Starting Over

AN: I know there have been a ton of post eps 7 things written but the idea wont quit bugging me so here it is. I'll admit it's crap and I'm sorta ashamed of it.

Robin was stirred from a deep sleep by the absence of Marian's warmth beside him. His half-conscious body reached out across the blankets and encountered nothing. He was instantly fully awake and peering into the darkness of the outlaw's camp. Where was she?

He got up and walked outside and saw her in the moonlight. She was sitting on a rock not far from the camp entrance quietly crying. He felt his heart constrict.

She had been through so much lately. Most people would have broken down long ago but not her. In the space of a few months she had lost her home, her freedom, and now her father. All she had left in the world was him and he really had nothing to offer her but a hard existence and the possibility of a better future. She deserved so much more than that.

Sighing he walked over to her placing a hand on her shoulder. She jumped and turned to look at him. "Robin you scared me."

"Sorry. I woke up and you were gone. I was worried. You want me to leave you alone?"

She grabbed his hand her eyes pleading showing a vulnerability she rarely showed. "No. Please stay."

He sat down beside her on the rock and put his arm around her. She buried her head into his shoulder the tears coming again. He held her for a few moments softly stroking her back, letting her feel his presence in silence. Finally he spoke of the guilt that had been eating away at him.

"Your father died for me, to save me." Marian pulled back to look at him a question clearly in her eyes. He swallowed hard hoping she wouldn't hate him. He hung his head unable to look her in the eye. "Berkley had a knife to my throat. Edward stepped up and Berkley grabbed him. I shot Berkley but he still managed to stab Edward. I'm so sorry. It wasn't supposed to work out this way. I was getting him out of the castle then I was going to come back for you."

Marian raised his chin forcing him to look at her. "It's not your fault or mine. My father died fighting for what he believed in. I just wish I could have spoken to him one last time." The tears welled in her eyes again and Robin pulled her back into his embrace. "I never should have said those things to him. I told him I was ashamed of him and now he'll never know I didn't mean it or how much I loved him."

"He knows, Marian. He was proud of you." They sat there wrapped in each others arms quietly contemplating what their lives would now be before Robin again broke the silence. "I do love you very much. I wish I had more to offer you."

She smiled against his chest before pulling back to look into his eyes. "I love you too. Things will be right again someday. We'll make sure of it. Until then I'm glad we are together."

Robin smiled at her awed by her belief in him that she truly loved him. He made a silent vow to her father that he would give her the life she deserved and she wouldn't lose him too. He kissed her tenderly. "You ready to go back in?"

She sighed looking up at the night sky. It was a beautiful night and tomorrow would be the start of her new life. The pain of losing her father was becoming bearable and in time she would be able to think of him without her heart aching. She was now with the man she loved where she had always wanted to be. She looked back at Robin smiling slightly. "Yes."