Haruka paced in frustration before the temple steps. She'd been pacing like that for the past hour.

Michiru had been designated to calm down the wind Senshi, but it had no effect when Michiru's smile was NOT serene in the least. Actually, the rest of the Senshi were a bit unnerved how disturbingly sinister that "fake" serene smile was.

Rei huffed and stood crisply. She marched right up to the wind Senshi and forced her to a complete halt. "Will you knock it off?! You're driving me crazy! We're all as frustrated as you are! You're not helping any of us keep our tempers!"

Haruka's charm failed her in that moment. A small curl of the lips and she was practically sneering down at the priestess. "Don't."

Minako, with a less than pleased sigh, drug herself to a standing position. "Calm down. We're all riled and-"

"SHUT UP!" shouted both Senshi at the same time.

Minako's face drooped until her bangs hid her eyes. A weird aura started building around her, causing both Ami and Makoto to flee behind Setsuna. "Excuse me?" asked a deceptively calm Senshi of Venus. "Correctly I didn't hear you…"

Both irate Senshi were opened their mouths to shout yet again and correct her slip of tongue… until they noticed the now VISIBLE aura emanating from their designated leader when Moon wasn't around. The fact it was audibly CRACKLING was not a good sign either… Not a good sign at ALL!

"Uh, we were just uh, commenting how late Usagi is!" stuttered the short haired blond. Her "winning" smile was twitching.

"I was… j-just trying to uh, distract her! Um, cause, you know…" Rei trailed off. She started edging her way behind the taller wind Senshi. Said wind Senshi squawked and was just about to find a place to flee to…

When a voice of blessing saved them both.

"Hello everyone!" called a loud bubbly voice. "I'm sorry I kept you waiting!"

All heads snapped to attention as a very particular blond came jogging up the steps. Smiles were just forming on their lips.

"Hey Dumpling Head, wait up!"

All the Senshi froze. Dare their eyes deceive them?!

Following Usagi up the steps was none other than the Three Lights!

Seeing as Usagi paused to talk to the said Lights, she was still far enough away that she couldn't hear her Senshi above her talking amongst themselves.

"I thought we'd solved the problem of competition?" came the bland remark from Hotaru.

"It seems that finding their own princess has not satisfied their tastes," said a frigid sounding Ami. Her eyes were narrowed on the fact that all three lights were crowded around Usagi in a rather intimate manner.

"I distinctly remember already threatening them once," answered Haruka, arms crossed in a rather leisurely fashion.

Michiru chuckled softly. "My dear, you only really threatened the one. The rest came more as an afterthought."

"To give her credit, they hadn't seemed like an actual threat at the time," defended Matoko.

"It seems we were mistaken!" came the bubbly reply from Minako. She was bouncing rather eagerly on the balls of her feet.

Setsuna let out a low purr. "Mmm, normally, I'd feel just as threatened… But a part of me wants to know if she's… learned anything new?"

Ami giggled. It caused a quick glance from the others before their eyes locked back on their target.

Ami's smile became nearly as serene as Michiru's. "I'm never against learning something new. However, I do protest exposure to… such vexing characters as these three individuals for any prolonged periods of time."

Michiru laid a gentle hand on the blunette's arm. "Oh, your choice of words is so fitting. I am quite in agreement."

Disturbed and feeling like shouting "wonder twin powers away", Minako quickly tried to get everyone's attention. "It seems our nemesis' approach."

"Shall I retrieve the extra large garbage bags?" asked a rather cheerful Makoto.

Haruka smiled charmingly at her. "If you would be so kind?"

"Now, hold on ladies," interrupted Rei, raising one hand with elegance, making the others pause. "We must go about this with poise and rationality…" Her cool amber eyes watched as Usagi lead her new 'friends' up the temple steps with a positively giddy air. "If we are to make any impressions at all, it must be done properly, so that such impressions can never be erased." There was a soft and almost calming lilt to her voice, expression nearly wistful.

Minako crossed her arms petulantly. "We can't barbeque them then?!"

With a disarmingly beautiful smile over her shoulder at them, Rei looked positively radiant and every bit the mysterious and gorgeous priestess of legend as the wind teased her long raven tresses.

Every Senshi stood poised, awaiting her coming comment with baited breath.

"I expect, if done properly… our welcome will have them fleeing in absolute terror." Rei beamed at them. Minako quickly fell to her knees and bathed herself in the warm light, holding her arms up in praise.

"Great one! Show us!"

In a flash, the once warm amber gaze turned down right soul burning.

The others gasped, shielding their eyes from the destructive gaze.

Minako swooned.

Makoto swore she heard Ami chuckle darkly.

"Now, ladies, attention please," commented Rei, gaze of doom replaced with a sunny smile. "We have 'guests' to greet."

As if she'd just bellowed out a command to her troops, all of the Senshi snapped to at the head of the stairs. Usagi looked positively delighted to see them. She was so excited, she turned to talk to the Lights and point eagerly up at her friends awaiting their arrival.

The Three Lights looked up as one, Usagi's gaze still locked upon Seiya's face and hence oblivious to what happened next.

The gaze of Doom was unleashed by all of the Senshi upon the temple steps, aura's swelling into such frenzy, it looked as the Demon Lord himself had come to tear their souls from their bodies. The Three Lights didn't stand a chance. In one fell swoop, the three collapsed to their knees on the steps as if their strings had been cut.

Usagi looked positively mortified that her new friends look like they'd been hit by a bus, and proceeded to try and shake them awake.

A high keening laugh… the owner of which no one could quite identify, filled the air. It went unnoticed by the frantic princess, but the Three Lights visibly began shaking as two crows swooped low overhead cawing loudly. It looked as if the three were getting their souls sucked right out of their agape mouths.

Then Usagi turned around and the entire atmosphere of death completely disappeared. She frowned up at them with innocent worry. "Guys! Something's wrong! You have to come help!"

All of her named Senshi smiled down at her indulgently.

"But of course," answered Setsuna, her voice magically carrying down to her princess even though she'd spoken softly.

As the Senshi took a step forward, the Three Lights had regrouped enough to realize that the creators of such a horrific sight were coming TOWARDS them! Without even hesitating a breath, all three launched to their feet spouting apologies.

"Sorry Usagi!" called Yanten. "Not interested!"

"We uh, have several previous engagements to attend to!" burst Taiki.

"I'm not feeling so hot Dumpling Head! Maybe another time!" shouted Seiya.

And with that, the Three Lights hightailed it out of there and into their limo before Usagi could blink. It sped away with a squealing of tires.

She watched them go agape. It'd taken her months after that last battle to try and work up enough mutual understanding between groups for this meeting to even be a possibility! And they'd run off before even getting to the top of the steps!

Slow comprehension darkened her visage. Slowly she turned to find her Senshi exchanging rather smug looks. Her face fell into shadow, lips down-turned in such a fashion no one could mistake it for it was a far cry from a pout. She was just about to unleash a holy terror of her own… when a familiar voice called out to her and a hand fell upon her shoulder.


Usagi turned to find the very Princess the Three Lights had striven so hard to save still standing calmly beside her. The redhead smiled beatifically at her fellow princess.

The Senshi realized that a fourth member was present and quickly turned in surprise.

"It seems there's been a change of plans," the other princess began sweetly. "Why don't you come over for a visit while the 'children' cool off." She gently brushed her fingers across Usagi's cheek. "I've been dying to show you around my own homeland. There's a garden I'm sure you'll simply fall in love with." She leaned in close so their breaths mingled but their faces never touched.

The Senshi's jaws dropped.

"Red alert!" cried Minako, leaping into the air with a jab at the sky.

Usagi's eyes fluttered as the Kakyuu softly traced a circle over the blond princess' cheek. "It would greatly please me if you would join me on a small… vacation."

Usagi hummed a response without even thinking coherently about it. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, Kakyuu smiled and quickly built her power up for the appropriate travel to her kingdom. Just as her power peaked enough to transport them both, she looked up to find the dumbfounded Senshi gaping on the steps. She shot them a quick wink before both princesses disappeared into the sky as a shooting star.

A roar of frustration filled the air.

Haruka stood seething, fist held up threateningly. "Now I bloody hate that planet for sure!"

A/N: I've decided that this little series amuses me and that if I get any random ideas for it I will continue it. I wanted to actually do a 3 lights scene more isolated, but this ended up being more entertaining to me, as the small twist at the end wasn't planned but I loved it too much to be rid of it. If I can I will write a better and more 3 lights friendly scene at a later time. Maybe it will be the Studying side story or something. We'll see, lol. Anyway, hope ya'll find it amusing.