usagi's grasp. Usagi squealed and yanked the book out of reach, sending Rei toppling forward onto the table.

"Noooo!" wailed the blond. "Don't read it! It's bad!"

"Idiot!" roared Rei. "What are you reading?!" She made another attempt at grabbing the book, but Usagi deftly avoided her.

"No! You can't! It's bad!"

"What's so bad about it?" asked Makoto.

"It's just bad!" cried Usagi, dodging Minako's sneak attack.

"But you were reading it so intently…" remarked Ami, eyes locked on the book curiously.

"What kind of bad book?" asked Haruka, looking slightly intrigued. Michiru blushed and slapped her shoulder.


"But what if-"

Michiru hit her again, stopping her mid sentence.

"Hush! There's no way she would have gotten her hands on a book like that!" reprimanded Michiru.

The inner senshi and Hotaru exchanged confused looks. Setsuna just kept grinning. All of them turned their attention to their princess again, who was looking highly agitated.

"Usagi…" said Rei in a dangerous tone. "Tell us what you're reading."

Usagi laughed nervously, her arms still wrapped tightly around the book.

"Do you really want to try fighting off all of us?" asked Minako with a smirk.

"IT'S MINE!" cried Rei, lunging for the book.

Usagi shrieked and scrambled out of reach. Rei whirled around to pursue her. Usagi paled at the glint in her senshis' eyes. She swallowed, edging her way around the room.

"Uh, come on now guys… you really don't want to do this…" stuttered Usagi.

"Hand over the book, and we won't tie you down and gag you," said Minako, her face scrunched up in glee. Usagi seriously doubted they wouldn't do just that, even if she did hand the book over peacefully. Which she wouldn't do…

Just as they moved to attack her, Usagi threw open the door behind her and chucked the book away from her.


Everyone took a step forward in horror, but it was too late. The book landed squarely in the sacred fire.

"What have you done?!" cried Rei. She tried to run forward and grab the book, but Usagi blocked the doorway.

"Burn, book! Burn!" cried Usagi, cackling madly.

The senshi watched sadly as the book was consumed by the fire until it was black and starting to crumble into ash.

Rei huffed in disappointment, shooting a scowl at Usagi.

"And you call me a pyro?"

Usagi turned a victorious grin on them, crossing her arms over her chest in triumph.

"There! Now none of you shall read it!" she declared proudly.

"Why can't you just tell us what you were reading?!" roared Rei, her arm waving around angrily.

Usagi sniffed airily, a smirk on her lips.

"Tell you? Why, I'd have to show you!" She laughed. "Tell you!" She snorted. "As if!" She shook her head and laughed, turning around to exit the room.

All of the senshi stared at the door open mouthed.

"What was…" began Makoto.

Setsuna shot to her feet and eagerly made her way to the door Usagi had just left through.

"Where are you going?" demanded Haruka.

Setsuna paused to shoot them all a cocky grin.

"Are you kidding me?! That was damn sexy! I'm not letting it walk out the door!"

The other's blanched.

"What about Mamoru?!" exclaimed Ami.

"What about him?" asked Setsuna. "He's all the way in America. What is he going to do about it?" Her smirk was predatory.

Ami dropped her book, Hotaru blushed, Minako started drooling, and Haruka was sporting her own small grin. Michiru went off into la-la land again, Rei staggered, and Makoto was rubbing her chin thoughtfully.

"By the way," continued Setsuna. "I get first dibs!" And in a flash, she was out the door.

It only took Haruka a single blink to get her bearings back.

"Like hell you do!" she bellowed, giving chase immediately. "Hurry Michi, or we'll lose her!" she shouted over her shoulder.

Michiru flinched then leapt to her feet.

"Run like the wind!" she commanded her blond partner. "If you lose her, you're sleeping on the couch for a week!"

"Oh, no way in hell am I getting left behind!" stated Makoto, storming in Michiru's wake.

Minako and Rei exchanged glances. They jumped when Ami stood and hastily made her way out the door, a heavy blush staining her cheeks.

"They dare think to leave the goddess of love behind?!" bellowed Minako. She waved her fist in the air dramatically. "How dare they! Retribution to them all!"

Rei watched in stunned silence as Minako took off roaring down the hall screaming about retribution. Rei slapped her face.

"Idiots." Her mind drifted back to the moment Usagi stood poised in the doorway, the sacred fire glowing dangerously behind her. Rei blushed darkly. "Damn." She dropped her arm and scowled at the doorway. "You better leave some for me!" she growled, charging out the door.

Hotaru stood in the room alone, eyes wide. She took a deep breath and walked over to another door and opened it. She then patiently walked out of the room, mumbling to herself about "not being outdone".

Distantly, you can hear the sounds of shrieking, shouting, and insane cackling.


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